Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, 6/23/14 - Saturday, 6/28/14

Monday – Today was preparation day. It was a good day. Just relaxed for the most part. Need to figure out something to do a P-day to have some fun. Then in the evening we got our map completely finished! Now we can just work!

Tuesday – Today we had district meeting. It was pretty good. It takes so long setting goals so that makes it hard to get a lot of teaching in. I think Elder Shoemaker did a good job teaching about studies. Then we had some great role plays teaching about prophets and focusing on bearing testimony. Good to see Elder Smith and Elder Miller too. They were visiting the Spanish Elders district meeting. After district meeting we headed to the Stake Center to help them move the family history center from one room to another. Went to see the Carter’s but they fell through. So we hopped on the bikes and biked to see if we could see some people. Went to Cherie’s and her mom slammed the door in our face. That won’t stop us! Taught Sister Corona a message about family history work so hopefully we can get her going on family history. Left her place and got a little lost. Then we learned the Elder Shoemaker lost his scriptures. So we called Sister Corona and she went and looked for them and found them. We also did some research to find a family history event location that we could utilize.

Wednesday – Today we met the zone leaders and Pascagoula at our church so they could trade back after their exchange and then I could go on an exchange with Goula. Elder Musgrave was also there so he could go on an exchange with the zone leaders. So for our exchange I stayed in Theo with Elder Danner and Elder Shoemaker went to Pascagoula with Elder Owens. Elder Danner and I had a pretty slow day. We did get to have a really good lesson with a guy name Bryant. He is the guy Brother Dees told us to go see. He said he would like to come to church with us. Went to see Windy Davis who was a really old HQ referral. She wasn’t interested but we gave cards to all of the kids around the trailer park. They all ran up to us. Saw Larry Logan which went well. We got to talk to him about the possibility of teaching his grandkids. Then we hurried up to the Blackburn’s. Didn’t realize they lived so far from where we were. Really good dinner! They made pulled pork and put it on baked potatoes. Went to the church to do our family history class but no one showed up. So we went on a walk to some less-actives and met some great people along the way. Gave a Book of Mormon to a guy and I really hope he will read it.

Thursday – Today we did a second exchange with the Pascagoula Elders. This time I went to Goula with Elder Owens. It was awesome! Elder Owens is such a great missionary and he is going to do great things. We had lunch and then were called to go and help a member move into the ward. They were really nice and very appreciative of all 3 sets of young missionaries (English, Spanish and Sisters) showing up to help. Plus Elder and Sister Anderson came too. They said they would like to be coming back to church sometime. They also got drinks for everyone. Then we went over to Damien’s and shared a message about chastity. Then we had coordination and dinner at Taco Bell, which was not the best idea because next on the agenda was sports night. We had basketball. It went well! I felt a bit sick from Taco Bell. I schooled e’ryone! They were hackin’ the crap out of me though and I got a bit ticked and kinda yelled at this thug…or should I say child of God. Not the best moment for me but I had hand marks all over my arms. So now I suppose I am justifying now. The end of the night.

Friday – Today we ended our exchange and met a Bishop. He is the Bishop of the LSU Singles Ward and he bought us lunch! Such a nice guy. So us 4 ate at Waffle House. It was pretty good. I got the all-star meal. It is huge for like 7 bucks. Then we had a great lesson with Sister Jolley. She gave us some tomatoes so that was awesome. She is such a sweet lady. Then we went to Brother Madison’s. On the way we cut through a cemetery that had a bunch of statues of Christ inside of it. It goes through his entire life. Had a little meeting with Brother Madison all about the ward mission plan. Had dinner with the Willet’s and it was a great time. This ward is doing pretty great and I really like the people here. Then we headed home to weekly plan but ended up calling Brother Brown to talk about some of the things we would like to start doing to get the work going.

Saturday – Today was a really weird day. We went out to try to get an oil change but no place near us took payment over the phone. So we tried to see a few less actives with no luck. Then went to our appointment with a girl named Tiarra but her mom ended it quick but she was really curious and wanted to learn. Then we had lunch and then weekly planned because we never go to do it. That took us up to the Constantine’s baptism for their son Darien. It was a good service and was fun to spend some time with them. After that we had our fellowship night and played basketball. Good studff1 I got my right cheek under my eye cut open when I was wacked in the face. That didn’t stop me though! Shared a bit of a message about Christ after also. Good night!

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