Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, 2/10/14 - Sunday, 2/16/14

Monday – P-day! We balled it up with Elder Burnham and Elder Urquiaga at Twin Hills Park. We have been playing outside recently and it has been really fun. We won all three games. They were all close. We also had dinner over at the Thomas’ and the Bailey’s were there also. That was really fun! We got to teach about the Plan of Salvation after and Elder Bailey also invited Brother Thomas to be baptized which was so cool to see! After that we went to see the Nimmo’s and Samantha let us in so we figured Sam was home but he wasn’t so we tried to get out quick but Samantha had a lot to say because we hadn’t seen them for a while. They have been way busy with soccer recently. We also saw Johnny briefly which was interesting and we set up a time to go back and have some grub!

Tuesday – Today we spent a lot of the morning doing zone conference preparations. We actually got a lot done. It was sweet! Then we went to see Theresa and taught about eternal families and priesthood. Ariel wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t get to teach her. Brother Kriser was with us and he was a great help. Saw Chris Nichols and talked with his roommates Aaron and Ciara. Unfortunately it is not the most spiritual atmosphere for Chris. We did get to talk about scripture study though. Visited a referral very briefly name Mark Hayes. He didn’t have a moment for us with his wife sick. Went to see their son briefly but he wasn’t at his work so we looked around a bit. He works at a sweet pawn shop. Ate at the Harter’s. Played outside for a bit with the kids before dinner because Brother Harter was still on his way home. Then we headed down to see the Barbecho’s. Taught Ben a bit and then set a time to go have a Family Home Evening. Then we started our exchange with 2nd Ward.

Wednesday – Today was our exchange with the Crestview 2nd Ward Elders. Elder Urquiaga came to our ward with me and Elder Evans spent the day with Elder Burnham in the 2nd Ward. Elder Urquiaga and I had a pretty interesting day. Went to do a church tour because Sister Comaniuk and Sister Barrick didn’t have a third lady to go on the tour so we had to go so it would be okay. We all showed Robert Washington around. It was really interesting and long! He wanted to sing a hymn so we all sang “How Great Thou Art”. We didn’t harmonize well at all. He kept mentioning my deep voice and how powerful it was. Such a good guy and such a funny experience. Had lunch after that. Then had an awesome highlight were we got to teach the two Grice boys and their cousin Aaron and friend Clay. Taught about the restoration. They all paid attention pretty well. The Grice boys are less active by the way. We also taught Randy Fluhrer. He is actually pretty solid which really surprised me. Had a really good dinner with the Ratcliff’s! They are a great family and the monkey bread was delicious. Sister Ratcliff gave us the recipe! Then had coordination and traded back.

Thursday – Today was good but not too much went on. We did some planning for zone conference and some weekly planning as well. Taught Michelle with Brother Moore there and it went pretty good. She really loved the Plan of Salvation. She really loved that kids don’t go to hell when they die. We also taught the Woodring’s a message and they are starting to get comfortable with us. Then we headed to Fort Walton to do some baptism interviews. Unfortunately we each had one that didn’t pass. But two of them did which was awesome! The rest of the family is just a matter of time. Also had dinner with a great member and then the Johnson’s that we interviewed fed us as well. Then went to the 2nd Ward apartment so that we didn’t have to waste a ton of miles going back up to Crestview when we will just have to come back to Fort Walton.

Friday – Today was great! Stayed with Elder DeGroff and Elder Sorrell. Made some great French toast for us in the morning. Headed to the church to set up for our zone conference. President had Elder Sorrell share his conversion story and it was so powerful. I will share a bit. Elder Sorrell heard a voice that told him to “wait one more day” and not commit suicide. He met the missionaries the next day. He then heard another voice another time. President then talked about how those voices could have been his ancestors. He has been pushing family search to find with. Elder Evans, Elder Wright, Sister Comaniuk, Elder Schurtz and Sister Medlyn all bore strong testimonies at the end. I kissed Elder Wright…on the cheek! Had a last minute dinner with the Fisher’s and Brother Moore when we got back to Crestview. They took us to Ryan’s. Then we went to volleyball which was really fun! Even with the rolling of my ankle. It was pretty painful and it was kinda scary.

Saturday – Today we had our meeting with President Miler at Ryan’s. That went pretty good. Went home for our studies and then went to see Josh Vining and helped him out with his jeep a bit. He has a really old jeep and we were taking out the bolts that held the body on so he can get the body fixed and restore the jeep a bit. After getting home we did a bit of weekly planning. I was really tired and so was Elder Evans so that was a bit of a struggle. We headed over to Theresa and Ariel’s after that for a lesson. We kept getting way off topic though. It was really fun to spend some more time and to teach a bit. Then we had dinner with the Hansen’s which was fun. They have some really good stories. Then we went down to see Johnny and taught a really really good lesson! Johnny seems very sincere right now.

Sunday – Today we had a sweet MLC in Bonifay with Elder Munz, President Smith and all of the Stake Presidents. It was powerful and the Spirit was strong. It was cool to see how things work in the church and how much the spirit is involved in every decision. We drove there and back with President Miller which was nice. President Miller told us some good stories. Had Sacrament Meeting and lunch down in Bonifay as well after the MLC. We did get back to Crestview in time to attend Gospel Principles and Priesthood. After church we had a really short study and then went to see Danny Vinson and Louis Gomez for the first time in a long time. Iona, Danny’s girlfriend, was there. She is a member in the Fort Walton Beach 1st Ward. We had some delicious steaks that Danny made and shared a really good message. Danny told us that he is planning on being baptized soon but isn’t completely sure when.

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