Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, 6/16/14 - Sunday, 6/22/14

Monday – Today was a good P-day. Visited Hibbett Sports and they had D-Will jerseys for 25 bucks but they were too big for me. Also met Anthony Davis’ aunt while we were looking around there. He plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. So that was pretty cool! Elder Shoemaker and I also played some sand volleyball 1 on 1 at our apartment complex. Had dinner and went over to meet Jake who is Micah’s brother and Sister Madison’s son. Then worked on our map for a bit. It’s almost there! I am so sick of working on it!

Tuesday – Today we had district meeting and had to drive to Pascagoula for that. It is such a long drive there. District Meeting went pretty well. Could have gone a bit better. There is never enough time to teach all I want to. During the day when we finally got home and finished lunch we had companion study and then everything fell through so we decided to get the oil change that we were told to get. So we took the car to Toyota and they told us to wait on the oil change. We apparently don’t need it so we told Elder Bell and he said wait. Later we got to go to the Greer’s with the Evans’ and they fed us again! They are so awesome! Lesson could have gone better. Brother Evans kind of rushed it and it wasn’t as powerful as it could have  been. But it was still good and I think we started a good friendship.

Wednesday – Today we went to see Tony but he wasn’t there. So we went to see a less active because his name was Jared Kerr so I was like ”we gotta go there”. He wasn’t home but we talked to a lady at his house who was telling us about his family a bit and someone he is related to is named Joe Kerr. We use to always joke about Shawn naming his son Joe because his last name is Kerr and it makes if Joker! Cracked me up a bit. Was driving by a lemonade stand and decided to pull over and get some and also give them a card. Then we headed to Daphne to have interviews with President Smith. Well only Elder Shoemaker had an interview because I already did. Had a lesson with LaVell that was all over the place. Could have gone a bit better. Had dinner and then we headed to the church for our family history class. No one came but we still did family history with Brother DaCosta who came to help out. That was actually really fun. Also brought Micah and his brother Jake on a church tour and that was fun to do. Jake is a great kid.

Thursday – Today we had weekly planning but it is a heck of a task trying to keep Elder Shoemaker on task. He is such a kind hearted guy and he tries his hardest and he will be blessed for it. We did finish our weekly planning though so that’s a plus. Also did just a bit of mapping in the day. Briefly saw Sister Batton. She is such a sweet lady. She gave us Gatorades. We went and had a little lesson with Jake and Micah and also their little brother Jayce. Before service for a lady their mom works with. Jake and I were speaking in British accents for most of the time and I think it nearly drove Sister Madison batty. It was fun though. Then we went with them to Cici’s Pizza and started an eating contest with Jake. I am sure I lost but it was fun. Then we got home and did the map for just a bit.

Friday – Today we started the day working on maps and printed some out for the Spanish Elders. Then we headed off to see Sister Jolley and taught her a bit. She said she would like to come to the family history class we are doing on Wednesday nights at the church. We met Stephen Kynaston who is a less active and it doesn’t look like he is going to have us come back over but we gave him our number so we will see. Sister Gignilliat lives nearby so we swung by there to talk to her because I hadn’t met her yet. We were going to go see a couple others but ran out of time. So we headed to the Salinas’ home to eat dinner with them. It was delightful. Sister Salinas can really cook! We also gave Brother Salinas a blessing because he was sick. Then we had volleyball which was pretty fun. The Constantine’s came and Tori, their daughter, brought two friends. So it was a success.

Saturday – First thing today we went to see Rick Piatt but he forgot so we rescheduled. Tracted around his area a bit to see if we could find someone. We did get a potential investigator out of it. Then I got to meet Sandy who they have taught a bit and she is very nice. Then we stopped by to see Sister Ford and she told us to go and see her daughter and her daughter’s husband. They are having a baby so she said it is a good time to teach them. Spanish Elders told us to go see Norma Rester so we went to her place. She was sick though so she said to come another time. Met Samantha Carter. She is a former investigator but it was kind of awkward because no one from the Church had stopped by since the missionaries stopped going by. Met Rhiannon Anderson who is a less-active but she told us to call her. Then we ate some dinner and then had basketball at the church. Heard about some of the rumors in the NBA. Carmela and LeBron talks. Interesting stuff happening. Basketball was good though. I decided not to play and it was hard to just sit there.

Sunday – Church was really good today. Brother Lahtinen was there so I was able to catch up with him a bit. Went home after for our studies and they headed out. Taught Marouf and his son Mo. They are Muslim and they have a ton of similar beliefs as us. They agree a lot with the principles in the Plan of Salvation. They don’t drink or smoke either. Kind of cool to find that out. Then we had dinner with Bishop Mills and his family. That is also who Brother Lahtinen has been staying with so I got to hear a lot about the Tallahassee 4th Ward. He told me Brother O’Connor and Brother Bishop are both in the bishopric. He also said the Jessica Buyer married Chief Osceola, well the guy who dresses up as a Chief Osceloa. Then we stopped by and shared a message with Mark Hearn and his son Sheldon. They are less active but hopefully we can get them active and his wife baptized! Then we saw Bryant a guy that Brother Dees told us to “tract into” and he told us to come back so we hope to teach him. Then we saw Rachael and Steven Schwartz that Sister Ford told us to go see. Rachael is her daughter. So we taught them a bit and they want us to come back.

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