Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, 11/18/13 - Sunday, 11/24/13

Monday – Good P-day today. Did the usual stuff that we always do. Also played some basketball with the 2nd Ward Elders and tore them up! It was really fun and I realized how out of shape I am. I was so winded the whole time but it was worth it. After our basketball, we went to a huge shoe sale to see what they had there. They had some pretty nice ones, but the best ones went quick before we got there. After that we went to the Taylor’s for dinner which was great as always. They are such a great example of what a family should be like. I love going over there. Then we headed home to set some zone goals and plan for tomorrow. Before gong in we tried a few people but they just weren’t home or didn’t answer.

Tuesday – Today we started off at the Crestview District Meeting. I was really impressed with Elder Elmer and how awesome his District Meeting was. It was interactive and it was fun and I think everyone learned a lot. Most important though is that I feel like I felt the spirit the whole time. It was fantastic! Went home to eat a bit and to pack up for our trip to Tallahassee. We had a Mission Leadership Council (MLC) to go to. Before we left for that we went to see Jamie with Brother Fisher and shared a bit about the atonement with her. Didn’t get to share all we wanted to because she is going through a really hard time. Her grandfather is not doing too well and is looking like his cancer is going to take him. She was very stressed and emotional. Brother Fisher was also with us and shared some awesome experiences. Then we headed to Mariana to meet the Ozark Elders and Sisters there. We had to drive there and our Sisters followed us. We lost them but luckily they had a GPS as well. So we went with Elder Winter and Elder Call to Tallahassee. It was a fun car ride. Elder Winter and Elder Call are awesome. Got to the mission home after like 4 hours of driving and said hello to President and Sister Smith. Dinner wasn’t quite ready and we were down dressed (wearing normal clothes) so all the Elders went and played some “speed” at the church. That was fun and we then ate some burgers and hot dogs. After that we played some unity games with all the zone leaders and sister trainers. We had to build a boat out of a bunch of random stuff. We had a shower curtain, cardboard box, duct tape, paper and two plastic bins. That was all pretty fun. We also had a campfire and some testimonies born. Then we all went to different places to sleep. Elder Evans and I slept with the Tally 1st Ward Elders. They were asleep when we got there so we just blew up our air mattresses and went to bed. President Smith also gave Elder Evans his shoes. Elder Evans told him he couldn’t take them and President left them in the driveway and walked inside. Told him (Elder Evans) that they’d just sit there.
Wednesday – Today we had our MLC first thing in the morning. It went from 9 am until about 3:30 pm. It was so awesome and the spirit was so strong during the whole thing. Took a ton of notes about all the stuff discussed and should have plenty to teach during zone training. Brother Hill and Brother Peterson were there from the Missionary Department and taught us a bit. Then we cleaned up and went to get supplies from the mission office. Waited forever for a bike rack. Then began our journey back to Mariana to pick up our car and head back to Crestview. Went to Johnny’s and we were going to share a message until Johnny’s daughter, Bella who has autism, decided to get in the toilet. So we ate fast at Taco Bell and then taught Angie. She is starting to do better. Then we went home to talk about and plan zone training. That was the end of that day.

Thursday – Today we first went to see Billy Ray and taught a bit. He ended up dropping us though. He wants to go back to his roots and be Baptist. Told us that we can call if we need some protection from him. Came home to eat and began our weekly planning. Had to pause that to go to Johnny’s at 5 and eat with him. He made us turkey and rice which was really good. We talked to him about testimony and he said that he felt a good feeling when he prayed to know if what we share is true. He said that he analyzes stuff too much though. So he has a testimony which is sweet! Then we went and taught Manny with Devon that just got home from his mission. Devon was awesome! Had to have been such a good missionary. He was in Ghana so that is way different then here. Then we went to see Daisy Wiggins. She told us to stop coming by. That was the first time I met her. Kinda rude. Then we finished weekly planning and did some zone training planning.

Friday – Holy 15 months out in the field but of course I’m not counting. Went to Donna’s today and it was kind of weird because she was in kind of a bad mood. She has been going through a hard time the past little bit. Did a bit of service there. Then we had to leave and go home to plan a bit for our zone training. Brother McKenzie came out with us to see Austin and we were able to share a little message with him and invite him to volleyball tonight. Also tried to see Brian and Alisha, not home but we went to see the Schofield’s, a part active/part member family. Talked to Sister Schofield about her less-active daughter and non-member husband. Then had coordination with Brother Boyd. Went well and then we headed to play some volleyball at the church. Austin did come to volleyball which was awesome! Then went home to make calls.

Saturday – Today we went to Ryan’s to go to breakfast with President Miller. Ryan’s decided they wanted to start opening at 8 am instead of 7:30 so President Miller took us to McDonald’s instead. Almost crapped my pants because I always knew McDonald’s was bad for you, but now they put the nutrition on their labels. Didn’t do much in the morning. Well just didn’t get to do anything because things fells through. We then headed to Bonifay, Florida, for an MLC with Elder Kopischke of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Munz of, I believe, the Sixth Quorum of the Seventy. That was awesome! They had a question and answer session. Spirit was strong! Then we headed back and taught Ben. He told us some sweet stories about Afghanistan and about what medical things he has to know how to do in case someone gets shot. Went to see Johnny and ended up teaching his stepson. Austin, and he prayed for us even though it was weird for him. Then we went with Brother Lawrence because Johnny fell through and we’re able to setup an appointment with the Nimmo’s and we invited them to church. Then ate at Wendy’s with the Lawrence’s. Awesome day!

Sunday – Today church was awesome! They brought out the big guns for my birthday. Justin Mozina from the 2nd Ward spoke and Devon Brown from our ward. They both recently got home from missions in Africa. Then Devon’s mom, Sister Okwu, also spoke. They were all so good! I met Sister Burbidge’s parents which was cool because I recently found out they are related to me through the Grant line. We also ate at the Fisher’s and Devon and Sister Okwu were there so it was fun to talk to them. We then went out with Brother Climer and helped Sister Clonts move some work out equipment and look at one of her doors to see how we can fix it. Then we went and taught Glen Ashby, a less-active. Him and Brother Climer went off about Star Trek. They both love it. Glen is a great guy. Then the Bailey’s called and told us to come over to their place so we could have cake for my birthday. That was fun. Had a bunch of missionaries there. Did #’s and our zone exploded with 32 gators to Sacrament! Great week! 

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