Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday, 1/6/14 - Sunday, 1/12/14

Monday – Today we got a call from Teressa in the morning because she has an interview in Marianna and needed a ride. We are excited that she has an interview. Then we did the normal P-day things of emailing, shopping and cleaning. We also washed and vacuumed the car because it got really dirty driving through Defuniak Springs. We also went to Subway because they are having “JanuANY” this month. Then played some “goalie” and some basketball with Elder Elmer and Elder Burnham. That was awesome. Then we had Brother Cockrell come out with us and everything we went to fell through. Then went to Teressa and Ariel’s with Brother Boyd. That was a good lesson. They are awesome! Then headed home to let the missionaries in the zone know about how many miles they will have.

Tuesday – Today we headed down to Niceville to meet the Niceville Elders and drive down to the Destin District Meeting. It was a different style of district meeting but Elder Simmons is very knowledgeable. Had some lunch at Chick-fil-A which was needed. It’s a pretty good restaurant. Headed back here to see Teressa because she called us and said she “didn’t want to do it” anymore. She didn’t want to meet or anything anymore. So I bore testimony and we went by ASAP! It went well when we went by. She has had so much great member support. Ate a quick dinner and then went to meet up with President Smith for the evening. Mostly everything with him fell through but we did get to give a couple blessings which was great. Gave Sister McKenzie one and Brother Harter also. I also got to talk to President briefly which was much needed. Great day overall. Also had to stay up to figure out what building has working heat for MLC tomorrow.

Wednesday – Today we had MLC first thing and it was a bit of chaos because we had to do it in a different building. We went down to Fort Walton because our building didn’t have working heat. It was a really fun and very spiritual meeting. Our total for baptisms last year was 324 and we set a goal this year for 373 and a stretch goal of 444. Our mission theme this year is going to be “Missionaries of Uncommon Valor”. It was good to chat a bit with Elder Winter and see how he has been doing. I also go to update him on what’s going on in the area. We then came home and saw Austin briefly to remind him of our appointment Friday. Had dinner with the Boyd’s and then coordination. We are going to have a member missionary training center next Wednesday. Should be great!

Thursday – Today we had our day of weekly planning that went well. Also taught Teressa and Ariel about tasting because we hadn’t taught Ariel that yet. Went over the baptismal interview questions which went well. They are ready! Had another lesson with a guy name Trey but that fell through. Began our trade-off with the Defuniak Elders. Elder Larsen came to Crestview with me and Elder Evans went to Defuniak with Elder Rasmussen. Elder Larsen and I headed to our dinner appointment with the Tatro’s which was fun! They are a really great family. They have some energetic kids. Then taught Johnny a really powerful lesson. The spirit was go strong and was enlightening Johnny’s mind when we asked questions. It was so awesome!

Friday – Today Elder Larsen and I continued our exchange. First thing we prepped for a church tour and made sure there would be hot water for the baptism tomorrow. Then we went to visit a bunch of people but no one was available. We did meet a guy named Devonte who was pretty nice and we gave him a Book of Mormon. We will see him next week. Ate lunch. Went out to try to see Jamie and ended up meeting Ben’s brother, Juan. Gave him a BOM and taught him a bit about it. Then went to Teressa and Ariel’s to do the baptismal interviews. Forgot the forms so Elder Elmer could sign them because he did them. So we drove around to the 2nd Ward Elders house and then to the church to get the baptism records. We got them and they both passed the interviews. Then went to Austin’s which fell through. Did the exchange report then headed to Defuniak to trade back. Had a lesson with Andy. Lost our phone and couldn’t find it anywhere. Played volleyball. Tried calling our phone. Called the Bissen’s. not anywhere. Prayed and the 2nd Ward Elders showed up and told us the Bissen’s had it. Went there and they had found it outside by calling it over and over.

Saturday – Today our first plan was Teressa and Ariel’s baptisms! It was such a great service. They had all sorts of Ward support. Bishop Parker baptized both of them. They will be great members of the church. The spirit was really strong and Teressa even bore her testimony at the end. It was so cool! After the baptism we had an unexpected lesson with Brian Anderson. He is having a hard time wrapping his head around authority but the spirit will help him. Went home and ate and did some zone stuff which took forever. Then taught Angie which went good. We read with them. Ate at Krystals which wasn’t that good, kinda lame actually. Then we taught Johnny which we think went pretty well. Also taught the Asble’s, a less active. That was interesting because when we walked in their 13 year old granddaughter, McKenzie, told me I was cute so that was odd. Gave her a Book of Mormon and during one part of our visit she turned on the ceiling fan/light because she was hot and Brother Asble said, “you sure you didn’t want to just see a bit better,” referring to her “cute” comment. It was so funny. Then she called me adorable when we were leaving. Strange visit there. That was about it for the night.

Sunday – Today was a pretty good day. We started the day by going to Ward Council. Took a long time. Came home for our studies and lunch. Headed out to go to Johnny’s so he could follow us to church. I really felt strongly that he would come this time but he wasn’t even at his house. It was really sad. Headed to church where Teressa and Ariel were confirmed members of the church and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Devon Brown did that ordinance and it was powerful. Teressa said she felt the same feeling she felt when we gave her a blessing. She said it was like a pressure within her chest. It was so cool! Cody Wells, one of the priests, came with us to teach Andy. It went well. Bishop after church challenged him to be able to go to the next temple trip. So we taught about temples and priesthood. Also taught Brian again. We are just trying to get him to ask God questions. He won’t ask so that is holding him back. Then we headed home to plan zone training.

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