Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, 12/30/13 - Sunday 1/5/14

Monday – Today was a pretty good day. Did the usual. Played ball and unfortunately Elder Burnham hurt his knee. He has a torn ACL from before his mission and he just buckled his knee. He is doing good though. Taught Andy a really good lesson with Brother Burbidge. Brother Burbidge was a boss. He can teach! Then had a lesson with Teressa with Brother and Sister Boyd. It was a fantastic lesson. Teressa is so cool and she told us that she gets tired every time we leave which is cool because the spirit is tiring to be around. Got to know Teressa really well too! It was awesome! She also bore her testimony about the change she has had. It was a fun day.

Tuesday – Today has been a pretty fun day. We went down to Fort Walton to split up and go to both District Meetings. They are in the same building so it works well. I went to the 2nd Ward District Meeting and Elder Evans went to the 1st Ward’s. 2nd Ward’s was good! Elder DeGroff is a good district leader and his district meetings are fun. After that Elder Schwartz and I went up to Crestview while Elder Evans stayed in Fort Walton for our exchange. He was with Elder Anderson. It was an interesting day for Elder Schwartz and I. We had most of our appointments fall through and spent most of the day in the ghetto. In the evening we got to go to the Steele’s and eat with them which was fun. We were going to do a scripture study but didn’t have enough time. Talked with them about scripture study though. They really want to get it going in their family. Then we went to the Anderson’s and they were easting so we chatted a bit and then had to go in early due to it being New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year ladies and gents. Here comes 2014! Brian is out of jail.

Wednesday – Started off going to teach Alonzo and he wasn’t at the park so we didn’t get to and most of the other people that were going to come to the Elder’s Quorum activity didn’t. We were going to play “ultimate football” which is a mix of ultimate Frisbee and football. Didn’t because only Brother Climer and Brother Kriser showed up. So we played 2 on 2 Ultimate Frisbee. Elder Schwartz and I dominated! Then took Elder Schwartz back to Fort Walton and began another exchange. Had 1 with the 2nd Ward and Elder DeGroff came with me to Crestview while Elder Evans went with Elder Sorrell. Elder DeGroff and I went all the way to Laurel Hill for a baptismal interview. I interviewed Destiny Miller and she is ready for sure. Finally left there and had a couple things fall through but ran into Justin the 2nd Ward gator. Chatted for a bit and then had some lunch. Went and taught Brian a lesson on the Word of Wisdom. Got out of jail so we taught him and Alicia. Then we went to the Anderson’s to teach Brian Anderson and that went well. Hopefully cleared up some concerns. Ate at the Nunley’s and that was awesome! They are so cool. We were laughing and joking the whole time. They are a fantastic family! Then we taught Andy a lesson and he seems to be progressing very slowly. I feel he is getting there though. He will get baptized some day when he musters up enough faith. Then Elder DeGroff and I headed home for the night. Andy also did a really good Forrest Gump impression and we learned that Forrest Gump is one of his favorite movies.

Thursday – Today we headed down to Fort Walton again to trade back with the Fort Walton 2nd Ward Elders. Did some role plays before heading home to have lunch and then began some weekly planning and figuring out miles and all that good stuff. Then headed off to see Manny who told us he has been thinking about calling off our meetings. We talked to him a bit and he told us he would pray about it. Also had a lesson with Teressa and Brother Burton came along. Brother Burton was perfect because we taught Follow the Prophet and Brother Burton has met President Monson. He met him before he was the prophet but it was a perfect story. Then we headed to the Crestview 2nd Ward Elder’s place to begin our exchange with them. I will go to their ward with Elder Elmer and Elder Burnham will go to our area. Should be sweet!

Friday – Today Elder Elmer and I had a pretty good day. Listened to a sweet gospel CD by Alan Jackson called “Precious Memories’. It is all Christ centered songs. Music has really helped me lately. Singing and listening to songs about Christ are pushing me forward. Had a fun day with Elder Elmer even though a lot of things fell through. We got to teach Marty Humphrey’s a really good lesson about Christ and the Book of Mormon. He also has a really cool beard. Had a good dinner with the Newell’s. They are really nice but have an interesting teaching style for their children. We also played volleyball and it was really fun this time. It is always fun but we had more people which made it way better. Then we traded back and went to our own areas.

Saturday – Today we had breakfast with President Miller as usual. Had our studies and did a leadership exchange report with the 2nd Ward Elders because we didn’t have enough time after our exchange. Then we went to see President Hill, former Stake President. He bore his testimony and it was pretty powerful and he said he would be at church tomorrow. Went and taught Angie which was very interesting. We will just say there are some interesting peeps in her complex. Then we went to the Anderson’s and that was different. Brian just started editing Monopoly into a religious game so we helped and then played a bit. Then had dinner for my first time at the Clonts’ home. It was a good time. Sister Clonts is from Russia which is pretty cool. Stopped by to see Johnny and he was sleeping in the living room and he looked really uncomfortable. Went to Hardee’s to see if Alonzo was working. He wasn’t so we went to his place and got to talk and share a little message. Wow, he is going through a tough time.

Sunday – The first thing we did today now that Church is at 1:00 is we taught Teressa and Ariel. It was a great lesson. We talked to them about being baptized the 11th instead of the 18th and they want to so we are really excited! Elder Evans also drove past Sister Leifson and Sister Shattuck as they were walking and honked and scared them so bad. It was so funny! Had church and it was so awesome! I had a bad week and it was really what I needed and as I was listening to the hymns and reading “Savior, Redeemer of My Soul” the spirit came over me telling me all was well. Same thing happened during the testimonies that were born. I thought about getting up but had a prompting that said “just listen” and it was powerful. Took the sacrament to Brother Brandt, the 102 year old! Also took it to Sister Bodeman. Tracted a bit and ate at the Taylor’s which was awesome. They are the coolest family! Then went to see Johnny to teach him but ended up setting up an appointment for Tuesday.

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