Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday, 6/29/14 - Saturday, 7/5/14

Sunday – Today was good! Had Ward Council first thing. Brother Brown, our ward mission leader, was able to come this time. He has been sick and hasn’t really been able to. Church was good too. Elder Hummer, Elder Walker and I spoke in Sacrament. They always have the missionaries do 5th Sunday Sacrament. Also had a great 5th Sunday combined lesson taught by Bishop Mills. He taught about being prepared for disasters. It was awesome! Then he also tied it into the Plan of Salvation. We had our studies after church and that took us to the Stake Priesthood Meeting. It was really good! President Nielson, President Odona and President Jergans all gave really great talks. President Jergans told a story about how he would knock into people’s homes on his mission and ask, “Do you know me?” The other person would usually say “no” so he would reply with, “You should, the Savior sent me here to bless you and your family.” He got in to every door he said. Had ice cream after and then headed home. Brother Evans took us there and back and we discussed some awesome church stuff like China and a few other things.

Monday – Good P-day today. Just normal though. We didn’t do anything fun because we had no miles to do any P-day activities. Just enough to go shopping. Tried to see the Schwartz which didn’t work out. So we decided to see if we could find out some info about somewhere to do a family history booth. No places had anything that looked very promising so we will see what happens. Then we went on a night walk type deal. Met a really nice guy that talked to us for a bit and we shared a bit with him so maybe something will come of it some time. Knocked on some doors of some really huge houses and met a really nice lady named Gwen. She didn’t ask us to go back though. Planted a couple seeds though.

Tuesday – Today we had district meeting. It was really good and Brother Brown was there so that was good. Sister Maeser and Sister Turina taught and did a great job teaching about charity in our companionships. Had our exchange with the zone leaders and it went great! I went with my former companion, Elder Smith. He treated me to some IHOP. It was really good. We taught a guy named Chris who is coming back to activity. He wants to be a singer. He is pretty good but gets a bit too into it at times. Saw a guy named Gene Bass who is living with a lady who doesn’t like the missionaries because they visit her neighbor so it affects Gene. Had dinner with an awesome family/couple the Gould’s. They were way nice. We were even way late because we forgot our stuff at the apartment. Oh, we also taught Skyler and his friends. I pogo’d at their house. Went back to our apartment in Theo and all 4 of us stayed here. Had some mad tie-trading.

Wednesday – Said goodbye to the zone leaders this morning. They went to Crestview for MLC. First thing we did today was go through our HQ referrals and call them all. We have quite the list and who knows which ones were contacted. Then us and the Spanish Elders went to the Tartini’s to discuss all of the Relief Society sisters in the ward. Sister Tartina went through it with us. It should help me to get to know the ward a lot better and have some info to go off of. We also shared a quick message with Norma right before that. She doesn’t seem too interested. Also went to the Brockwell’s and shared a message with them. They are a part member family but her husband didn’t sit in. Then we went to our apartment to give Elder Miller his backpack that he forgot at our place. Then we headed to Goula to do a baptismal interview. I interviewed Maggie and she is great. Very kind hearted girl.

Thursday – Today we went to Brother Madison’s to do our coordination meeting with him. Brother Brown and the Spanish area. That went pretty well. Brother Brown is very excited about missionary work all the time. The Lahtinen’s move was postponed so we just went into our weekly planning. That took a long time! So then we had dinner. Then we went up to the Grantham’s with Brother Brown to visit them and shared a message. Brother Grantham is excommunicated but working himself back into the church and Sister Grantham is a member. Such a sweet old couple. We also gave Brother Grantham a blessing because he was feeling sick. Then we went with Brother Brown over to see Sister Mitchel, a less-active who was offended but I feel she will come back. She is a great lady and very funny! That finished our awesome night with Brother Brown. I do also have to share that the spirit is guiding missionaries on what to say because I told Sister Mitchel that when she realizes when she needs to come back it will be hard but I told her to just remember Christ went to church with the person he knew would betray him. Normally I don’t think I would say that.

Friday – Happy Independence Day! Don’t blow yourself up! Today we taught Joe, Coach, Jesus’ and Cedric about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. They are some of the guys from basketball and they are really cool. They also fed us ribs for lunch that were pretty good. Either it was Jose’s dad or Jesus’ dad that mad them for us. I just can’t remember who’s dad he was. Tried to see Betty but no luck there. Then swung by a bunch of people on the way to see Bryant and LaVell. Met a really nice lady named Claudia at LaVell’s apartment complex. She is set in her ways but hopefully we can soften her up. Had a good dinner with the Turley’s. The DaCosta’s were there also. It was a bit strange though. I felt like we were killing a party. Then we went out that evening and tried to contact some people but it didn’t work out.

Saturday – Today was a hard working day. Biked like 10 miles but didn’t get to teach who we were going to. We talked to some awesome people though. Talked to 2 black guys about family history and we might actually get to do some with one of them named Nate. Saw Bryant’s dad and they were heading out so we talked to him briefly. Also talked to Marouf and he didn’t get to read from the Book of Mormon yet. Briefly talked with Stephen Gayle and met his wife. She is also really nice. Met a really nice French lady named Andree’. She is awesome. Wish we could teach her. Also talked to a really nice couple. Can’t remember their names but they told us to go see the wife’s sister. I guess her sister likes genealogy. Met a guy named Joshua and set up a time to go back and share more with them. The Dees came out with us and our appointment fell through so we went and taught Cherie instead. The lesson went really well. Cherie is awesome! I hope she will come to church. The Dees then treated us to Subway. Then we had basketball and I forgot my shoes. So I tore it up with some Nike slides! My ankle is pretty sore. It will be fine!

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