Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, 4/14/14 - Sunday, 4/20/14

Monday – Today was the much anticipated day that we find out if we will be transferred. To my surprise I will be staying here in Crestview for at least 6 more weeks. Emailing was good. Some days it is so hard to find the motivation to write people at this point in my mission. Played some more basketball at Twin Hils. It wasn’t as fun today but it was still pretty good. I think it was just the mood I was in. Had dinner with the Thomas’ and had a powerful lesson there. Looks like Brother Thomas might come on a church tour with us. Then Brother Wadas came with us to teach Jamie and the lesson was powerful! Jamie is so close to allowing Christ to take over her life. I want her to come unto Christ so bad! It will bless their family so much.

Tuesday – Great day today! Had District Meeting and afterwards had our district activity of ultimate Frisbee which was way fun. Got a bit muddy and the Sisters played too. We did some Elders vs. Sisters. There were a lot of Sisters on their team. It was 6 on 8 or 10. I can’t really remember how many. Had lunch and then a great lesson with Theresa and Ariel. They plan on Utah in July and October. Then we went and made programs and preparations for Wes’ baptism which was so powerful! I had the opportunity to baptize him and give the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so awesome and so calming. Then we had some dinner with Wes, Erika, Alyssa, Erica and Cameron. It was a lot of fun. Elder Urquiaga was talking to little Erica in an English accent which caused all three of us to go off for the rest of the night in English accents. It was so funny!

Wednesday – Today we started the day off working on transfers. Got that all ready to go for tomorrow. Started the day off getting stuck a little bit in English accents. It was pretty funny. Elder Urquiaga couldn’t even speak normal without thinking really hard. Tracted into a less active lady, Brenda Bailey, which was weird. I didn’t know she even lived where we found her. I have been on that street a few times and didn’t realize it. Moved some couches to the curb for her. It was cool to see the spirit work with us. Started with an unplanned visit to Darren. He wasn’t home so we headed to Lake Drive where a couple potentials and less actives live. On the way to those people we met a really nice guy who was thinking about finding a new church. It was sweet! Taught Chris Nichols a little Easter lesson and taught Chris Robbins a bit about the fall and our life. Chris Robbins is coming along pretty well! Then we had to go to the 2nd Ward choir practice for their Easter performance. They tried to convince us to sing Sunday but it’s not our ward it’s Urquiaga’s. Then finished the night with coordination at Brother Boyd’s.

Thursday – Today was transfer day! Transfer went great! Found out that I was supposed to be transferred to Ozark and be companions with Elder Miller who used to be down here in Destin. It was great to see Elder May, Elder Condie, Elder McPhearson, Elder Musgrave and a bunch of others. Sad to see some of the missionaries in the zone leave like Elder Sorrel and Elder Bochener and also Elder Lopez. And we also helped Donna briefly in between transfers. Taught some great lesson with Andrew Linares. Taught the Rice’s and they let us teach again. That was good! Not as awkward as we expected. Then we taught Jamie and she told us she is considering making her appearance this Sunday at church. Then we had dinner and played around with a numbers calculator on Excel that was emailed to us for our zone #’s.

Friday – Today was kind of a weird day because we started to do our weekly planning but ended up doing a bunch of zone planning. Then I got a letter from my mother rebuking me for not following the spirit. So I will be going home 30 days later instead of early for school because I felt right about that when I asked the first time. Then we went to the McKenzie’s to help them lay some wood flooring. It was awesome to get to learn how to do that. I love Brother McKenzie! He is such a man’s man! So fun to spend time with him, had dinner there too. Brother McKenzie made Jambalaya. It was exquisite! Then went to volleyball. No gators came L.

Saturday – Today we had breakfast at the church for an Easter thing. It was fun. Got to talk to the children in a British accent and it entertained them quite a bit. Had an odd day with quite a bit of weekly planning. Got to go on a church tour. We took Brother Thomas on it and it went very well. He might even come tomorrow! Brother Hansen came an did a good job teaching a bit. Also went to Sam Hill’s house. The Niceville Elders told us to go by and to do some family history. So we did and it ended up turning into a really messy lesson of why we do family history work. He didn’t really like our scriptural reasons. He did take a Book of Mormon. Talked to a really rude lady and her pretty nice husband. Stopped by Jamie’s briefly and she gave us an awesome Easter thing called the Resurrection eggs. Hope she comes to church tomorrow! Had dinner and a FHE with the Tatro’s. It went well and we used Jamie’s eggs thing. It is a dozen plastic Easter eggs that have different objects that relate to the Resurrection. That was all that happened. Got a sweet tie in the mail today too actually from my mom.

Sunday – Great day today! Had 4 people come to the 2nd Ward then had one to our ward. It is awesome to be able to get people to church. Elder Rasmussen and I also got to speak with Andrew Linares in Sacrament Meeting and Wes was also confirmed in Sacrament. It made for a great Sacrament meeting on Easter. Wes told me that the confirmation was really powerful. Elder Rasmussen is the person who he asked to confirm him. Theresa also gave the closing prayer in Sacrament. That was sick! Had a great dinner and lesson with the Washington’s. They are really fun to be around. Also had an interesting experience while talking to Tony. A guy named Mike asked who were so we talked to him. He kept telling us that we were lying and that we weren’t who we claimed to be. He thought we were the CIA or something similar. It was pretty funny. Then we met Bertha Smith a former from the days of Elder Mallory. Weird how the spirit guides.  #BecauseOfHim

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