Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, 2/24/14 - Sunday 3/2/14

Monday – Today was a great P-day. Went and had some pizza buffet with the 2nd Ward Elders. I am not a big fan of pizza or buffets but I enjoyed being with the 2nd Ward Elders. We also played basketball with them which was really fun. I went pretty hard and my ankle feels pretty good. So it is healing okay, I think… Highlight of the day was that we got to finally see the Roger’s for the first time in my time here in 6 months. We answered some of their questions and hopefully that will open up a door for us.

Tuesday – Today we started the day off going down to the Destin District Meeting. It went pretty well. I wish Elder Simmons cared a little bit more about fulfilling his district leader responsibilities because he is a great missionary. Then we had our exchange with the Destin Elders. Elder Miller came to Crestview with me and Elder Evans stayed down in Destin with Elder Simmons. We had a pretty good exchange. We got to go to do home teaching with Brother Hansen and then Brother Hansen came to the Thomas’ with us. I think Brother Thomas liked him. We also got to teach Andy which I feel went really well. We accidentally set Saturday the 1st as a baptismal date and he accepted. We talked about the spirit and it was awesome. Then Johnny fell through so we said hello to Ben. He was packing for his deployment. Then we ended the night. I also had a cool experience. I have been thinking a lot about extending my mission. Only 30 days is allowed right now. Any way I thought I should ask God and after doing so felt strongly that I should extend.

Wednesday – Today we headed to Niceville to exchange and do role plays with both Destin and Niceville. Then we started our exchange with Niceville. Elder Smellie (Smay-lee) and Elder Evans went to Crestview and I stayed in Niceville with Elder Swenson. Weird day, Elder Smellie took the car keys with him on accident so we ended up walking all over the place with no one being home. We did meet a couple ladies that might have some potential. We also tracted a bit with no one letting us in. Ate dinner with Brother Young. He is a good guy and made some really good cinnamon bread. He is very opinionated! Also saw Sister Whitzel and tried to teach her. She is an “internagator”. She has had missionaries coming by for 15 years. Nice lady! I also talked to President Smith this morning and he told me I would have to talk to my mom/dad before I can extend but that he would love to have me 30 more days. So we will see!

Thursday – We had a pretty good day today. We exchanged back and headed to Crestview to do some weekly planning. Did as much as possible but we had a ton of appointments today. Had a really good lesson with the Skylark’s. They asked a ton of really good questions. It made it a really fun lesson and Ishmael also felt the spirit. Hope they come to church Sunday! We also went to the Woodring’s but Robert and Maribel weren’t there so we shared a message with Daryl and Devin which went well. After that we went to see Johnathan. He is a gator that was referred by the Crestview 2 Sisters. Interesting lesson. Met his dad, Bill, and his mom, Angela. We believe Bill is a preacher of some sort. They knew a lot and also brought up a lot of anti-material. Then had a great lesson over at the Bissen’s with Brother Peterson. Spirit was so strong! Andy knows it is true but is pushing it away. Brother Peterson is a spiritual giant! He bore strong testimony to Andy! It pumped the spirit into the room! Sooo CooL! That’s right notice the capital L on cool.

Friday – Today we finished up our weekly planning which took forever. Also got to teach Chris Nichols. That lesson went really well. We taught him how to get more out of his scripture study and showed him some techniques. It seemed to help him a lot! Headed to the Fisher’s after that for dinner. Sister Fisher made some really good soup for us and we also talked to them a bit about some new move-ins that we can help with. Then we shared a message with the Fisher’s and invited them to kneel down and pray with us. Brother Fisher offered a powerful sincere prayer to conclude asking God for opportunities to share the gospel with those around them. Then we finished the night with volleyball which was really fun!

Saturday – Weird day! We had our usual meeting with President Miller over breakfast which was really good actually. Then went to the Ralph’s to go over the ward roster with them and all the Sisters. That was productive but just took forever! Brother Thatcher came out with us as well. Our appointment fell through but we ended up having a weird visit with Johnny. He was working on his cars and then we taught him. Invited him to church and Stacey, his “wife” got all snooty telling him his daughter wouldn’t sit through it. She has been rude the past few times we have been there. Contacted a referral named Mike. We will teach him in a few days. Then tried to “tract” into James Purcell’s house but that didn’t work. His stepdad was outside. We tried to talk to him but he was clever and avoided us by holding his dog. Talked with Skyler Nunley who gave us some grub. That was awesome, much needed snack. Then we went to the Higgins. Brother Higgins has been having a hard time and we bore testimony of the atonement! It was so powerful.

Sunday – Today we saw a ton of people and got to finish the week strong! Saw the Anderson’s and taught the doctrine behind family history. We were surprised Brian didn’t dispute a bunch of it. Then we headed over to see Jamie and taught her a little bit. Invited her to come to church as well. Ben drove up a little bit later and we invited him too. Sadly they didn’t come. They told us about the new movie “Son of God”. They went and saw it and must have liked it. Had church which was great. Fast and Testimony Meeting was fantastic! Brother Peterson came out with us to see Andy again and that was a really good lesson. Brother Peterson is a SPIRITUAL GIANT! Andy will get baptized soon. He knows it is true. Then we had dinner and a lesson with the Wyatt’s. Brother Wyatt knows the church is true so it was awesome to help him regain what he knew. Then to finish the night we had a fun lesson with Theresa and Ariel. Theresa was just crackin’ jokes which made is so funny.

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