Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, 10/28/13 - Sunday, 11/3/13

Monday – Today was the day that we found out what was happening at transfer. Read the transfer email and found out Elder Winter will be going to Ozark to replace Elder Olsen, my trainer. He is going home after his 2 years. Gonna miss that tall guy, but I should see him again someday. After seeing that, I saw that Elder Evans will be coming to Crestview. I don’t know much about him though. Got done checking that and shopped and played some beach volleyball at the park with the 2nd Ward Elders. During volleyball, a girl fight broke out at the park. Tall black chick beat the crap out of chunky white chick. It was crazy and there was a terrible feeling after. Elder Chappel is going to be a zone leader in Tallahassee now and Elder Elmer will become the district leader here, which means it was our last time playing volleyball, well us 4 together. Ate with the Burton’s tonight and their wild kids. It was awesome! I love their kids! Then stopped by Johnny’s briefly for Elder Winter to say bye and then taught the Barbecho’s a bit. Then had to swing by Brother and Sister Lawrence to say bye to them and Emma. They are really awesome and we love going over there. Brother Lawrence does a lot for us too. Great P-day.

Tuesday – Had our District breakfast for our district activity. Then had a really good district meeting. Everyone bore their testimonies and it was powerful. Then we went to Donna’s to do service for her. It was good. Donna is such a nice lady. Always feeds us good healthy snacks. Also got to see a ton of people before Elder Winter leaves tomorrow. Saw the Thomas’, took a picture and then headed off. Ate with the Taylor’s which is always a good time! Saw the Woodring’s for a brief lesson. They gave Elder Winter a cool little mirror plaque. Taught Andy and had some great dessert there. Got food from the Cockrell’s, enchiladas! Briefly saw the Barbecho’s. Then headed to the Haines who gave Elder Winter a sweet rugby referee jersey and a mini replica Fijian war club. Sister Haines is from Fiji so they give them to missionaries when they leave.

Wednesday – Went to transfer spots first thing to pick up Elder Evans, my new companion. Stopped by Walmart to get some packing tape and some carpet cleaner for our apartment so that we can get ready to move Elder Winter. Took Elder Malmberg to see Angie Davis and say bye. Elder Evans and I went and dropped off a shovel at the Hansen’s and they want to feed us tomorrow and that works out really well. Dropped stuff off at home. Got autumn package from my mom. That was sweet! Got Elder Winter’s stuff in the car to go to transfers the second time then drive all the way one direction and then turn around and head back so there are two different transfer times in Crestview. Elder Evans and I then went to see a guy named Andy and ran into Ray and also another JC that was with him. He had a different JC with him last time we met him. Talked to Levi and some other people in the ghetto. That was interesting. Had some dinner that Sister Nelson brought over for us and that was pretty good. Also had coordination today. Also helped a southern lady put a bench in a school bus and another lady needed us to pull out some bushes. She gave us persimmon. It is really good.

Thursday – Today I woke up exhausted. I have been feeling pretty sick lately, but really felt it today. First thing we did today was get some family history stuff together for the Olive Sisters event up in Baker this weekend. Talked to Billy Ray on the phone for a while. Then we got to weekly planning which took a while being the first time as a companionship. We’ll have to finish tomorrow because we had to pack up due to our move tomorrow. We did get to see Levi today and ended up running into the 1st JC - drunk. Went to see the Roger’s and have to go back a different time because Mr. Rogers wasn’t there. So we dropped off a triple combo to Angie and then went to see Marisol. Taught her a bit and then ran into Brian and Alisha and are going to teach them tomorrow. Then we had to go in early because it is Halloween.  Good day!

Friday - Today started off rough. We’re supposed to move and had lots of help available, but the office didn’t tell us we couldn’t move until tomorrow.  The carpet guy wasn’t able to come yesterday so he came today. We did get to go over to Jamie’s and talk to her. Tried to teach but didn’t really get to. She expressed some concerns about how she didn’t like being pushed, so hopefully she won’t feel pushed with Elder Evans and I. Went to try to catch Brian and Alisha because Brian told us he’d wait for us for an hour. He wasn’t there. We had a slightly uncomfortable conversation with Sister Emily. She just stared at us. Went over and taught Chuck who talks a ton. He was pretty closed off reading the wrong books. Then we saw Manny briefly and set up a time to teach them. Next was the Nimmo’s and we had dinner which was good. She made homemade spaghetti sauce. It was great! Also set a BCD with them which was exciting! Great finish to the day.

Saturday – Today we had our meeting with President Miller first thing in the morning as usual. Then we got home to get ready to move. Had a ton a great help. Brother Golsen, Brother Cockran, Brother Climer, Brother Wing and Sister Wirt and her son, Nathan, all came to help. Took only about two hours to get everything moved over to the new place. Then we had to clean and get our food and a couple other odds and ends collected. Took up most of the day to get it all taken care of, but we still do have a ton of organizing to do. Went over to see Angie Davis and read with her. Then headed over to see Johnny with Brother Lawrence. A guy named Adam was there with Johnny so we got to teach them a little lesson. Adam wanted to come back another time to hear more with Johnny so we set up a time to come by. Then Brother Lawrence took Adam somewhere he needed to go. So I am sure that there was some good conversation. We headed home to eat and then plan.

Sunday – Today we were slightly late to church because we were trying to get a gator there. She wasn’t home. Church was good. I taught Gospel Principles. Lesson was decent. After church I accidentally ate lunch on Fast Sunday…oops! Had our studies and then went out to teach. We were about to try to find Alisha when a lady pulled up and wanted us to see a guy who was about to commit suicide, so we followed her there. No answer so we went to see Austin and read some of 3 Nephi 12 with him. Fun kid! Then we went to try to catch David who wasn’t home so we decided to stop by Steve’s. On the way met an awesome lady name Laura who loves genealogy and her daughter, Kandice McKosey, was recently baptized in Niceville. Then we set up an appointment with the Rix, a part member family. Ate at the Wyatt’s which was way fun. Then taught Ben Barbecho about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He told us his conversion story and it was so powerful. Lesson was strong and so was the spirit. Then contacted Ryan Bielec and taught him about Sabbath behavior. He said he liked to fish in the morning so I bore strong testimony of keeping the day sacred. He will come to church he said! :) 

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