Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, 4/21/14 - Sunday 4/27/14

Monday – Today was a great preparation day! Balled it up with the black kids again. I hit like 3 game winners which was a good thing and made it really fun. Jamie got sick so we couldn’t eat there but Brother Burbidge took us out to eat at Applebee’s and I had the juiciest steak ever! It was so good! Brother Burbidge is such a cool guy. I wish I could remember some of the hilarious quotes form our conversation with him. Then we had a good lesson with Andy talking about real intent. It went well. He has sadly back slid…we will get him there!

Tuesday – 20 months! It is going pretty fast. Had a really great district meeting in Elder Urquiaga’s district meeting. It was really powerful. He talked about doing a 40 day fast type deal where you fast from worldly things and try to break bad habits and become better. I am going to do one pretty soon. Had our exchange with the DeFuniak Elders after district meeting. I went with Elder Larsen to DeFuniak and Elder Rasmussen went with Elder Hintze to Crestview. DeFuniak is huge so we spent a ton of time to drive different places. We first picked up “farm bread” from a member with the Habel’s (senior couple). Then helped some member, the Howard’s, pull up some carpet so they can lay wood flooring. Had some delicious chili with no meat in it. Left there to go to a lesson but Rosylyn thought it was on Thursday so we moved that. Saw a less-active and then did our companion study to finish the night. Then talked to Savannah their gator about not being Wonder Woman for some event she is going to. My reasoning is because Wonder Woman has an invisible car and that isn’t riding in style.

Wednesday – To start the day off Elder Larsen and I did our exchange report then headed out to teach Savannah, their gator, but she was a bit late so Elder Hintze and Elder Rasmussen got back before we started so all 4 of us taught her. I think Elder Rasmussen and I probably could have left to make it less intimidating. She is golden though. Should get baptized soon. Headed home to do some of our zones key indicators on Excel so that we could graph it and track it. Should help the zone out hopefully. Ate dinner with the Boyd’s. Found out from Brother Boyd that Tony isn’t happy with us for some reason. Had some hilarious dinner conversation with the Boyd’s. Brother Boyd has a bit of a messed up eye and Elder Rasmussen asked him about it. Brother Boyd responded by saying he got surgery on it to make it so he could see the intent of people’s hearts. Then topped it by telling us he looked at too much port…he was joking of course. Also had coordination. Oh he told us the real reason of his eye being messed up. He had surgery to reattach his retina and it didn’t work and he now has a ton a scarring on it.

Thursday – Today we had our weekly planning session. Went good. Took up a lot of time though as always. Went over to the Rice’s and talked with them a bit and then when Andrew go there we taught a short lesson. Read a bit from Alma 32. Their hearts are softening a bit. Then we had a short meeting with the 2nd Ward Elders and Sister Newell about the Family History Center rules. Then we tried to see Tony and he wasn’t happy to see us at all. I am not sure what he has heard or read but he said he didn’t want any more false prophecies. Then we ate dinner and then played basketball at the church for our fellowship activity. Got a good crowd. Brother Ratcliff finally came and he is really good! It was way fun!

Friday – Today was honestly a really rough day. We walked around to start the day and we had some good success. Got Caitlin’s phone number so we could get in contact with her. Talked with Sister Bielec and her niece. Talked a bit and said a prayer. Had lunch and then did some brief service for Donna. Came back and changed to go to our lesson to teach Chris Robbins. It went pretty well and he is understanding it pretty good. Stopped by the Whipple’s and talked to Sister Whipple for a minute. She is a really nice lady. Also met a kid named Cole that lives nearby and got his number for basketball on Thursdays. Then ate at the Wanner’s. It was so much fun. Talked about Elders and their weird quirks that they do with each companion. Brother Wanner told us about how he read to one of his companions while his companion took a bath. Then he gave us each a giant piece of ice cream cake. Took a minute to eat all of that. Darren then fell through so we tried to see a less active and then had volleyball and that was fun. All of that made the day better then it started

Saturday – Today we talked with President Miller about some things to improve the work in the Wards or Branches to help hasten the work. Then had our studies before heading out to help the A-Team Sisters with service. The service fell through. Had a pretty good lesson later that day with Gerald Jones (T-Pain) as we call him because he look like him. Then we talked to Mike on the phone and he wanted us to go teach him or something but we think he was toying with us. Checked out the car show on Main Street while we were waiting for him to text back. Got to sit in a 1920 Model T. That was sweet! Went to see the Thomas’. Brother Thomas isn’t really progressing toward anything right now. Saw Josh and he is going pretty well. He took his test so we can start teaching him again. Gonna have to give him a jump start to get him to May 31st for baptism. Went by to see Chris Nichols and told him his nickname if 5 cents because of his last name. I am glad we went there because he needed some uplifting. Chris also dropped a rhyme for us. That sums up the day.

Sunday – Today was interesting. Definitely didn’t go how we thought it would. Had Ward Council and discussed the Ward Mission Plan. The leaders, not all but some, do not get the concept of a Ward Mission Plan. They seem to think that if your ward isn’t functioning as well as it could that a Ward Mission Plan won’t work. In reality it is the opposite. If you don’t have a functioning Ward Mission Plan then your ward won’t function. People don’t understand that the only thing in the Church is missionary work. No matter what you are doing in the church it is all supposed to bring souls to Christ. Brother Burbidge talked to us after about a great idea he had. We were telling Bishop about it after church and as we were talking about it Elder Rasmussen just said something along the lines of, “It’s all just a work in progress”. So we might use “A Work In Progress” as our ward mission plan motto. Had dinner at the Fisher’s and went with Brother Fisher to home teach the Boyett’s. Fun day but church stuff took so much time.

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