Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, 1/20/14 - Sunday, 1/26/14

Monday – Today was the P-day we found out about who is transferred. Found out we are staying and there aren’t very many changes in our zone either. Elder Elmer, Elder Brewington, Sister Strickland and Sister Jicha will be leaving. Sad to see them all go. Had our emailing at the Burbidge’s where we learned from Brother Burbidge…and I quote, “Just because you kiss her on the mouth doesn’t make you related.” Good emailing. Ate with them as well. They are so cool! Listened to a talk for P-day. Ate at the Taylor’s and Brother Taylor showed us some cool “magic” tricks. I left my planner. Went to see the Lynch’s, an HQ referral, who told us to come back in an hour. So we figured out transfers then went back and Brother Cockrell came too. They told us they weren’t interested. Brother Cockrell bore some strong testimony! Tried to see a couple others who weren’t home before heading in.

Tuesday – Today was a pretty sweet day. We went to Defuniak’s District Meeting to see how Elder Rasmussen is doing. He did great! Afterwards we took our District pictures and had a combined District activity with Crestivew and Defuniak Districts. We played football and it was really fun! The Sisters even played. Sister Shattuck was a beast! She threw two touchdown passes! It was sick! I thought it was such an awesome idea for a District activity. Don’t worry it was flag football. The Bailey’s and Habel’s fed us cake after football and then we headed home after for lunch. I also threw three touchdown passes, one to Rasmussen and two to Larsen. Then Brother Kriser came to teach Theresa and Ariel with us. We had a great lesson about missionary work. Then we headed to see a ton of others that fell through but then Sesal was home so we talked with him about helping him fix his cars. That would be sweet! Then headed to the Wyatt’s for dinner and a lesson. It was good! I really like the Wyatt’s. Had a quick message with the Taylor’s because we didn’t get to yesterday. They gave me my planner back. They wrote some jokes in it! So funny! They also put a bunch of really funny things in the plans like: paint my nails, braid my companion’s hair, and exchange friendship bracelets with President Miller. They are funny! We also went to the Bissen’s to read with Andy and they are getting serious about buying a house. So that will be cool for them. Andy needs some more push and some more love from the Ward and he should be good.

Wednesday – Today was transfers and we said goodbye to some great missionaries but I am sure the ones coming in will be great as well. Did some tracting with Elder Swenson to try and find someone down south. We unfortunately didn’t find anyone. Tried to see a couple potential investigators as well and then sent Elder Swenson back to his area after the second transfer with his new companion. Went to the more ghetto part of our area to try and contact a couple of people. Met a cool guy named James and his wife Robin. They were pretty interested and we also met a couple really nice ladies next to our HQ referral that we received. Got an appointment with one of them. Saw the Vining’s and set up a FHE. Then we ate at the McKenzie’s and did some doorbell ditching after. Dropped some treats off at different member’s homes, rang and then ran. Then had a good lesson with the Bissen’s. A later lesson but it worked out well. Read through some of the Joseph Smith History.

Thursday – Today we began the day with some weekly planning. Didn’t quite finish. Started our teaching by seeing a guy named Napier that the Sisters referred us to. He is a good guy. He struggles to understand a bit. He actually is schizophrenic. He has an MC Hammer cassette tape. Cool stuff! Then ran to see Levi which fell through so we went and got a card for Theresa because it is her birthday today! Yay! Then went to the park to meet Alonzo and teach him. He told us he didn’t want to come to church anymore but couldn’t give us a good reason. It was weird so we tried to help him understand the gospel but it didn’t work as well as we would have liked. Then we headed to see the Woodring’s and shared President Uchtdorf’s “You Can Do It Now” talk with them. Hopefully we can get them back to church. Then ran to Theresa and Ariel’s. Met the Bailey’s there and when Theresa came to the door we sang Happy Birthday. The Bailey’s brought a cake so we ate that and chatted. Theresa also passed her test yesterday so she will be getting her job soon!Headed off to the Thomas’ to actually teach someone but we didn’t find anyone for it so Sister Thomas fed us which was awesome. Then went home teaching to the Warner’s with Brother Peterson. That was awesome. They are a cool family.

Friday – Today was way fun. We went to April’s for the first time in a long time to do work on her property. We were chopping down trees. We were chopping down dead ones. We didn’t get all the dead ones yet. She is planning on making a little bow and arrow/BB gun shooting target which should be way cool. We also heard that it snowed last night here and when we left April’s it started sleeting/hailing. I’m not quite sure which it was. Had some weekly planning. Then we taught Boss Hog. Also known as Isaac and his friend Joe L. they are both actually nicknamed Boss Hog but Joe L. goes by Tick. Devon came with and we set a baptismal date. After dinner with the Fisher’s which was fun. Then we had volleyball. I played as a one-man team which isn’t good for winning but it was hilarious.

Saturday – Today we had our appointment with President Miller to discuss the needs in the zone. Then we helped Brother Golson move over to a different apartment in the same complex. Then went to an appointment that fell through, but met an awesome lady named Sherry that said we could come teach her. Had lunch and then taught Napier and set a baptismal date for March 22nd. He understands things a bit better than we thought. Then Brother Wroten came out to see Johnny and he took us on an unexpected tour of a house. Then went to see Isaac but he wasn’t home so we talked with his girlfriend, Jessica, about her beliefs. That was really good! She is way nice. Then had a really good session of Stake Conference about hastening the work. Then had dinner and finished up most of our weekly planning.

Sunday – Today we started off with our companionship inventory because we didn’t get to do it. Then had a great session of Stake Conference. Elder Gay spoke and was really really good. Then Sister McConkie spoke and did good too. Then we had Elder Kopischke and Elder Nelson speak which was awesome. They all spoke from Orlando which was sad because we didn’t get to meet them. Then headed home to eat and study. Then had a lesson with Theresa and Ariel about Family Home Evening. TJ Miller came out with us which was fun. He is a good kid. Then went and ate a great dinner over at the Haines’ house. I love their family. They’re so da-ghum cool! Went to see Johnny but he told us to come back later. We did talk to Austin, his stepson, a bit before we pulled up. then we headed to see the Nimmo’s and they have been so busy lately. They’re so cool. Wish we could see them more. Then went and set up an appointment with Johnny for tomorrow.

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