Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, 2/17/14 - Sunday, 2/23/14

Monday – Michael Jordan turned 51 today and Larry the Cable Guy did too. It was a good day. We emailed at the Wyatt’s because of whatever holiday it was. Library was closed. Then we headed to Walmart to shop. We also stopped by Hibbett Sports because I was thinking about getting a Michael Jordan shirt or something. They had some sweet “Nike Elite” socks and “Jordan Elite” socks that I wanted but they were too much for me. We also played basketball which was hard. I wrapped my ankle up a ton but wasn’t very effective playing. We also had dinner with Brother Moore at Ryan’s again. Then we went to see Mark Hayes who gave us a pizza because we were too full. Taught him a good little lesson. Then we went to the Andersen’s to do some genealogy with them.  They also had sloppy joes for us to eat. We were still too stuffed. Ryan’s is a buffet so we were way full. That was our day!

Tuesday – Today we headed down to Fort Walton to go to both district meetings. I went to Elder Schwartz while Elder Evans went to Elder DeGroff’s. Elder Schwartz does a really good job teaching to his district’s needs. He is a powerful district leader. After District Meeting we got to go on an exchange with Fort Walton 1. I got to be with Elder Sorrell and Elder DeGroff went with Elder Evans to Crestview. We had a pretty good day in Fort Walton. We went and taught John Gorham, their recent convert. He is such an awesome guy! He is prepping for the Priesthood and for the Temple. We also walked over to do some service for a less active guy named Mike Pernos. He didn’t have the moving truck so we just taught a little lesson. Also saw a really cool guy named Ken and was going to teach him but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling up to it. Had some dinner and then we went to the Smith’s. They are such a cool family! I think they will get baptized someday! That was a fun exchange! I love Elder Sorrell.

Wednesday – Today we did some role plays with Elder’s Sorrell and DeGroff. That went well and then we ate at the 1st Ward Elders. Elder Anderson and Elder Schwartz made us some food for lunch. Then we had our exchange with them. I stayed in Fort Walton with Elder Anderson and Elder Schwartz went to Crestview with Elder Evans. It was an interesting day that Elder Anderson and I had. We taught a guy named Wilton about the restoration of the gospel. He liked it but was hesitant about one true church. After that we talked to a guy about God and invited him to ask God if he was there. He just kinda laughed at us. Then headed to a less-active’s house named Alfred. He loves missionaries. We took a crazy picture together, Elder Anderson and I, for his wall. Then we went to the Wall’s and had an interesting visit with them. Didn’t get to teach anything really, Kaitlin was taking someone some food and she was talking about all these weird medical things she had read about. We also tried to contact a guy that worked at the mall. Had dinner at home. We then went to the church to talk to a couple people before heading to the Johnson’s to try to teach them. But unfortunately they weren’t in a lesson mood. They are the family we did the interviews for baptism. They are a really awesome family. “Mickey” is so fun and energetic.

Thursday – Today we did some role plays with Elder’s Anderson and Schwartz. That was interesting, but fun. Then we headed home to do some weekly planning. Didn’t get to finish and we ended up not finishing because we had to fly over to the Skylark’s. Theresa came with and bore some strong testimony to them. It was so cool to be a witness of that. Had a really quick dinner after that before heading over to see the Woodring’s with Brother Climer. That was awesome! They opened up a little bit more with him there. The Woodring’s really seem to like Brother Climer. Then we went to the church to meet the Anderson’s and do some family history. They are really loving it. Then we went to Johnny’s with Brother Ratcliff and taught him. Basically just talked about trust in the Lord the entire time.

Friday – Started the day off with some service at Robert Washington’s place. He is one of the Sister’s investigators. He is a good guy but is very talkative. It was so funny when he invited us in for a drink and said, “I bet you’ve never been in a black man’s house before.” It really cracked us up. After that we had lunch and then we had some weekly planning. Then we had a great lesson with Theresa and my awesome 2nd cousin Brother Aaron Blum came with and taught very well. Then we briefly talked to Sister Parson’s at her door before heading to the Tatro’s house for dinner. That was a really good visit! Brother Tatro really wants to read more as a family. Then we headed to church to play some volleyball. I gimped around trying to play on my ankle. It was pretty fun actually.

Saturday – Today was a really good day! First thing was a church tour for the Skylark’s and Brother Cochran came to help out because he is the teacher for the 8 year olds and the Skylark’s have an 8 year old son. It was a great tour and hopefully they will come to church tomorrow. Then we headed home and did the rest of our weekly planning. Right after that we headed to see Chris and Christina Washington and taught them about the restoration and also about the spirit world a bit. It went pretty well. Chris can talk! Then we went to see the Barbecho’s and taught a lesson to Jamie and all the kids. We struck a chord with Alie, the Barbecho’s niece, because she started crying. It was sad! We were talking about the atonement and that it can lift us and I guess she is being bullied and she started crying but her cousins gave her hugs. Then we went to “Chill” a frozen yogurt place and Chris’ friend, Aaron, gave us free yogurt. Then we stopped by the Harter’s and they gave us cookies. That was our “dinner” and then we headed home.

Sunday – Today was a great day! We had our Ward Council Meeting and studies in the morning. Had a quick lunch and then went out to teach Tony about the Plan of Salvation. Him and his son then followed us to church and that was fun. We actually got to sit in Primary with his son Ryan which was fun. All of the lessons at church were really good too! That being said Primary seems to be the place to be. After church we went to the Ralphs’ who are the senior couple that replaced the Bailey’s. The Bailey’s also went home today so I gave them hugs and said bye. They are the best! Anyway we gave them a poster and info about the ward. Then we went to Johnny’s for dinner which took forever! Adam Leone was there. We taught him a while back and he seems really interested. Then taught an awesome lesson to Andy Bissen. They just got back from vacation in Vegas and Utah. Then went and taught Brother Wyatt and he feels that he received an answer that the church is true. So that was awesome! The end!

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