Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, 11/25/13 - Sunday, 12/1/13

Monday – Today was our P-day and we played basketball with the 2nd Ward Elders. We won 2 out of the 3 games against them. Did our usual shopping and what not. Got some awesome birthday emails. I am very thankful for that. Ate dinner and then we planned for our zone training. That took up the remainder of our night. Got ready for our exchange tomorrow with the Destin Elders as well.

Tuesday – Today we headed to Niceville for our zone training which went pretty well. Could have gone better but we covered a lot of material. Unfortunately a couple missionaries didn’t really buy in to a couple ideas, but I guess not everyone will always agree. I am excited particularly to begin doing more church tours. After zone training we had an exchange with the Destin Elders. I went to Destin with Elder Miller and Elder Smith and Elder Evans went to Crestview. Such a weird exchange. Started off helping the Niceville Sisters move a bed to the Destin Sister’s apartment. Elder Mills was there with the transfer van. He is the senior missionary over cars and apartments. The reason why we helped was because Sister Rick will be going to Destin and Sister Doriswami is going back to the Temple Square Mission. Then Elder Mills gave us money so we ate at Firehouse with the Niceville Elders. They dropped us off and we studied and then had a dinner appointment. Delicious French toast and bacon. Then we basically did nothing. I kept trying to get something going but we ended up brain storming finding ideas. Weird day.

Wednesday – Today Elder Miller and I went to see a lady named Kelly Kelly. She left so we talked to her excommunicated husband about the anti she read. He still has a love for the church which is great. Interesting visit and exchange. Then my companion and Elder Smith picked us up and Elder Evans had got me Chick-fil-A for a late birthday gift. Awesome surprise! Headed back to our area. Got back late and went to do service for Donna. It was pretty cold but it was good. Went to contact a less-active that had moved. Then went to dinner at the Lawrence’s. That was awesome! They had a part member family that they are friends with over at their house. Then we went to coordination at the Boyd’s. It seems like kind of a waste of time cause we just talk about what is going on but it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere after we discuss it. Then we went and taught Angie Davis about our Savior just to have a fun lesson with her. The headed home.

Thursday – Thanksgiving! Awesome day! Started off with a “turkey bowl” and we were able to get Austin there. He really seemed to have a good time. I jammed my finger on a dropped touchdown reception. It seemed like a good throw too. I don’t know what happened. I did have 3 touchdowns and about 5 receptions total. Dropped 2 touchdowns and also had like 1 rushing yard. Highlight was that I caught the game winning touchdown. Then right after I caught it Brother Burton tackled me. I held on though. It was just a light tackle because we were playing flag football. Ate at the Peterson’s and they had 2 non-member couples there and that was awesome! They didn’t want to learn more yet. The other couple left too quick before we shared our message, but the other wasn’t interested. Went to the Taylor’s for dessert and shared a message with them. Then we had to go home and start weekly planning. Then exchanged with the Crestview 2nd Ward. Elder Evans went to Crestview 2nd with Elder Elmer and I stayed in our areas with Elder Burnham.

Friday – Today was interesting for an exchange. Elder Burnham and I went to see Alonzo and that fell through unfortunately. So we went home so we could do Elder Burnham’s training and eat lunch. Then we had service with the Anderson’s who just moved in a few weeks ago. We built a fence with them. Weird thing is that the 2nd Ward Elders were there so we really didn’t split up because we did service together. It was suppose to be a lot quicker than it was but it was pretty fun. We did have to go to Lowe’s with Brian Anderson and help him carry some supplies. Then we tried to see the Woodring’s but they weren’t home. So we knocked on a couple doors and then went to dinner at the Thatcher’s. Then we had volleyball right after dinner. The Blum’s were there so I got to meet Brother Blum’s sister who is also my 2nd cousin. That was pretty fun and then we came home to make calls.

Saturday – Today we had our usual breakfast with President Miller at Ryan’s. Then we headed to the church for our studies because at 10:00 Olive had a baptism. So we also went to that for a girl named Jordan Linsy. Great service and great step for her. Then we went home for the rest of our studies and to finish our weekly planning. Then we went and stopped by to see Austin and invite him to church. Taught him a bit as well. He is a good kid. It is funny though that he gets distracted so easy. His mind wanders a lot. Also talked to Mike, a crazy guy, and found out Brian is in jail. Hopefully we can find Alisha. Taught Ben and he is way solid. Nothing to worry about there. Taught the Nimmo’s as well about church and they really want to come. Also read with them. Samantha also made delicious turkey and dumpling soup. Everything else fell through.

Sunday – Today was fast and testimony meeting. Good testimonies. Brother White’s might have been the best when he mentioned some Led Zeppelin lyrics in his. Then right before Priesthood he brought up Queen. Great guy! Had choir practice. Got drug into that again so I guess we are stuck. Went to teach Alonzo with Devon but he was gone so we taught his girlfriend, Tiffany. Wow! She can talk! Then we tried to see a couple others that fell through. Met an awesome bunch of kids where Joanna used to live and talked to their dad who we taught and he wants us to come back Wednesday. The kids also gave me a Pokemon card so that was awesome. Ate at the Lawrence’s for the last time before they move. Delicious as always. I will miss them and Emma. Taught Andy with Brother Wadas who related to Andy really well. I think he broke down a wall or two, maybe 3. Then taught Johnny with Brother Lawrence who was the bomb! He broke down one of Johnny’s concerns about Christ not being the son of God. It was sweet! Great day! Also ran in to Ryan Bielel and taught a quick message.

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