Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, 4/7/14 - Sunday, 4/13/14

Monday – Today we went shopping first because I had a doctor’s appointment with Doctor Roberts for my ankle. My ankle is fine. Our gator Crystal gave us each a $50 gift card to Hibbet Sports. We were surprised that she got it. She kept asking and we told her as a joke and she did it. Then we played basketball and it was so humid that the indoor courts were slick. Elder Rasmussen almost did the splits cause of it. Had a great dinner with the Tatro’s and had a ton of laughs about Uranus. It was a good time. Then role played for zone training.

Tuesday – Today we headed down to Niceville for our zone training meeting and it was pretty awesome. It was the most fun to teach out of all the zone training that I have done. The entire zone was engaged and offered insight. Had a bit of lunch at the Chinese Buffet but we made that quick so we could go to Hibbet’s in Niceville and see if they had anything. They didn’t but they are going to send some Kobe and Durant shoes to Crestview’s HIbbett and then they will call us when they get them in. Headed to Crestview and called Elder Mills about our phone then headed to the church to meet Wes there. He was way late but we were able to teach a bit about the Sabbath. Had a lesson with Mark Hayes. Read the intro of the Book of Mormon and that really helped him understand it a bit better. Then we were going to help put a bed in the Sister’s apartment but they beat us to it. So President Morgan, the Olive Branch President, got us Wendy’s. Then we went to see Jamie and teach her a bit but ended up just setting up an appointment. She did tell us that she wants to get more serious with learning about the church.

Wednesday – Today was a crazy day! Talked to an old guy in his underwear at his doorstep. Then we rode our bikes all over the place and talked to a ton of people but unfortunately we didn’t get any new gators. Talked with a guy who use to be a member but left because the church doesn’t do enough for the world according to him so we told him to check out and all the stuff the church does. Our church I am confident to say does more than anyone. Saw the Nunley’s for a brief moment before they had to head out. Then we went to see Crystal and to see “mom”. It was a crazy visit but it ended up turning around at the end. Crystal has so much potential! We also ate there. Crystal got us pizza. Then headed to teach Wes at the church. Had to wait a long while but finally got to. It was pretty good!

Thursday – Today we had a bunch of time devoted to weekly planning. Wes’ appointment fell through because there was a gas spill on 85 so he was running really late. Brother Burbidge then picked us up and we taught Theresa and Ariel. Wow! Theresa is so solid! She just keeps trekin’ forward even through struggles. I love those two! Then they also told me they might head to Utah in August timeframe. That would be sick! Then we went with Brother Burbidge to see the Washington’s and had a great lesson. Chris tends to get off on some tangents. They want to feed us on Saturday so we are stoked for that. Brother Burbidge then treated us to Firehouse which was delicious. Took us home and then Bishop met us at the Bissen’s. Andy told us he wanted to take a break. He didn’t really have a good reason but we might still be going by. Bishop bore strong testimony. Josie is also walking now. Then we went to play ball at the church with Jerome and Pablo. The 2nd Ward Elders, Hunter from the 2nd Ward and Andrew Linares who just got home from his mission. Jerome and Pablo played at Twin Hills with us. It was pretty good. I sucked it up though.

Friday – Today was a really weird day but it was pretty good. Taught Wes first thing. Went over the baptismal Q’s with him and set up some things for his baptism. He also prayed and we could never get him to before. He gets really nervous but it was a great step! Then taught Chrystal and even got her into our church and the lesson went pretty well. She and her friend, Jason, both opened up to us a ton. It was great! Went with Andrew Linares, well he came with us and we taught a guy named Damingo. Andrew translated for us and we tried to teach him. Didn’t get far though. Then went home for lunch at like 2:30 pm. Ate and activated our new phone. They sent us a dang LG Smart phone. It is sweet! Finally got that set up and then picked up my Kobe Venomenon 4’s and Elder Rasmussen’s Durant 6’s. That was for our dinner hour. We picked them up from HIbbet’s. After that we went over to see Jamie and we finally got to teach her and she asked great questions. It was pretty awesome. Then we played volleyball which was pretty good. It was pretty dead compared to how it used to be.

Saturday – Went to our breakfast with President Miller and then back home for studies and to finish up weekly planning. Went to try to see Jose who wasn’t home so we headed to the 2nd Ward Elders apartment to get them so we could drop Elder Burnham off at Wendy’s and the assistants took him to Tally and then he will fly to Zimbabwe. Elder Urquiaga then became our “AZL” (Assistant Zone Leader). He answered our phone and said, “Hello this is the Assistant Zone Leader, Elder Urquiaga, speaking in behalf of Elders Rasmussen and Foster”. Then after they asked for what they needed he said, “We will check the underground and see what we can do”. It was so funny! Met a really cool guy today name Clay who was really cool. He made a sick “Joker” from Batman sculpture and was painting it when we walked up. Also got to teach a guy in 2nd Ward a bit. His name is Bill Kelch. Really nice guy and he told us he would be at church tomorrow. Should be sick!

Sunday – Today an interesting day. We first had the 2nd Ward’s Ward Council which was sweet! It runs like a machine! Then had 2nd Ward church which was pretty good. Bishop Roberts is such an organized guy. Must be the doctor in him. Had an awesome lunch at the Toolan’s (in 2nd Ward). They are a really cool family. They have a daughter in California on a mission. Then we headed back for our church at 1:00. We had Ward Conference. Honestly I couldn’t focus at all being at church for the 2nd time in one day. Had a great dinner with the Wyatt’s and got to talk to her more about my possible career choice. Then Brother Cochran drove us down to Fort Walton to the “Lamb of God” musical performance down there. It was good! Sister Oliphant and Sister Newton did a great job on their solos. Way to represent the CVI Ward. It was a great day!

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