Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, 12/16/13 - Sunday, 12/22/13

Monday – P-day today! It wasn’t a very exciting P-day. We didn’t get to play basketball because stuff took too long. We did get to eat at the Thomas’ and shared a message with Sister Thomas. Unfortunately Brother Thomas wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t stay for the message. Then Brother Kriser came out with us to the Barbecho’s which fell through. But he came to see Mallory King with him. Mallory has always found something new to hold him back and this time it was not having a cemetery at every LDS chapel. He straight up just denies the enabling power of the Atonement as well. So sad! He is a less active member who is like 83 years old.

Tuesday – Today was our half mission conference and it was really fun! We had some messages by President Smith that were powerful. Then had people singing and playing different songs about Christ. We have some talented missionaries here in the FTM. Then had some lunch provided by the Stake. Sister McArthur from the Fox Run Ward was there so it was awesome to see her. The conference was actually in the Fox Run Chapel and that brought back some good memories. We also had a stocking exchange between all the missionaries. District Leaders were suppose to have a creative way to introduce their districts. Only 3 of them did something and 2 of them were from our zone and that was awesome! We helped clean up for a while after then headed back to eat with the Climer’s. That was fun. First time I have eaten with them. Went with Brother McKenzie after that to Johnny’s. That fell through so we ended up teaching Ben Barbecho about the Plan of Salvation a bit. That kind of confused him a bit but it was good. That finished the night.

Wednesday – Today we started off the day figuring out the exchanges for the transfer and when we would go on them. Got a call from the 2nd Ward Elders, they needed a ride home while their car was being worked on. Then we went to teach Jamie, but she pawned us off on Ben who was cleaning up the back yard a bit and throwing away the leaves. We were able to get him to come out to see Teressa and Ariel later. Went to see Tom Hughes who used to study with the missionaries. His ex-wife was LDS as well. He also had a quad set of scrips that I saw but he didn’t want us to come back. Then we went to see Austin which fell through. So we walked up to Brother White’s. In the process, ran into Caitlin who met the other Elders finally. She is going through a rough time right now. Taught Teressa and Ariel with Ben and it was perfect! Ben taught so well! Ate with the Bissen’s and Andy committed to talk to his brother. Food was awesome too! Had a little message with the Prazzo’s about Christ and the meaning of Christmas. Finished the night with coordination. Also talked a bit with Sister Edington, Brother Harter’s mom.

Thursday – Today we had to recreate the forms we use for weekly planning because our revised version sucked. Then had our lunch and weekly planning. We were actually able to finish our weekly planning in just one day this week. Then we went to the Woodring’s for a quick message. Robert has been having a hard time kicking the chew habit but he is trying to do it. Went to see Manny as well and he is planning on quitting his smoking which was great news! Read some of the Book of Mormon with him. He understands it so well. Hopefully it will get him to desire to change. Then we taught Bryan and Brother Wadas came out with us. He did a really good job too. He taught all about the restoration. The spirit was so strong! Bryan is very skeptical about our message though. He thinks that the Book of Mormon is just the Bible with different names. We read a verse from the Book of Mormon and he said that exact verse was in the Bible. It isn’t though because I checked. After that we went with Brother Wadas to give Brother Harter a blessing. That went great. Brother Wadas gave a powerful blessing. Then we met the assistants at our place for our exchange.

Friday – Today we had our exchange with the assistants. We blitzed our area as usual. I went with Elder McPhearson and Elder Evans went with Elder Wright. It was a really great day! Elder McPhearson and I were teaching all day. We found a new investigator named Shane and set up a time to see him in a week. Also taught Anna which was interesting. She was almost flirting with us or something. It was weird. She is a middle-aged woman and that has never happened with her. A lady also came out of the store near our apartment while we were walking by to give us one of the Bibles that we hand out. She found it at a yard sale. We also went to the Barbecho’s to see Jamie. Ben was leaving so we taught her outside for a while and raked the yard while teaching. Then we taught Ben when he got back. Ate and did the leadership exchange report. Elder Evans and I then went to drop off some cookies to a couple people. Brother McKenzie and his wife do it. We just ring the doorbell and run. Then Elder Evans and I ended up seeing Austin briefly before coming in.

Saturday – Today we had our meeting at Ryan’s with President Miller. Then we helped Brother Boyd move a couple logs. One was estimated at about 800 pounds and the other at about 600 pounds. It was pretty fun to do. Those logs had nothing on us. Then we stopped by the office at our apartments and picked up a ton of mail that has been sent to our old apartment. So it was a great mail day. Got packages from my dad then later some from my mom. I also got one from JC Penney that didn’t have a name so I don’t know who sent it. All day we had plan after plan fall through which was sad. We did get to go to Cracker Barrel to eat because we won a drawing for turning our miles in on time. Met a cool lady named Lesa, pronounced Lisa. She was really nice! She worked at Cracker Barrel and had been married to a member. She knew quite a bit. After that we went to Jamie’s to teach her even though she canceled. She is a hard one to figure out. Always cancels but says she wants to learn. Brother Boyd was there with us as well and we headed to Johnny’s with him ‘cause she said come back. Taught him a good lesson. Went back to Jamie’s and she blew us off again. She said tomorrow and that ended the night.  

Sunday – Today was good because we got Teressa and Ariel to church and Bryan also went to the 2nd Ward. Then we had some less-actives there as well. Brother Haines came and the Steele’s and also Latrell Higgins came. Pretty great! Sacrament was interesting though. Kind of a boring one. The rest of church was good. We taught a member family named the Tatro’s with Brother Wanner. They hadn’t been able to come to church for awhile so we just wanted to check on them. That was good. They should be back soon. Then we ate with the Taylor’s and had some great bonding moments. Brother Taylor also told us a crazy story about a companion he had on his mission that went out and hired a prostitute! What an idiot! Then we went and made cookies at the Bissen’s and read Luke 2. Didn’t quite finish because we had to run to Teressa and Ariel’s. Taught them about the Plan of Salvation. Devon Brown came and it was powerful. A ton of members also gave us gifts for Christmas which was way cool!

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