Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, 12/23/13 - Sunday, 12/29/13

Monday – Today was a great P-day! Did the usual email and shopping. Also went to Brother Golson’s and he taught us how to make bracelets out of 50/50 cord, also called parachute cord. They are really cool! Brother Golson is really cool as well. Then we went to Twin Hill Park and watched some guys play a really bad game of basketball. Wish we could have played but we aren’t supposed to play full court. Headed to the church to play. I rejammed my left ring finger. Had an awesome dinner with the Nelson’s. They are planning on moving to Utah. Probably Kaysville area. Then headed to the Nimmo’s to drop in on them and give them the Joy to the World DVD and taught them a bit. They are so cool! Dropped by the Okwu/Brown home because Sister Okwu asked us to. She gave us some little gifts. This ward is so awesome! So many members reaching out to us all the time! Brother Lawson that was in the Tally 4th Ward walked in while we were finishing playing ball. It was so cool to see him.

Tuesday – Today we had District Meeting and cool thing was that the Ward Mission Leader for the 2nd Ward brought a guy named Justin and we got to teach him during District Meeting. It was sweet! Then met Clark and set an appointment for tomorrow. Headed to the Thatcher’s for lunch which was really fun. It was so funny. Their son Isaiah told me I was ugly. Then when sharing the message we were on the couch jklm. I was in spot 1, spot 2 was empty, Lexi was in spot 3 and Elder Evans was in 4. I asked Isaiah if he wanted to sit next to Lexi and he was all sad and said, “No, I want to sit next to you.” I replied with, “I’m right here.” Then he said, “Oh” and sat down and started laughing. Also helped Donna today and made a ton of progress. Met her daughter Grace, who is really cool. Then went to the Parker’s house and got in their car with Bishop and Jimmy to pick up Teressa and Ariel. Had dinner with them and a ton of Bishop’s family. Read 3 Nephi 1 and Luke 2. The spirit was so strong! So much fun!

Wednesday – Christmas! Today was great! Ate breakfast at the Bailey’s with all the missionaries. Before that we opened our gifts. We were so blessed with so many gifts. The ward was really great and so were my family! We went to the Bissen’s and read Luke 2 with them. Not sure what to think about Andy and where he is at. Gave Josie a blessing as well. She was feeling sick. I feel bad when babies get sick. Headed to the Wadas’ to Skype after that and that was awesome! Talked to Mom, Sean, Zach and my mom also invited Todd and Aaron over. That was so fun to talk to all of them. Went to Teressa and Ariel’s after we ate with the Wadas! Such good food! Had a traditional Christmas dinner. Taught Teressa and Ariel a powerful lesson on scriptures, prayer and Sabbath day. Also saw Jamie and moved a slab of granite for her. Also saw Jacob Lawson and Zanna Lawson that were in the Tally 4th Ward. Talked with them and got a picture. I miss them. Also called my dad which was really good. He has changed a lot. It’s good to see that in him. Merry Christmas!

Thursday – Today we ended up having a really long but good weekly planning session. We had to set a goal for the baptisms in the zone next year. We set the goal of 46 for the zone next year. That was an awesome experience to pray and feel the spirit confirm that. Tried to see the Higgins but that didn’t work so we went to see Brother Barbaree (less active). We walked up to his house and he was lurking around checking out our car and everything. He was in his truck and drove around his lawn and everything. Nice guy though. Ate with the Boyd’s at Azteca. It was pretty good. Then had coordination which went really well. Then we went to CVS so I could get some melatonin. Elder Steed who is the mission nurse told me to get it because I have been even more tired than usual lately. We also stopped by to see the Steele’s who are a potential gator. Didn’t work out unfortunately.

Friday – Today we started off going to see Alonzo but he wasn’t home. We ended up talking to Tiffany, his girlfriend. She is really nice and really talkative. Then went to see Amanda who fell through. Felt prompted to knock on her neighbor’s door and met Dorothy. She was nice but not interested so we planted a seed. Put a DVD on a Spanish lady’s porch and then went to see Mallory King. He was in a good mood today so we taught about pride and read a talk by President Benson called “Beware of Pride”. Shane White fell through and so did Michelle and so did Clark and Tristan. Ate lunch. Taught Teressa and Ariel with Sister Okwu. It went well! Lovin’ teaching them! Sister Okwu was awesome! Saw Austin for a brief moment and invited him to volleyball. Tried to see Chuck, didn’t work. Talked to a cool guy name Pat. He was really nice. Not really interested. Jamison boys fell through and the Rogers and Rico. Talked to a lady named Tiffany about family history. Then ate with the Anderson’s. It was pretty good. Taught a pretty good lesson. Then had volleyball an Austin was there which was great! Came home to plan and make calls.

Saturday – Today we had the usual breakfast with President Miller at Ryan’s. After that we took the Nelson’s and the Burbidge children and it went pretty well. Then we stayed there for the Clont’s daughter’s baptism which was good and interesting because we basically had a bit of dodge ball in the cultural hall with all the little kiddos. It was quite fun. Taught Alonzo which was really good because we hadn’t seen him for a while. He is going through some tough stuff. Had lunch and studies. Then went out and saw Angie and the Jamison boys. Ran from the car to different houses over and over in the rain. We got soaked but the process met the less active Marden’s. Then we taught Johnny with Brother Burbidge. Went pretty well and Brother Burbidge also took us to Chill, frozen yogurt place. During breakfast we got on the topic of homosexuals which led to President Miller telling us of a quote he heard. It was “Duck Dynasty” and he said, “a vagina is a lot more pleasing to look at than an anus.” It threw us off so bad.

Sunday – Today was such a great day at church. Brother and Sister Rowan both spoke and they were wonderful! I even took some notes! They are so awesome and I had forgot that Sister Rowan was a convert of about 4 years. We had Teressa there and another gator name Alonzo came as well. Ariel, Teressa’s daughter, is in Orlando going to Disney World. Johnny told us he would come to the other ward so we waited but he stood us up. Had lunch then taught Teressa at 2:30. Her and Sister Okwu were outside in Sister Okwu’s car just talking for 2 hours. It was awesome! Teressa had her water heater stop working so Brother & Sister Fisher stopped by and Brother Fisher fixed it. Brother Blum came with so we had a ton of members with her today. Taught the Jamison kids and Caitlin was there and we got to say Hi, and she is going through a lot. Walked home way fast to go eat at the Haines. They are so cool! Taught Andy and then Skyped his friend Brady. Andy seems to be pushing away baptism a lot. Just keeps doubting it. Our faith can’t dwindle! I love Andy!

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