Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday, 7/6/14 - Sunday, 7/12/14

Sunday – Today we had no ward council so we were able to do some studies in the morning. Then had church which was pretty good. We started a mission-wide fast yesterday so fasting was awesome this time. Hopefully our mission can have even more success. After church we went with the Dees’ to see a potential but that fell through. We then went to visit members with the Dees thinking we would be able to see some less-actives but we ended up seeing two active ladies. First we saw Sister Gignilliat and talked with her and gave her a blessing. Then we saw Sister Green. She has been taking care of her daughter who has cancer. You can tell it stresses her out but she is staying strong. Her daughter wasn’t there today so she got a break from it for a day. After that we headed home to do our studies and dinner. Then we went out to see Tony who wasn’t home so we stopped by Gabe Bradley’s and shared a message. He is a less active but seems to have a testimony. He is Brother Holladay’s grandson. Then we stopped by to see Pat. Met her son Tarrell and we set up a time to go see them. They are nice people.

Monday – P-day stuff was lame today. I had to take some survey. Both of us did actually. Elder Zwick is coming to our mission so it was an informational survey so that he will have an idea of what is going on here. So that took forever so I didn’t have time to write a single letter. Elder Shoemaker was really on one about buying some glasses with yellow lenses like the ones Brother Grantham has. Then we headed to the Phillips’ for dinner and it was awesome. They are a really cool family! They were telling us some very disobedient stories about some former missionaries in our area. Left their place and we ended up talking to their neighbor and gave him a Book of Mormon. Hopefully we can help him come closer to Jesus. Not much else happened after that. Just knocked doors around a gators house.

Tuesday – Today we went to Pascagoula for our district meeting and also had our district activity which was pretty cool. We went to the gator farm in Pascagoula. It was pretty cool! We got to hold a baby alligator. Took some sweet pictures and video of the gators eating chicken. Then we ate at Dairy Queen. Never get their 5 dollar meals because they are tiny! The burger was as big as a McDouble. Got home and studied. Then we had a great lesson with Joshua. His wife gave us Oreos and cereal so that was pretty cool. They are a really nice family. Unfortunately that was about all the positive contact we had today with someone.

Wednesday – Today Brother Lyon came out with us to see Pat. The lesson was great...up until the end. For some reason she got confused and thought we were telling her to worship Joseph Smith. I don’t know how. We explained what prophets are clearly and simply from what us and Brother Lyon thought. Then we headed to IHOP to meet Sister Tartini there because she has always fed the missionaries the day before transfers. None of us are going luckily but Elder Bochener will be coming with us to be in a trio. IHOP took forever because the server was one of two. So right after we headed to see Leigh Anne. Taught her about our life and the atonement and that really helped her feel better. She is such a nice, humble lady. After that we headed over to the Lahtinen’s house for a move. They finally got moved it! It was awesome to help and I am stoked to have the Lahtinen’s in my ward again. Then we went and saw a couple less-active families before heading over to the Constantine’s to eat dinner. That was fun! They have very energetic kids. Celestial family! Saw Sister Mitchel and she is very bitter about certain members. It’s sad when people let others hurt their salvation.

Thursday – Today we had coordination with Brother Brown and the Spanish Elders at Brother Brown’s. It was a good time! Brother Brown made us some key lime pie. Then I asked to see some of his old swimming stuff from back in the day when he was at FSU. He was way fit and had a little mustache. Tried to see Cherie after that and then went home for lunch because she wasn’t there. Elder Shoemaker also called his mom while we were at lunch and I ended up talking to her and found out that Elder Shoemaker is supposed to be on medication. His mom told me that he is completely different now than when he left without it. Talked to President a bit as well and he was pretty concerned. Then we picked up Elder Bochener and got to chat a bit with Elder Bott. Came home after for Elder Bochener to unpack and then had dinner with the Vasquez’. It was way good. We had ribs and all sorts of good sides. I really loved the baked beans a lot! Then we went to the store to pick up a couple things for Elder Bochener.

Friday – Today we did weekly planning in the morning but didn’t get completely done. Went over to the Grantham’s for a little lesson. We are sharing messages with some of the members hoping that we can strengthen them. Then we went home to finish weekly planning but ended up trying to update the ward roster on our GPS. The computers at our clubhouse wouldn’t let us so we tried the library. Neither of them allowed us to download the program onto the computer. Then the Grantham’s signed up for dinner too so we ate there and then finished weekly planning.

Saturday – Today we taught Jose’ and Jesus’ a bit and it went pretty well but they just sit there and don’t say much so I don’t know how much they comprehend. Walked around and talked to some really nice people. We might go do some service at another church. We talked to a couple that was telling us that their church had been going through some renovations. Shared a bit with Betty Imms as well. She was a bit out of it though. Didn’t get to teach very much so we headed out and went to see some others. Ended up sharing a bit with Quincey and he said he would be at church. Also talked to a couple really nice people in the neighborhood. Then went to the Safford’s baptism. It was for their niece named Gia. She just turned 8. Good service and some good food. Then we had basketball. It started late and there were too many people there today. It was hard to manage and not everyone got to play. I think some of them were annoyed about that.

Sunday – Had ward council and church. Both were good. The stake presidency came because it was ward conference. President Jergins gave a great talk and so did Bishop in Sacrament. President Jergins also gave a great lesson about the simple things we need to do to keep our testimonies strong. Brother Brown also told me today that Bishop said he wants me in the ward for 6 months so that made me feel good. Quincey did end up coming and I hope he felt the spirit. Had a potluck after church and it was awesome. So much good food! Had our studies after that. Then we headed out and had no fruits other than Sister Strickland and her daughter let us in and we shared a bit. That ended our day.

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