Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, 1/27/14 - Sunday, 2/2/14

Monday – Today was P-day! Got some Pleasant Febreeze. Played some basketball with the 2nd Ward Elders. Elder Urquiaga (Erk-ee-aga) is one strong guy! He just muscles his way into the lane. He is pretty good. Did the usual things. Went out that evening and met Ryan Kirkendoll (less active). He was really happy to see us. Really cool guy, convert of about 10ish years ago maybe. It was when he was like 18 or 19. Tried to see Johnny and a few others with Brother Cockrell and it didn’t work out. Brother Cockrell is awesome so we really want to teach with him.

Tuesday – Today we enjoyed a District Meeting with the Defuniak District for the 2nd week in a row. Came home and called/texted a ton of people to try to get people out with us. Went out to see a few people before seeing Theresa and Ariel. The Bailey’s came out with us to see them and their testimonies are growing so much! I love them! Then Bishop picked us up to go eat dinner with them. It is always way fun going over there. They are such an awesome family! Then Bishop Parker took us to the Wyatt’s for a lesson to teach the Plan of Salvation. It went really well! Phone fell out of my pocket at the Wyatt’s so we had to go back and get it so we were way late home. There was also a crazy ice/rain storm that lasted all day! It was cold enough to snow but for some reason it didn’t. Bishop also told us when talking about the ladies, “talk to even the ugly ones because even the ugly ones have pretty friends”.

Wednesday – Today was supposed to be MLC but that got moved due to the extremely horrible weather yesterday. There was ice covering everything when we looked out in the morning. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It looked like snow but it was ice everywhere. We spent most of our day weekly planning and did a very thorough session of weekly planning which was good. Then we went on a walk because we weren’t supposed to drive. Tried to see Robert Hill but he wasn’t home so we saw Brother Brandt who is almost 103 years old. He is such a cool guy and that was a good visit. Brother Boyd picked us up from there and we had dinner at his house. That was good! Had soft tacos and she was taught by a Hispanic how to make the tortillas. It was awesome. Then we had a little coordination with Brother Boyd and discovered that we are teaching some criminals. That was interesting. During weekly planning Elder Evans made me laugh so hard that I found myself on the floor.

Thursday – Today we had Zone Training prep first and also had interviews with President Smith. I always love seeing President and getting to talk with him. After that we went out and walked up to see Donna. It has been a while so we wanted to go and say hello. That was good. We talked to a really nice guy who knew Mike Wing in our ward. Then we went and taught Chris Nichols who is a recent convert of 2nd Ward that just moved into our ward. He is a really good guy too. Met his friends that he is living with who are really nice. Then we went and saw the Woodring’s and that was really fun. They opened up a little bit with us. It was good to see them too. Dropped by and talked to Brother Spears for a bit. Then we headed off to the Harter’s for dinner. Sister Edington made some delicious soup. Then we went out with Brother Climer to see Ben. It has been a while since we have seen him because he was in North Carolina fixing his house so someone can rent it again. That finished our night.

Friday – First thing today we went to MLC down in Fort Walton which was good. It was fun to be with all the other missionaries and President and Sister Smith. Got back from that and went and taught Brian Anderson. He is all over the place and challenging to teach but a good guy. Came home and Sister Miller brought us a ton of delicious food for dinner. The assistants also came. So we ate with them and then Elder Wright and I taught Johnny about scriptures and church. I really hope he comes! Then taught Andy and we are going to start a 6 week experiment with him to help him know this message is true. I love this guy! Elder Evans also went and had an exciting day with Elder McPhearson. We also made our calls to everyone in the zone to find out who they taught.

Saturday – Today we continued our exchange with the assistants. Elder Wright and I first went to our meeting with President Miller at Ryan’s. Gave the manager a Book of Mormon and he said he was going to read it. He loves reading and said he would start on his break. Then we headed home for our studies and also did some role plays with the assistants. Then Elder Wright and I got to teach Theresa and Ariel which is always good. Elder Wright taught her once before and was able to see how far they have come and how much the spirit is in their lives now. Then we taught Napier about the Plan of Salvation and Elder Wright was money! Then we went to the church to watch a broadcast for the hastening of the work. L. Tom Perry spoke and he is so funny and so passionate about the gospel. It was so good! Then we went home to eat and study for zone training because both of our appointment fell through.

Sunday – Started the day trying to see Alonzo. He wasn’t home but his girlfriend asked for a ride to church. Then we headed to see Johnny who was showering so we went over to the Barbecho’s to remind them of church. Then we went to see Henry Frazier and met his brother Tony who is a really good guy. He told us we could come by later that day to teach him more. Went to see Napier to meet Brother Boyd there. Brother Boyd took him to church. He liked it but said it was too long. After church we taught Tony about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit really seemed to dictate the lesson which was awesome. Had dinner with the Taylor’s and that was good. It is always way fun to go there. That basically finished the night. We had to go home and plan for Zone Training.

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