Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, 3/10/14 - Sunday, 3/16/14

Monday – P-day! It was way fun! We played ball at Twin Hills with a bunch of black guys and tore them up pretty good. They cheated a ton too. Had one guy travel terribly and wouldn’t admit it. Later we ate at the Peterson’s which was really fun! They are such a celestial family. Had a lesson over at the Thomas’ but Brother Thomas didn’t even sit in and Brother Hansen even came out with us. Then got lost in a neighborhood when he was driving us all to the Rodriguez Family home to give Sister Rodriguez a blessing. It was such a funny memory. Then had a great blessing that Brother Climer gave.

Tuesday – Today we headed down to Fort Walton to go to each of their district meetings. I went to Elder Schwartz’s District Meeting. It was good! Got kinda weird but funny when in our role play Elder Schwartz, Elder MacLay and I were a TV and Elder Schwartz started stripping. At least he only took off his jacket, belt and tie. Then had our exchange after district meeting with the 1st Ward. Elder Atagi came to Crestview with me and Elder Rasmussen and Elder Schwartz stayed in Fort Walton. We also did some role plays with them before we split. We didn’t have a ton of success during our day. We gave Sister Maldonado a blessing before she headed to Utah. Taught Jamie a bit which was good. She is still planning on church with us this Sunday. I really hope she comes! Saw Mark Hayes briefly and set up an appointment. Tracted with no success so we visited with the Haines a bit. They really like Elder Atagi because he is Samoan and Sister Haines is Fijian so we all talked about all sorts of Polynesian stuff. Then we had dinner with Sister Blum, the Blum kids, Sister Roberts and Sylvia, my mom’s cousin. They took us out to Mia’s Italian Restaurant. It was pretty good. Wow Elder Atagi can pound some food! Tony fell through but we talked to his brother Henry for a minute or thirty and also got a referral from him to go see his uncle. Then we did the exchange report and Elder Atagi played some tunes on his guitar. He is a great guy! Huge 360 pound “teddy bear” type of guy.

Wednesday – Today we traded back and Elder Schwartz did some “personology” on me. It was so weird! It is really accurate. He looks at your traits and tells you what personality/tendencies you have. Then had our exchange with the Fort Walton 2nd Ward Elders. Elder Rasmussen went with Elder Bochenek and then Elder Sorrell came down to Crestview with me. Did some planning stuff because Elder Sorrell wanted us to help him plan a bit better. So I did my best to help him. Then we went to see Chris Nichols but he was gone so we put that on the back burner and tried to contact a guy. Couldn’t find his address so we went back to see Chris because he told us he was back. Read a bit and had a good lesson with him. President Pocket called us. We called him back and I asked him to call my Dad. I haven’t heard from him for a really long time. Don’t know what is going on there. Taught Austin again for the first time in forever. Ate a great dinner with the Boyd’s. Sister Boyd made some daghum good cake/brownie with ice cream in the middle and fudge on top. Then had a great coordination. Talked about our member MTC which should be sick!

Thursday – Today we traded back with Fort Walton and did some role plays. Went well and it was pretty fun. Then headed home for some weekly planning and finished it pretty quick and painless. Taught a good lesson to Josh Vining and it went well. We are going to help him tomorrow with his jeep. Also set up a church tour with him and his family! That will be sick! Then we had a great dinner with the Bissen’s and a great lesson with them after. Had Brother Peterson come again and he did awesome again! Then had a pretty good lesson with Jamie. Brother Climer came with some great testimony to add to our lesson. Went pretty well. Also got to kneel down in prayer with Andy and he prayed to open a joined fast with him and Brother Peterson and us. It was powerful.

Friday – Today we had a good morning. Went to see Pat, an old potential, and got to teach him about the doctrine behind family history. It went really well and he invited us back. Had service with Josh which was kind of slow but we got a bit of work done and it was fun to get to know him a bit more. Then had a pretty good lesson with Chris Robbins. Got to answer a couple of questions and help him understand the gospel a little better. Devon came to teach Theresa and Ariel after that. Ariel seemed a bit sad but she wouldn’t let on. She did wake up form a nap so she was probably just tired. Had a quick dinner and then went to have volleyball. Took some things down that were in the cultural hall for tomorrow to put them back up when we finished. They showed up to set up more before we were done so we set up and did some beach volleyball to finish it up. It was way fun to play in the sand at Twin Hills again.

Saturday – Today was sick! Had a sweet church tour with Josh Vining with Bishop Parker there. It went really well too. Josh set May 31st to work toward for baptism. Decided to go to Taco Bell but put that on hold for Eric and Stephanie Eliot. Eric is not a member and had a ton of questions for us. They were all valid questions. He was feeling sick and allowed us to give him a blessing. I got to act as voice and it was a powerful experience. I felt that I shouldn’t say something that the spirit was directing me to say. But the spirit wouldn’t let me move on so I had to say it. Went and enjoyed happier hour at Taco Bell. Brother Harter came to teach Tammy and try to resolve her concern but Brother Harter kinda exploded and talked about way too much. Went to the Grice’s but that fell through. So we went to volleyball because they decided to do it again. Unfortunately none of the investigators we invited made it there. It was really fun though!

Sunday – Today it rained like crazy! We went to Tony’s first thing and his street was literally a river. Brother Boyd came with and we had a really good lesson. He sorta accepted but didn’t accept a baptismal date. He was there at church though and that was sweet. He is a cool guy and his son, Ryan, and his daughter, Toni, are so cute. Church was really good. After church we taught Jamie. She is so nervous to pray so we were encouraging her to do so. Had to help her get into their truck so she could get the key out. Somehow Elder Rasmussen did it while I was on the phone with Brother McKenzie who was telling me we couldn’t do it, so that was kinda funny. Had a great dinner with Bishop Parker and his daughters. Role played missionary invites with them. Then Bishop took us to the Bissen’s where we had a powerful lesson with once again the “spiritual giant” Brother Peterson! Brother Peterson bore strong testimony of eternal families and told a really powerful story about his wife dying and the comfort the Plan of Salvation brings him. The spirit was so powerful. Then Brother Peterson took us home.

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