Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, 12/9/13 - Sunday, 12/15/13

Monday – Today was P-day and the day we find out about transfers for sure. President accidentally told us most of it the other day so we weren’t too surprised about it. We will both be staying. We are also getting a second set of Sisters to add to the Bailey’s, Sisters and us. Tons of missionaries here! Also played basketball with 2nd Ward again which was really fun. I didn’t do as well but it was still a blast! Weird thing happened. We went to print out the transfer at our apartment clubhouse. The chick that cut my hair walked in to use the exercise room. I had to double take to figure out who she was. Ate a quick dinner after printing that out. Then headed over to teach Teressa and her daughter, Ariel. It was such a powerful lesson. The spirit was so strong! Had to teach out on the porch because we had no man but she was fine with that. Also had a lesson with the Anderson’s, the part-member family that recently moved in. Brian, the non-member, made a few sarcastic remarks during the lesson unfortunately, but we aren’t going to lose the faith! Elder Evans also pooped his pants today…ha ha!

Tuesday – Today we had our district activity which was good. The Bailey’s made breakfast as usual. Then we had District Meeting which was good. Got to take the District on a church tour which was good. Went home for a little companionship study and then headed to Jamie’s which fell through JShe rescheduled for tomorrow. So we handed out a Spanish BOM to a couple who we didn’t think spoke English. We thought a less active lived there but it was a non-member that fed Elder Winter and Elder Locken. We also figured out transfers and had a really good talk with Sister Tatro. She is a really awesome lady. Went to see a lady that lives next to Johnny and he was out working on something, so we stopped by to talk a bit. Stopped by to see the Thomas’ and teach Brother Thomas a bit. He might come to the Ward Christmas Party which would be awesome. They gave us some pie. Then ate at the Nimmo’s and got to discuss some of their reservations for not coming to church and I think that was really good.

Wednesday – Today our first plan was transfers so we all gathered at the Wendy’s and we ordered 41 #1 combos which is the usual. Then we helped the new Sisters take their bikes to their apartment and give them some phone numbers. Transfers was way smooth. We then were canceled on by Jamie so we went tracting with Elder Smith who is heading home and was with us for the time being. Met one really cook guy. Then we say Johnny later that day after the 2nd transfer which was really small. Taught Angie as well which was good, but she is having some struggles especially with the pain from her 14 hernias. One is 15 cm around! Taught Caitlin as well. She is so prepared. We will have to hand her over to 2nd Ward. Her mom has cancer and we had to leave because she had to run her to the hospital. Also go to teach the Prazzo’s which went really well. Got to know them really well. They’re really cool. Brother Prazzo was laughing so hard about lying to his wife about exercising his legs today. He struggles walking because he had a brain infection in the past. It was funny! Then we had coordination with our army of missionaries.

Thursday – Today we tried to weekly plan but a bunch of zone stuff got in the way but that is okay. We did get a little bit a weekly planning done. Went to teach a guy named Douglas but that fell through so we went to see Jamie with Brother Kriser. It went pretty well. Brother Kriser came in his police cruiser and he drove us like 100 feet in it. We were going to walk to Jamie’s but he came by and picked us up. So we got in the back which was interesting. Jamie was really confused too because he was in uniform so she was like, what the heck?  Also did some service for Ben and Jamie after our lesson. Had dinner with the Parker’s which is always fun. While eating we discussed ways to excite the ward. Taught the Woodring’s, first read with Devin and Daryl and then taught Robert and Maribel a lesson when they got home. Brother McKensie came to Johnny’s which fell through so we hopped in Brother McKensie’s car to see the Haines. Brother Haines wasn’t home but we did get to talk with Sister Haines and she really needed it. She is so cool. I decided I want to marry and islander from Fiji or Barbados or somewhere sweet! End of night!

Friday – Started off the day continuing our service with Donna. We never get as much done as we should because she doesn’t really plan anything out. But it was still pretty good and we got to talk a bit about Joseph Smith. Then we came home to try and finish our weekly planning. Still have more of it to do. Ate at the Cochran’s which was good. Had delicious Stromboli! After that we tried to see Johnny. That appointment fell through. So we went to see if Teressa and Ariel were home. They were so we shared a message with them. They have been prepared and are so ready for the gospel! They plan on church and on the Christmas party tomorrow. Then we went home to plan and make our calls to the zone. We didn’t have any more of the papers that we put all the names on each Friday so we had to make some really quick on the computer in our clubhouse. We were able to get that and all the names done somehow. It was an interesting night.

Saturday – Today we had our usual breakfast at Ryan’s with President Miller. Then we taught the Anderson’s. That actually went really well. Bryan has an interest in finding out if the church is true. We played with their dog who is named Tucker. Pretty sweet! He isn’t a beagle, he is some sort of mix. Then we went to find Alicia, formerly known as Alisha, Brian’s girlfriend. We found her and taught her a bit. We think she gave us a fake phone #. Then we ran into the Reynolds/Jamison kids and Caitlin. We also met their mom for the first time officially. They told us they’d see us at the Christmas party. We also hurried over to Johnny’s to remind him and he said he wants to come. Then he also told us something really funny. We were talking about the feeling one might have when meeting their spouse and Johnny said he never had that and then said sarcastically, “I had that when I met my mother-in-law.” It was so funny. After that we met Sister Okwu at Teressa and Ariel’s and she drove Ariel to the Christmas party. We got her, the Anderson’s, Jamison boys, Cailey, and Andy to it. It was really fun! That finished our night. Overall success of a party!

Sunday – Today was a great day! Had church and we had our Christmas program. We got sucked into singing in the choir and people said it sounded good. The program was pretty awesome. Andy came to church and so did the Anderson’s. Had a really good conversation with Andy after church. He is about to skyrocket! After church we taught Teressa and Ariel, read with them. Set a baptismal date which was exciting! They have a ton of faith! Teressa has such a sound understanding of the scriptures. Did our studies and what not then saw Austin and set up an appointment with him. Ate at the Cockrell’s which was delicious. They are really cool people. Then went to teach Andy. We had a really good lesson with him and he really seems sincere about baptism. I hope he really pushes for it! He is such an awesome guy and I really love him. I love all of the Bissen’s! Andy also told me I look a lot like his brother after Brother Burbidge was saying Andy and I look alike.

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