Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday 3/17/14 - Sunday, 3/23/14

Monday – Today was a pretty great P-day. We played some basketball again at Twin Hills Park. It was pretty good. There are some good players there. Most of them aren’t that great though. We played together with the 2nd Ward Elders and one other guy. It makes me chuckle that 3 white kids and a Peruvian who are Mormon tore up a bunch of black kids who are more athletic and play way more. Then later that evening we went to the hospital to give Barry McCall a blessing and got a bit lost in the hospital because the signs weren’t clear. Well at least not to us. Finally found him and gave him a blessing. Then Brother Burbidge came to teach Mark Hayes with us. That went pretty good. He told us some of the same stories he told the first time. Then we had a fun little FHE with the Haines. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. William and Brent are so cut and energetic and Isaac their newborn is a cute little guy.

Tuesday – We headed down to Niceville first thing in the morning to go to their district meeting and see how Elder Smellie is doing as district leader. He is pretty new at it but his district is doing a really good job. They tend to get a bit off topic but who doesn’t at times? Then we ate at a place called Taco Town which was pretty good food. They had some fried cinnamon tortilla things that were pretty good. Then we traded off. Elder Smellie went to Crestview with me and Elder Rasmussen and Elder Swenson stayed down in Niceville. We had a great day in Crestview. Had a lesson with Wes and Erica was there. Went good. It was more of a get to know lesson. Then had dinner with the Peterson’s which was awesome as usual! Had yummy pulled pork sandwiches. Then had a weird lesson with Jamie. Brother Kriser came with and Jamie seems to just be playing games with us. Then Brother Hartwell came to Tony’s and it was a great lesson. Tony set April 26th as a baptismal date and we read 3 Nephi 11 and he liked us. Great day!

Wednesday – Traded back first thing and also did some role plays. During role plays we were all doing different voices. Elder Rasmussen did “Herbert the Pervert”, Elder Swenson did Batman, Elder Smellie did a gay southerner and I did “Gollam” from Lord of the Rings. At one point we were talking about having a “party” jokingly in our accents. Then Elder Smellie said something about bringing the meat and Elder Rasmussen responded with ”I hope you’re not talking about your friend’s ye sick a**”. It was unexpected and he didn’t even mean to say it either. Typed up a mission call letter for our member MTC tomorrow to help split up the groups. Then had a lesson with Wes. He is so ready for baptism and that is so cool to see. They are going to take us out to eat Saturday. Ate at Azteca with the Boyd’s. It is a pretty good place. Mexican food! Taught Andy a quick lesson. Brother Peterson came and was awesome once again. Had some funny role plays with Andy. He pretended to be his brother and I pretended to be him. Then we practiced what he might say. Had coordination which was short and sweet. Then gave a blessing to Fay Mason. It was a bit weird because I had the thought to tell her to move on but didn’t know if it was my thought or the Lord’s.

Thursday – Today we had our weekly planning session. It was pretty good. Didn’t get to do our comp inventory but finished everything else. Had a pretty good lesson with Chris and Tina Washington. They told us they would come to church with us. Should be sweet! Also saw a Nissan GT-R at one point which was sweet. Flew down to eat dinner with the Wadas’. They are awesome and have a ton going on right now but they are still awesome and always great conversations. Then flew to our apartment to pick up some family proclamations. Then flew to the church for the member MTC which wasn’t as big as we were hoping but it was still fun. We ended up doing some role plays, some online media stuff and Preach My Gospel Jeopardy. Pretty good stuff. Then we talked to the Bishop and Brother Ratcliff about a family history booth we plan on doing next Saturday.

Friday – Today was a slow day. Started off great! Had a lesson with Pat Dunn and had Sister Gray come and he just couldn’t say no to her. She is such a sweet 85 year old lady. She grew up with Pat’s grandma so they are family friends. Then Sister Gray made us some sandwiches which were lovely. Talked with Wendy O’Bynne, a referral, but she was sick and we talked to a couple of her neighbors. Talked with Krista and her cousin recently committed suicide so that was sad to hear about. Also read with Chris Robbins a bit. Wow he is a spiritual 17 year old. Day was rough at that point and we were tired so we went and got drinks at Walmart. Talked with Henry a bit which was good and played volleyball. Might just rename Tucker to Spike because that’s all I did! I was on fire!

Saturday – 19 months! Holy cow! Had a great time with Miss April chopping down some trees. Actually we were chopping trees up into roughly 3 foot logs. Made a little bridge/path with them. Then we made a really weak bridge over the creek and I almost fell in a few times. It was really fun! I got a huge blister on my left palm from axing. Stopped by to see Josh for a minute. Had an interesting conversation about all the things he wants to change in his house. He is a great guy! Then headed to the church to teach Wes. He got there a bit late so it took a minute to get started. Had the lesson and then they took us down to Fort Walton to dinner at Logan’s Steak House. It was pretty good. But they messed up so we got back late. Got to talk to Wes about a ton during the car ride though and talked to him about fasting for his divorce to be finalized.

Sunday – Today we had our Ward Council Meeting which went pretty well. Then we had a good old fashion chat with Brother Burbidge. He is such a funny guy. Went home and had lunch while watching “Legacy” and then studied a bit. Had church which was pretty good. We taught Gospel Principles and was reminded of how powerful the Bible videos are. We also taught Mallory King. I wish he would let Christ help him. He is sadly frustrating. Figured out the signage of our family history booth. After that lesson we got a lot of support from our ward for the booth. Should be sweet! Had dinner with the Cockrell’s and they were telling us about the springs throughout Florida and how there is a giant vacuum like thing going under all of them. Then taught Andy a good lesson. We showed some of the Bible videos and talked about Christ. Also helped them put their new mattresses on their bed frame.

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