Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday 11/11/13 - Sunday 11/17/13

Monday – Had an awesome start to our day.  We got to go to the Burbidge’s to email and they fed us as well. Got to email Elder Winter and rub that in a bit because Elder Winter and I were trying to get into their house for a while. It was fun, I found out that I am related to Sister Burbidge through the Jedediah Grant line and we are from the same line of Jedediah. After we got done there we headed to the Anderson’s, a family that was moving in. So we helped them move in. Killed our P-day, but hopefully something will be able to come out of it. They are a part member family and we heard that the husband is pretty interested. We then ate with the Thomas’ and got to teach Brother Thomas about dispensations, apostasy and Christ’s ministry. Johnny was sick so that fell through, but we got to teach Ben about the priesthood. He is intimated by the idea and doesn’t feel ready. He said he would prepare though. Then we had to buy a couple things because we never go to shop.

Tuesday – Today we went to the Fort Walton 1 District Meeting. Went well then had exchanges with the 1st Ward Elders. I stayed in Fort Walton with Elder Anderson and Elder Evans stayed in our area with Elder Schuartz. Elder Anderson and I had a pretty good day. We had 2 member presents. One with Chyanne (yes that is how she spells it). We taught her the plan of salvation. She is very bubbly and has a very short attention span. She is cool though. Our other member present was with the Wall’s and they are an awesome family. Sister Wall=non-member knows the Bible so well and loves to learn. Both of the members that came out were awesome. Brother Kline had worked with Dr. J and a ton of other athletes. He talked a lot but Chyanne seemed to enjoy his stories. Then Brother Gilchrist came to the Wall’s and he knows a ton about history and can really connect it with the Bible. Had dinner with the Bodine’s and they are pretty cool people. Good food and their little boy is really cute. Before dinner we went by a less-active and Elder Anderson said we aren’t knocking as we got on the porch. So I looked in the window to see a chunky lady…naked…we left.

Wednesday – Today we traded back and then headed to the Spanish Elders place for an exchange. I went to their area with Elder Bravo and Elder MaClay. Elder Lopez went up to Crestview with my companion. Started the day off with some studies. Spanish Elders also have to do language study. Well anyone speaking a foreign language has that. Then we went out to teach and taught Hermana Smith, less active. She has some misunderstandings and was also using a Jehovah Witness Bible. Then we taught Hermana Gomez, another less active.  She said some really funny things. She said she was a really good preacher and then the wind blew and she said, “See God’s here. I made the wind blow.” Went and taught Joel who is a member, a bit less-active. Good guy though. Then we went to a fish place called Stewby’s and the owner is married to a member and paid for our food. Taught Raul Salazar about tithing and fast offerings. Then we had English classes and the Elders taught a bunch of Hispanics English. It was an interesting day because I don’t speak Spanish, but I bore my testimony a few times and Elder Bravo translated. One of the times with Joel he was able to understand my testimony.

Thursday – Today we traded back and headed back to eat at Applebee’s before service. We did service at Miss April’s. Got to whack down some trees with a hatchet and with a machete. Saw the inside of her house and wow, she really likes purple. Mostly everything is purple in there. Out of curiosity I looked to see if her silverware was purple and it wasn’t. Had a good time there, then we came home and showered. I got a cool looking scratch on my arm. Taught a less-active, Mallery King. Got into the nitty-gritty a bit trying to motivate him to quit smoking. He just wants to do it alone, which he can’t because Christ needs to help him. After all that is what he died for. Also taught another less-active or two actually. We taught Brother and Sister Parson about the foundation and testimony and they kind of went off about why they won’t come to church. Also had a really good dinner appointment with the Cochran’s. They made homemade pizza which was really good! They are a really awesome family. That sums up the day.

Friday – Had the day that we didn’t expect. Started off weekly planning and Donna ended up asking us to come by today. We had to go to Jamie’s at noon which fell through so we went to Donna’s to help her out and try to get the trench done. We have it most of the way done and now we need to just get the walkway done. Got to have a little lesson with her about God and him being our father. She really liked it. Came home to eat a bit and then go out to see the Roger’s. That fell through so we got to tract around the area. Did the family search approach and had some good conversations with people, but no appointments from it this time. Then we went to the church for volleyball and got to see the Nimmo’s, our investigators, which was awesome. It was really fun tonight. Saw the Iosefa’s there as well which was sweet! They are so awesome. Then we went home to get ready to call all our billion companionships in the zone.

Saturday – Today we had the usual breakfast with President Miller. That was good! Then we had studies in the Walmart parking lot which went pretty well. We taught Ben and Jamie Barbecho. Mostly taught Ben but we were able to share a bit with Jamie. She was around the house cleaning a lot. Went home and had lunch and weekly planned the rest of the week. Went and saw Angie and taught her while reading Helaman. Had a good time there and then headed to see a couple potentials. Didn’t work out so we had our member present with Johnny. Brother Ratcliff came with us. It was a good lesson. Johnny seems committed for baptism on the 7th of December. He has a long way to go to be ready but really feels that he can and will get there. Unfortunately that is really all. Actually during lunch we made some recordings that ended up being really funny. I will have to figure out a way to get them home.

Sunday – Today was awesome. First off Johnny didn’t come to church…frustrating! Other than that Church was awesome. Austin gave his “farewell” talk which was good. Brother Taylor gave an amazing talk that blew my socks off! After church we had an awesome lesson. Went on splits and I went with Brother Climer and we taught Alonzo. Read with him and expounded upon them and helped him with understanding them. Brother Climer did a good job helping out and being my companion. Elder Evans helped Brother Taylor with some home teaching. Then ate with the Parker’s and tried to figure out how to excite the ward with their missionary work. Had a fun time there…Sisters were there…didn’t know that was going to happen. We aren’t supposed to eat with them. Went home and studied a bit and then finally got to teach Andy Bissen for the first time in a long time. It was a pretty good lesson. I think we really helped Andy strengthen his faith. Then taught Johnny and grilled him for not keeping commitments. Hopefully that will help.

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