Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, 3/3/14 - Sunday, 3/9/14

Monday - Today was kind of a weird day. Elder Evans spent most of it prepping to send his bike home. It was hard to see someone prepping to go home. It has been a great time with him. We found out Elder Rasmussen, my MTC companion, will be my new companion here in Crestview. Had dinner with the Thomas' as well. I really love them! Bore some strong testimony to Brother Thomas which was good. Then went to see Ben because he is being deployed tomorrow so we won't see him again. He went down to South America. Then we flew to the Harter's for a Family Home Evening.That was really fun! Things seem to be getting better for the Harter's. He told us some funny stories about him getting tazed and taxing other people too. So funny!

Tuesday -Today we had a great District Meeting with our own district finally. It was really good. Elder Urquiaga is a great district leader. Then we did some district pictures. After that we had some lunch with the Burbidge's at Whataburger. The manager was LDS and ended up giving us and Brother Burbidge our food for free. We were all so mind blown by it too.  Went to see Mike but he told us he didn't want to learn. That was a weird situation. Met John, a referral, and he was nice. Hope he is interested. Went out with Brother Jones from the 2nd Ward and he took us to go see a couple of his friends in our ward. Didn't work out but he told us a cool story about how he needed a hip replacement but got a priesthood blessing which healed it. Ate dinner with the Taylor's which was awesome as usual! They are so much fun to be with. Then we went to the Barbecho's with TJ to butcher a chicken for her. Quite the experience. I had to cut its head off while it was alive. Chickens do still run around with no head. It was trying to but Elder Evans held it.  Then we had another really good lesson with Andy and Brother Peterson came again. Andy prayed after we left! So awesome!

Wednesday - Today we mailed off Elder Evans bike for only like 108 bucks which seemed pretty cheap. Then we went to lunch with the Vining's at Wayne's Catfish. I think that's what it was called. I had white fish which was pretty good. Met a young lady named Kandice that was baptized in Niceville. She met the Sisters so we will leave that up to them. Saw the Fluhrer's for a brief second but they were eating lunch. So we tracted and met a Japanese lady who wanted a Japanese Book of Mormon. Saw Jamie briefly for Elder Evans to say bye and give one last testimony. Also saw the Washington's briefly and got to chat and share a little bit of the gospel. Also got to teach Chris Nichols and read some from the Book of Mormon and Aaron, his roommate, even sat in and listened and gave some great insights. Had dinner with the Boyd's for Elder Evans "last supper". It is always a good time there. Coordination was cancelled so we saw Theresa and Ariel early. Great final lesson for Elder Evans. Had a great lesson and great laughs. They are so funny.

Thursday - Today was transfers. We headed to the transfer spot first thing to pick up Elder Rasmussen and help out with everything else. Everything went smooth at our transfer spot and then we sent the rest away. Then we headed home so Elder Evans could finish packing up the loose ends and Elder Rasmussen started unpacking his stuff. Went back to transfer spots and said goodbye to the rest of the people leaving the zone and to Elder Evans. It is weird to see someone going home. Then Brother Wing came out with us and we had everything fall through so we ended up tracting after he left. Met Tammy who was Muslim at one point and changed her name to Jannat Hajar Coulibauy. She is Christian now. Also met Chris Robbins, like off Winnie the Pooh. Cool kid that reads the Bible at least an hour a day. Saw Brother Spears briefly. He is doing pretty good. Just a way busy guy. Also shared a short message with the Woodring's. Then ate some grub at the Cockran's. Always a good time there. Tried to see a couple potentials and then headed home to unpack.

Friday - Started the day off figuring out zone stuff and doing some weekly planning. It all took so long because I am trying to get Elder Rasmussen up to speed on the area and on being a zone leader. Went to Josh Vining to work on his jeep. He begun sandblasting it and we also took apart some leaf springs. He is sandblasting the tub of the Jeep so that he can repaint and weld anything that needs to be. We had some kinks with the sandblaster but he kind of got it going near the end. Went home and ate and went to see Joe Olivera who Elder Bailey told us to go see. Nice kid just doesn't quite get it all yet but who really does? Then we had volleyball which was pretty fun. Not as many came but it was still pretty good.

Saturday - Did a ton of weekly planning today as well because we didn't finish. Played basketball too. It was supposed to be Elders Quorum but the 2nd Ward Elders just invited a bunch of kids. So that was weird. It was really fun. Most of our stuff also fell through today. Unfortunately Tina was sick and we didn't get to go to the Washington's. Brother Wanner came out with us to teach Jamie and that went really well. Jamie wants to know if the church is true and came out and said she wants to come to church. Had our 8 o'clock appointment fall through. So we talked to Devin Grice for a minute and then tried to see a less active. Then went to a potentials named the Steele's and we knocked and the lady looked through the window which was creepy but it gave us a good laugh.

Sunday - Had Ward Council and then had a long conversation with Bishop about some people in the ward. Had lunch and then taught Tony with Brother Boyd. It went well only Tony didn't come to church. We also met Wes Carrol again at church and his girlfriend Erica (member). He has taken all the lessons and wants to be baptized. He is from Crestview but they just moved down from Utah. So the Lord is handing Crestview a baptism. We talked for a while and they are cool! Also my mom's cousin Sylvia was at church again and I eat with her and Sister Blum on Tuesday. After church we taught Kevin Harnett a bit. He is a less active but still believes. His wife is just against it. Then we helped his neighbor build a slide for a jungle jim thing. That was random but really cool. Ate at the Bissen's and then Brother Peterson came and we shared a lesson. Andy is a tough one. Then we headed home for a quick study because morning meetings killed that part of our day. 

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