Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, 1/13/14 - Sunday, 1/19/14

Monday – Today was P-day and we stopped by Teressa’s because she asked us if we would be able to take a couple movies to the library. So we chatted with her for a bit about different things then headed to the library to email. Emailed and then went shopping. Played some basketball as well which was fun. I was on fire for some reason. Ate at the Thomas’ for dinner. The Bailey’s were there and we also taught a lesson to Brother Thomas. Went pretty good. Went to see Devonte to reschedule with him for tomorrow. After that we headed home to figure out everything about zone training tomorrow and are excited about it.

Tuesday – Today we had zone training so we headed to Niceville to set up. We also role played some stuff with the 2nd Ward Elders. Zone training seemed to go really well. I had fun teaching it. Then we went on an exchange with the Destin Elders. I went to Destin with Elder Simmons and Elder Miller went up to Crestview with Elder Evans. It was fun to be back with Elder Simmons after our days in the Pensacola Zone. He is a great guy and very outgoing. Talked to a lot of people! Went and saw a gator named Ernie and he gave me a sweet photo he took of the Destin sunset that looked like Christ in the clouds. Then went to see the Garcia’s and taught them a great little lesson. Went out with Brother Hoffer and went to Subway. While we were eating a cop walked in and said to leave because the building next door was on fire. So we did and watched from a distance expecting to see a show, but didn’t even see any smoke. They had 3 fire trucks and the chief and nothing happened. So we went with Brother Hoffer to see the Chapman’s to teach them. Ended up just teaching Mary for the most part. She said she will come to church. At one point her nephew ran down the stairs complaining about Mary’s daughter and I sarcastically told him to hit her back. It was pretty funny but I forgot kids don’t understand sarcasm. Then he ended up doing it and I felt really bad.

Wednesday – Today was a good day. Started off taking a ladies dog on a walk for some service. Elder Simmons and I walked him to the Destin Beach which was interesting. Really pretty beach too! Found out that you aren’t supposed to have dogs on the beach so we headed back to do the exchange report and to also have some lunch. Did a bit of role plays when my companion got back then headed to Niceville. I stayed in Niceville with Elder Brewington and Elder Swenson went up to Crestview with Elder Evans. Good exchange! Elder Brewington and I had a good day. We went to see Brother Howell and helped him put some pictures on LDS Planet. He wants to get married again. His wife passed a few years back. Also stopped and played some ball with a bunch of kids and gave them a pass along card. Met Brother Raider who was really cool. Then biked to Daryl’s who is a gator and walked to Sister Golden’s with him, Ate dinner there and had a lesson. Sister Golden was a boss! She is cool! Works on planes in the Air Force. I never would have guessed. Had basketball night planned but no one showed.

Thursday – Today was kind of an interesting day. First Elder Brewington and I did the exchange report and then did some interesting role plays with Elder Swenson and Elder Brewington. Then Elder Evans and I did our weekly planning in Niceville. I have never done weekly planning in another companionships apartment before that. It took a bit longer because it wasn’t home and they also came down a few times to ask us some questions. After we got our weekly planning done we headed to Fort Walton to do a baptismal interview for the 2nd Ward Elders down there. It was for John Gorham and he is a great guy. I am really excited for him. Then we headed back to Crestview to eat with the Wirt’s. Had some delicious pulled pork. Then headed to the Wyatt’s for a lesson with Brother Wyatt which went pretty well. I love the Wyatt’s! That about finished our day.

Friday – Today I had to fix my bike. I had 2 flats and my chain and gears needed to be cleaned. That took forever! We also finished up our weekly planning. Then we biked all the way down to the Barbecho’s. We went to see Jamie but Ben was home so she just left like she always does. So we taught Ben and his brother, Juan, about the restoration. That lesson went well. Ben really needs to solidify his testimony a lot more though but he is doing pretty good. That went long so we biked back to our car to meet Brother Cochran so he could pick us up for dinner. Got a bloody nose randomly. Ate dinner at the Cochran’s and the homemade bread is always great! Then we had volleyball to finish the night. Got home after and made all our calls.

Saturday – Had the usual meeting with President Miller. Ate at Ryan’s with him. Then went home to do our studies and had lunch. Got to teach Theresa and Ariel with Brother Fisher. Found out I have been spelling Theresa’s name wrong all this time. That was a really fun lesson. I really love teaching them. We went and taught about studying so they can have better studies. Also went and taught Brian Anderson and he found some interesting anti material to read so that was interesting. Biked to a couple places that didn’t work out and talked to a guy named Lloyd who seemed pretty interested. Also talked to a high/drunk guy which was interesting. He texted us and asked for 20 bucks. Had an awesome lesson at the Bissen’s. Andy is kind of losing his desire though. Then we went home to finish up our night.

Sunday! – Started off going to see Alonzo. He was heading to work. Chatted for a bit. Then headed to a few other places that didn’t work unfortunately. Talked to a really confused girl and then ate lunch. Ate in the church parking lot which was interesting. Then had church. That was fun. Brother Cochran gave a really good talk. Elders Quorum ended early, 20 minutes early which was a first for me. Went to teach Lloyd after church but that fell through. Went to see Johnny but he was busy cooking. We were going to tract but got a call from the Fort Walton Sisters and they told us Sister McKenzie wrecked on her bike so we called her to see if all was well. I couldn’t help but laugh when she told us she clipped a garbage can and flew over her handlebars. She told us President and the assistants laughed. Ate at the Peterson’s which was fun. They are awesome! Then went to the Nunley’s and taught their family the POS. Sarah brought her friend who is also named Sarah. It was awesome! Also right after church the Sisters called because they forgot their jacket that had keys in it. Brother Burbidge was going to take it to them but he checked the pockets…no keys. Brother Burbidge said, “Cast thy hands in the other coat.” They did and found the keys. They had them the whole time.

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