Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, 7/14/14 - Sunday, 7/20/14

Monday – Today we had the usual preparation day stuff. Played a bit of pool while emailing. That was pretty fun. I am not very good but that’s all good. After P-day was done we headed over to the Hoach’s to have dinner but they weren’t even home so we went home to eat. Rough night after that. We tried to see some less-actives but had no luck.

Tuesday – Today we headed to Daphne for our zone training meeting and listened to some great talks on the way that I really needed to hear. Zone training was okay but I was checked out a bit and could not focus. Took the Spanish Elders back home to snag their car and then they took it to the body shop. After they dropped It off we took them home. Then we came home and ate. Had our studies right before heading out for a long walk. We walked to Brother Martin’s and it was way further than we thought. Talked to Brother Martin and the nurse lady in there when we got there. He is at a nursing home. We gave the nurse lady a Book of Mormon and a card. Gave another nurse lady a card. Invited them both to church. Then we went on a little walk with a guy in a wheelchair. His name was Edward. Then Brother Cronin picked us up and gave us a ride home. He is so cool! Celestial member! Chatted with him a bit and that finished up our night.

Wednesday – Today we went on a pretty long walk to go and see Tony and whoever else was in our path. Met a nice lady and talked to her a bit. Then met Tony’s son and got to know him a bit. He is a good kid. Walked home and had lunch. Then we went to see Bryant and some other people but we didn’t get to teach anyone. Had dinner with the Blackburn’s and that is always really fun. They are just a really happy family and it is great to be around people like that. Left their place and talked to Rick briefly. They were having dinner. Then we went to see Jennifer who we met a while back. Ended up talking to her husband and it seems like something good might come from it. Good day. We also met a really nice less-active lady then a meanish lady who wants her records removed. Put a bit of a damper on the day but it was still good.

Thursday –Today Brother Brown called because he wanted to take one of us out to go to breakfast with Brother Rider and him. So I went and it was a pretty good meeting. Shared a little message and that was pretty good. Brother Rider is a good guy but I hope he will come to church someday. Came back home for my studies. Then we left to go and see Nadia, a less-active, and shared a little lesson with her. Met Brother Ott as well. He is a less-active and I think he might come back someday. He didn’t seem to be very strongly against the church. Then tried to see a bunch of other people but it didn’t work. Had dinner with the Willet’s. Good food as always. They have really fun kids. Then we had weekly planning. That finished the night.

Friday – Today we finished up our weekly planning and had lunch. Then Brother Brown picked up Elder Bochenek for splits. Then Elder Shoemaker and I headed to see Sister Jolley. Taught her a great lesson. She also gave us some gifts, small things but it was really awesome. Tried see a bunch of other people. Most of them didn’t work out. We did see the Bosarge’s, well just Tiffany and set up an appointment with them. It rained on us like crazy and then we also ended up running into a closed road so we couldn’t get to some people. Had dinner with the Cox’s and Dalby’s. Met back up with Elder Bochenek there. They showed us some of their cool guns too. Then we dropped by a couple less actives and met Brother Musial. He isn’t a member but his stepson is so that might be good for him.

Saturday – Pretty good but different day today. Reason being we went to do service at a swim meet. Elder Bochenek and I were “runners”. We went around collecting the timesheets and DQ slips. Elder Hummer gave ribbons to the winners and Elder Walker timed for one of the lanes. Elder Shoemaker just kinda chilled for most of it. Had our studies and all that good stuff after the swim meet ended. Taught Jose’ and Jesus’ a bit. It was a shorter lesson but we just kind of talked about their purpose meeting with us and our purpose meeting with them. Jose’ said he would try to come to church too. Tried to see Cherie and a couple others. That didn’t work out but we did get to see Brother Logan and talk to him about us teaching his grandkids. Saw the Carter’s briefly and helped them bring groceries into their house and shared our testimonies. Maybe that will help them. Then had our sweet Pioneer Day party at the church. Elder Bochenek beat me at stick pole. I beat Elder Shoemaker and I lost a best of 3 stick pole to Brother McGee. I beat him once though. I won against Elder Bochenek in checkers. We juggled. Oh Brother Webster won the stick pole championship for the men. Chase won for the young men and Sister Safford for the women. It was a good time!

Sunday – Church was good today. Elder Bochenek spoke and did a really good job! Had a little change in our plans. Had our studies and ate at home because Brother Allen got a bit hurt yesterday and it didn’t have to do with the stick pull. We went all over today and tried to teach but no one was home. Didn’t get to teach anyone. Had a tie trade during dinner because Elder Shoemaker is going home this Wednesday. Then our 8 o’clock appointment cancelled so Elder Shoemaker packed a bit. We also all switched tags and acted like each other and it was so funny!

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