Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, 11/4/13 - Sunday, 11/10/13

Monday – Today was a long P-day. Had the usual and moved in a bit more or I should say unpacked. Got a haircut from a guy named Mack Brooks. He has his own little barbershop on Main Street here in Crestview. He is 83 years old. Don’t have an idea how he managed to not mess up because his hands were so shaky. Great guy. Haircut took forever and he told us some good stories and swore quite a bit. Told me if I play an instrument, I should do something no one else does. He said the banjo. Then shopped and played basketball with the 2nd Ward Elders, Elder Elmer and Elder Burnham. That was fun. Elder Evans played well one armed. He hurt his arm last week going off a jump on his bike and crashing. He actually separated his shoulder, wasn’t his arm. Ate at the Lawrence’s tonight and had Family Home Evening as well. That was fun. We played blind man’s bluff which was sweet! Tried to see a couple people then went back to meet 2nd Ward at our apartment. They had to use our dryer.

Tuesday – Today we went to the Niceville District Meeting and had an exchange with Elder Hawker coming to Crestview with me. Elder Evans went to Niceville with Elder Brewington. Elder Hawker and I had quite an eventful day. Went to see Jamie which didn’t work out so we saw Billy Ray. Got to teach him quite a bit. He opened up about his mom so we talked about eternal families, authority and baptisms for the dead. He is softening! Then went to see Ryan who fell through, but we went to see Austin and him and Elder Hawker had a handstand contest. If Austin won, Elder Hawker had to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon to him. If Elder Hawker won, Austin had to read a chapter before we see him next. Surprisingly, Austin went down quick and will have to read alone. We also went on a walk with and met a guy named Tom Crow who is friends with some members named the Tew’s. He also knows Angie Davis, the recent convert. Then we saw Josh and set up to do some electrical work in his Jeep tomorrow. Then taught Johnny with Brother Wadas. Brother Wadas taught a ton and really helped Johnny understand the scriptures and also tithing. After the lesson, Brother Lawrence came to Johnny’s and wanted to teach but we were finished. So we tried to see David with him which didn’t work out so he followed us to our “Joseph Smith: The Prophet” practice. We are doing that again which should be awesome. Gave Brother Lawrence a blessing and practiced a bit. That was all at the Bailey’s. Great exchange!

Wednesday – Today we traded back and headed home for some lunch. Went over to read with Angie because Jamie fell through. So we read with Angie a bit. She really loves reading the book of Mormon. After that, we went to Johnny’s and took him on a tour of the church. We all hopped in Johnny’s car and headed to the church. So hopefully Johnny will feel comfortable enough to go to church now. After that we had Manny, but for some reason I drove to Josh’s house and when we were almost there I realized it and turned back. It worked out because Manny wasn’t home but pulled up shortly after we got there. Taught him kind of an odd lesson. It felt really weird but he committed to read and pray. Funny story too, the Sisters tracted in to Manny and he really confused them which cracked me up a bit. After Manny, we had some of the coolest service I have ever done. We went over to Josh’s and started taking his Jeep apart with him. We just took off some of the body and the seats. He has a 1973 Jeep in red and he is looking to restore it. He also gave us food and we got to teach him a bit about the importance of reading. He said he would!

Thursday  – Today we went to see Jamie but she wasn’t home so we went to see a couple people that live near her. Tried to see a couple less actives. One said she didn’t speak English, the other wasn’t home. We did catch brother Prazzo, another less active. He had a brain infection around 7 years ago so he has a hard time remembering, but he is a really great guy and sees it as a blessing, the brain infection that is. Finally go to teach Jamie and it was good. We feel like we are building a strong relationship with her. After that we headed home to weekly plan. Then we headed to see the Rogers. Fell through so we went to see the Doman’s. That was weird. They think the Sabbath is on Saturday. We didn’t even bring up the Sabbath, they did. Then they got in a fight about the gift of tongues. Again, we didn’t bring that up. Miss Doman then asked if we had the gift of tongues and just to be kind of a smarty pants, I said “no, but our Spanish missionaries do”. Left there cause it was a bad vibe and we had coordination. Then went to the Joseph Smith: The Prophet practice. I am Joseph Smith this time which should be good.

Friday – We started the day going service for Donna. We got a lot of the trench done. We will finish most of it next time. She is an awesome lady with some strange beliefs but that’s okay. We had to finish our weekly planning after that. Finished that up just in time to go to the church right after. Also had a quick lunch before heading to the church for some volleyball. It was really run too. We got Austin there and he brought his friend. The Nimmo’s also came which was great and we all had a really good time. Highlight of the whole day way that the Iosefa’s from the Fox Run Ward were there because they were visiting the Lawrence’s. They are really good friends. It was good to see them and Brother Iosefa also told me that they found a medication that keeps his “suicide man’s disease” at bay. He still can’t play sports or work out because he can’t sweat. Awesome day!

Saturday – Started off going to breakfast with President Miller. Then we went to help some people move. One of them was Alonzo Wilkes. We were able to teach him and set up an appointment for tomorrow. After the move we had some lunch and studies. Then we went to see Angie Davis. Taught about Christ’s doctrine. She is learning and reading through the Book of Mormon fast! Then we went to try to see the Barbecho’s who weren’t home so we got to go over and see the Thomas’. Taught Brother Thomas a lesson about God’s nature and that the gospel blesses families. Then headed to see a lady named Michelle that Sister Thomas wanted us to go see. Very nice lady. They were getting ready to watch the LSU vs. Alabama game. She and the rest of her family are big ‘Bama fans. After that we headed over to the church to practice the Joseph Smith musical fireside/devotional. It was pretty fun. Got to laugh a lot with the other missionaries. We have awesome missionaries in this zone! It’s great!

Sunday – Today we had Ward Council Meeting which was fun and it went well. Then at church I met Brother Blum for the first time. He is my 2nd cousin or something like that. His mom, Sylvia, was there too so I got to meet her. She is my mom’s cousin and that was awesome. They are great people. It was fun to get to know them a bit. After church we went to teach Alonzo, our new gator, with Brother Wadas. It was awesome. We set a BCD (baptism date) with him as well. After that we ate with President Morgan’s family. He is the Olive Branch President. That was fun. Got to talk and chat while he drove us to his house and back. When we got back, we tried to see the Barbecho’s and a couple others. After that we went to the church for the musical fireside. It was so awesome! I was so honored and it was cool to kinda be in Joseph Smith’s shoes. I really enjoyed this performance. It was fun to see all the other missionaries too.

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