Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, 2/3/14 - Sunday, 2/9/14

Monday – P-day! Today we did the usual P-day stuff. Played some basketball outside at Twn Hills Park. It was fun! I did role my left ankle twice and both times I was just planting. Had dinner at home. Sister Cockrell dropped off some delicious Mexican food. Headed to the church to do a church tour with the Peterson’s. They invited their friend who decided not to go but it was still a great tour! Then we headed home and actually got to eat because before we didn’t really have enough time to eat. Then we planned for zone training tomorrow.

Tuesday – Today we role played a bit in the morning to finish up our zone training preparation. After that we headed down to Niceville to have our zone training. I feel like it went pretty well except we had some technical difficulties with the slide show presentation President Smith asked us to show. After some of the missionaries went to Dairy Queen to eat so we went and it was pretty good. Fast food is all kind of the same though. Had an exchange today as well with Elder Rasmussen, the old MTC companion. That was fun! We got quite a bit done. Met a guy named Nathaniel and another guy Iran when we were trying to see Devonte. Devonte wasn’t home. Taught Theresa and Ariel about temples and we are going to do some family history Thursday. Ate at home before heading to see the Bissen’s and we read with Andy from Alma 34. Talked a lot about prayer. Tried to see Johnny who wasn’t awake so we talked to Stacey for a while. She is really cool.

Wednesday – Today I did the exchange report in the morning with Elder Rasmussen. Then we exchanged back pretty early so that Elder Evans and I could get to our appointments that we had set up. Unfortunately the first one fell through so we tried to go see a headquarters referral that we received yesterday but they weren’t home. Headed home to eat lunch and to study and make some lesson plans. Then we went out to see Tony but he called and cancelled so we saw Napier and unfortunately we had to drop him because he wasn’t keeping commitments or more, so told us he wouldn’t keep any more. Then taught Chris Nichols and we gave his roommate a Book of Mormon. Tried to see Brenda but she wasn’t feeling well. Tried to contact some potentials and some lady decided to be rude and it really ticked me off. Which that made the rest of my night kinda crappy. I overreacted a bit. Had a great dinner with the Boyd’s. Made mini pizzas and then had coordination which finished our night.

Thursday – Today I was even more sick then I have been so I decided to just get some extra rest. Well my body more so just forced me to fall asleep. Then today I realized that I am not trusting in the Lord enough with my missionary work. That was a good thing to realize. We also had weekly planning and got most of it done. Went to see a bunch of people with Brother Wanner but none of it worked out. Went to contact our headquarters referral and talked to their roommate Sam. He was a cool guy. Picked up some grub from the Wirt’s and then helped the Hartwell’s move for a little bit before heading to the church to do family history work with Theresa, Ariel and Brother Fisher. That was pretty awesome! Theresa found a couple people that very well could be her ancestors!

Friday – Today we finished up weekly planning then went to help the Hartwell’s move into the ward. They are so cool! Brother Hartwell hunts gator and he is going to make us some! I have never had gator and I have wanted it my whole mission. Went and ate at Hardee’s after that. That was decent. Then we drove to a hiding spot to change in the car which was weird. I forgot my belt and Elder Evans aid, “It would be worse if you forgot your tie.” That is when I realized I did forget my tie. We called the Taylor’s and they let me borrow one. Then our appointments fell through. We did see the Thomas’ which was pretty fun. Went to see Tony and Henry but they were busy so we rescheduled. Then saw Mallory King and started the 12 step program and he seemed to like it. Then we tried to see some less-actives but hat fell through so we finished with some dinner and then played some volleyball for our fellowship night.

Saturday – Today was exciting! We had our meeting with President Miller at Ryan’s. Then went to the Bailey’s to help Elder Bailey. He wanted us to be a part of fixing the car that Theresa just bought. That was fun, we put on a bumper on the rear because the car was previously in a wreck. Had our studies after that and then the rest of the day was interesting to say the least. We saw Brian Anderson and tried to just do family history but he started asking questions. His questions are all over the place and he never likes our answers but family history went well. One of his lines went way back. We also met some really, really cool people. Unfortunately we didn’t get appointments with any of them. Charity was one of them and we talked to her for a long time. Really cool lady and she took a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked tons of questions. Her friend Christ told us John the Baptist was the biggest MC ever. Shot some hoops with them on a kid’s basketball hoop. Also saw the Vining’s and did some family history with them unexpectedly. They were way interested. Then we saw Johnny. I used his bathroom and came out to discover Elder Evans and Johnny carving raw turkeys. That was random. Then we taught a lesson and I really feel Johnny is sincere.

Sunday – Today was a roller coaster. Had ward council where the Sisters tried to steal one of our gators which really kinda ticked me off. We work hard and love our gators but we ain’t backin down. It’s our gator! It is more so the Lord’s gator. Had studies and church and dinner. Then Brother Harter asked us to come over. So we went there to talked about some things. Hopefully that will get worked out. Then we had an awesome lesson with the Barbecho’s. It was so cool! Jamie sat in and the spirit was strong. She was even a bit emotional. We had a great prayer at the end with the whole family there. It was so cool! Then we went and taught Brother Wyatt which went really well. He is progressing really well. That finished our evening.

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