Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, 6/9/14 - Sunday, 6/15/14

Monday – Today we had breakfast with the Champagne’s. They are a really cool couple and have a really sweet house! They also have a son on a mission, I believe in Sacramento, California. Didn’t really do anything too exciting. Looked for Elder Shoemaker’s scriptures with no luck and his wallet was in there too. We hope to find that. Then did mapping to finish the night. It is such a long process. Oh I almost forgot that we saw a yellow 1969 Dodge Charger. I got a really blurry picture of it and turned around to follow it but couldn’t find it.

Tuesday – Today was good! We had zone training and also had a meeting before with the zone leaders and all the district leaders. Elder Smith and Elder Miller are excellent zone leaders. It was a great zone training. I also got my glasses and I am not a big fan of wearing them at all. I feel like a hipster of sorts. Drove home after that and had a lesson with a less active so we had to jet. We taught Sherry Jolley again and her husband Gene. They are awesome! Really cool people. Brother Jolley doesn’t hear well though. Had to talk very loud and it made my throat hurt. Had a lesson with the Greer’s and invited Sister Evans to come. Her and Ally seemed to really enjoy one another. The Greer’s fed us and we had no idea they would. It was awesome. They are very very Catholic which I think is good. They have great faith in Christ. David and I talked about some sweet things like the Catacombs in Rome and things like that. We had a great day.

Wednesday – Today Brother Brown came out with us and we saw Nathanael, an HQ referral, and his friend, Sharron. They were in some sort of group home so that was interesting but they understood pretty good. Also as we were driving Brother Brown was messing around and said the “F-word” on accident. I laughed my butt off. It was so funny! I also left the phone on the tray at Taco Bell and Elder Shoemaker threw it away so we had to go all the way up to Taco Bell to find it. Helped Sister Madison move her friend’s mattress and got a potential investigator out of it. Set up an appointment with the guy. Saw Miss Innis and shared Moroni 7 on charity. She liked that. Then had a great lesson with Cherie! We taught the plan of Salvation and I think she really enjoyed it. She said she would be at church. We told her we would get a ride for her. That was the highlights of today.

Thursday – Today was a day of a lot of inside work. We really came to the realization today of how big the ward really is. We have so many members in this ward. We did a lot of mapping. I am so sick of it but it is going to be so nice to have when we are done. Did a bit of our weekly planning as well. Also had a lesson with LaVell. This one was better but he has some praying to do. He is a very spiritual guy so I hope he will recognize the truths we share. The Stafford’s also fed us at Cici’s Pizza. It is pretty decent there for way cheap.

Friday – Today I worked my magic to get our church tour with Cherie worked out. I got two members to help. Sister Gentry for a ride for Cherie and Micah for a third male. Then unfortunately something came up for Cherie and we couldn’t do it. We also did some work over at the food bank. Elder Shoemaker forgot his planner there. Then we went out with Micah to see Tony. Tony is a guy the missionaries use to see. Good guy that could do a gardening show because he can talk about plants for days. Then Micah took us back to our car and he wasn’t feeling good at all. We got home and Elder Shoemaker thought he lost the keys to the house but really he just never grabbed them and our apartment was unlocked. Then we found out he did lose his scriptures again. Just a bad day for forgetting. Had a good lesson with Donna Corrona who has been returning to church recently. Had a great dinner with the Vasquez’s and learned some Spanish. Then went home to do some #’s for the zone leaders.

Saturday – Today was a good day. We actually ended up working on our map a ton because we finally had no appointments to run around to so we had to take advantage of that. Finished up our weekly planning too. Had dinner with the Willet’s also. It was really fun to get to know them. I can’t wait to know them ever better. Brother Willet is the Young Men’s President. Then we had our fellowship activity of basketball. I rolled my right ankle again. It was very unfortunate. I played pretty good and I also dunked it for the first time in about 20 months. It was so sweet!

Sunday – Today was great! Church was pretty good! Brother Damron asked me to say the closing prayer in Sacrament. That is two out of the two times he has been at church since I got here. That’s also more times that I had ever prayed in Sacrament in my life. Two out of my three times doing it were here. Pretty funny! Had lunch with the Lohse/Hearn family and they have a lot of wayward/non-members in their family so it was good to share a message with them. Went to see someone that Brother Dees told us to see but they weren’t home so we tracted a bit and a Muslim guy told us we could come back. Then had dinner with the Webster’s and their daughter Sophia has been dating a guy named Chase. He has been to church a lot already and seems pretty golden. He is going to youth conference in Troy so. Anyway we were able to teach him the restoration. He is a great guy and already knows a ton of answers about things we believe.

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