Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, 12/2/13 - Sunday, 12/8/13

Monday – Today was a good P-day. Had some great emails from friends and family. Got some sweet sunglasses. Got a haircut by a girl that was really pretty and that was kind of strange. She was my age and I am pretty sure she was being flirtatious a bit. I stayed in great missionary mode though. I also had another confirmation from her that deep fried turkey is the way to go. Beat the 2nd Ward Elders at basketball again. It is always a good time. Planned a bit for the Zone Conference call on Thursday. Then had dinner with Brother Burbidge and Landon because the rest of the family had places to go. Main thing I learned there was not to answer the phone on my honeymoon. Whatever it is can wait. Then took a detour to the Steele’s who want to come back to church. We are going to start studying with them to help them learn better and have more effective studies.

Tuesday – Today we had to go to Fort Walton to the 2nd Ward District Meeting. Then had a great exchange with Elder Sorrell coming to Crestview with me and Elder Evans and Elder DeGroff stayed in Fort Walton. Came back to do service for the Lawrence’s and we ate MRE’s for lunch with Brother Lawrence. Cleaned up for them a bit as a thank you for all they did for us. Went home to do some training. Then we taught Brother Thomas and that was awesome! Sister Thomas bore some really strong testimony about the church. Ate a great bit of turkey pot pie at the Taylor’s. It was so good! I keep joking with Sister Taylor that when I get married that my wife has to learn how to cook from her. She said she’d teach her how to shop instead. Taught Johnny as well and he is doing well. I really feel he is going to start progressing! Then had a short lesson with Jamie. Her grandfather passed away but she seems to be doing okay. She said it hasn’t sunk in. Taught a bit about the spirit world. Elder Sorrell is a great new missionary. He is 24 and is a convert of 2 years and is dyslexic. Such a cool story!

Wednesday – Today we went to Fort Walton to trade back with the 2nd Ward Elders. Then Elder Evans and I ate a quick lunch and then went to see Donna for some service and it was raining so hard for most of it. A guy named David was there and he knows a bit about our church. Seems kind of open to it. So we worked on Donna’s walkway. We have been prepping it for concrete. Hopefully we can get it all finished soon. Then we got changed and went on a split. Devin Brown and I went to see the Reynold’s Family which wasn’t as awesome as anticipated. It was good though. We got to introduce the Book of Mormon. Elder Evans went to Manny’s with Brother Wanner which they said was awesome. Had dinner and coordination with the Boyd’s and then we tried to see Ryan. Didn’t work so we prepped for our Zone Conference call.

Thursday – Today we had our Zone Conference call. It went really well. Talked about unity in our work and we really feel it will help. Also did some weekly planning but didn’t get to finish. Had to go out to see Austin and unfortunately he wasn’t home. We did get to see Josh and talk to him about a Family Home Evening. He wants to do one at his house some time. Then we met Brother Wanner at Manny’s for a lesson. Manny is so cool and I really feel like he is changing and opening up his heart to the restored gospel. Went over really quick to the Woodring’s which was fun. They are really funny. Wish they would get to church though. It has been a really long time. Had a good little lesson though and I think they will be back soon. Then went and had some pie with Johnny. He insisted so we had some and shared a message while eating some pie. Headed home after that to meet the assistants for our exchange with them.

Friday – Today we had our exchange with the assistants. Elder Wright went with me and Elder Rhoades went with Elder Evans. We did some good role plays before going out to teach. Then Elder Wright and I went out and had a very unexpected day. First headed to see Alonzo but while on the way Billy Ray called us over so we went in and shared a little message. He then proceeded to joke around a bit too physically. He punched Elder Wright in the shoulder and grabbed my collar and accidentally pinched my throat. Also met a guy named Clint who seemed really excited about our message. Alonzo wasn’t home. So we headed back and met a really nice lady named Mamie who lives right under us. Ran into JT who is Alonzo’s cousin and met Deacon Seal and John who were really nice. Came home to do the exchange report. Then we had an awesome dinner at the Wadas. They told us about how they want to stuff their dog when it dies. Really funny conversation! Then had volleyball and got to see the Nimmos there. Sam cracks me up! Plus he is way athletic. We plan to see them Tuesday.

Saturday – Today was kind of strange. We did a lot of our weekly planning that we didn’t finish. Then we got to see Austin briefly before going to the McKenzie’s to help them out with “doorbell ditching” some people and leaving behind cookies. Did it to a few members. Jamie Barbecho, Ben’s wife, called us asking if they were from us. It was good to do. It got people asking questions. Then we had dinner with the Miller’s. TJ brought two of his friends. Devon was one of them and while we were teaching he said he wanted to come to church. That was cool and I think he has a lot of potential. Then we saw Johnny briefly and taught him about how he is going to finally be able to get to church. He said he would try to. Hope he does. He always has an excuse. That’s about all that happened.

Sunday – Started off with Ward Council and told Brother Burbidge that his quote made our quote of the week. He told us when he got home from his mission and when he was dating that he “just kissed girls”. That made the quote of the week! Funny guy! Had church which was pretty good. I taught a very unprepared lesson. After church we went to see the Reynolds’ and met Caitlin their babysitter and taught her a bit and the kids, Austin, Ryan and Kaden. Played around with the kids a bit and invited them to the Christmas Devotional. Then taught Andy with Brother Taylor which went pretty well. Wasn’t as good as it could have been. Andy read the 1st chapter in 1 Nephi and was telling me all about it. It was really cool! Also taught Jamie with Brother Taylor. Ben too! Gave Lilly a blessing and Jamie seems more sincere now, more than ever. Then the Taylor’s invited us to eat there which was awesome! We had some good quotes from them too. Brother Taylor said we need to just “talk to the ladies” when we get home. Sister Taylor then responded with “only the pretty ones”. Man it was funny! Went to the devotional! Caitlin and the boys were there! We took them on a tour as well. It was awesome. Then went to set up an appointment with Teressa.

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