Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday 9/30/2013 - Sunday 10/6/2013

Monday we had to go out to Fort Walton first thing in the morning to go and get me some new shoes. Brother Moore took us down there to JC Penney and I got a comfortable, lightweight pair for 60 bucks. Got a good deal on them, 25 dollars off. Brother Moore also took us to lunch at a little place called Stewie's. It was a seafood place and the fish tacos I had were real good! Came back to Crestview to email and what not. Then we went and played some sand volleyball. The temperature was perfect so it was way fun! Ate at the Wanner's which was delicious. Brother Wanner does competitive arm wrestling and he taught us the technique of how to do it without breaking your arm. Had a lesson at the Bissen's and they made brownies for Elder Winter because it was his birthday. They were freaking good!

Tuesday we went to our district’s district meeting. That was good! Taught Donna a bit while doing some service with her. Finished the trench and now we are getting the weed cloth laid. Taught Manny a lesson which went well. He is an awesome guy! Talked to Johnny's girlfriend Staci for a bit and then headed over and talked to Jamie outside. Her friend Angel came and talked too. Then Ben came home so we read with him in D&C 84 a bit.

Wednesday we had to plan what we are going to talk about in our zone conference call. Got our apartment situation figured out. We will be moving to a smaller one at the first of next month. Taught Billy Ray and he is pushing us away slowly. Then we tried to see Brian and then Joanna which both fell through. Ate at the Boyd's and did coordination. Really good food there. Then we went and saw Brother Wroten and talked to him for a bit. He is a really awesome guy. Taught him about conference and prophets.

Thursday we had our zone conference call. It was really weird to teach over the phone so hopefully they got something out of it. Taught James and his Mom still doesn't want him to get baptized. He wants to though. Hopefully her heart will be softened so that he can be baptized on the 12th. Went home to eat and do some weekly planning. After weekly planning we went to eat at the Nelson's. That's when we found out that we had called the wrong Nelson's that were in 2nd Ward because the Nelson's in our ward weren't home. Brother Nelson from our ward called and asked if we were coming by still and the other one did the same. So we ended up going to see Brother Thomas and taught him a bit and then headed back over to the Nelson's in our ward to eat. They are an awesome family! The other Brother Nelson ended up feeding the 2nd Ward Elders so they got something out of our mistake. Then we ended up setting up an appointment with Lewis and taught Johnny. We taught him about Jesus and him being the literal Son of God. It was a way powerful lesson. Then we traded off with 2nd Ward.

Friday I was in the 2nd Ward with Elder Elmer. Every single person we tried today fell through. I'm not even kidding! Elder Elmer and I had fun though. He is really cool, reminds me of Shawn from back home. The 2nd Ward had a cardboard cut-out of Mitt Romney that was life-size and it scared the pee out of me 3 times. They stuck it in the bathroom and when I walked in I saw a huge guy out of the corner of my eye. We also ate at the Newell's with Brother and Sister Hart there as well. Brother Hart looked a lot like my Uncle Tom and that was kind of weird. We also met a lady who knew some people that lived in Dugway, Utah! So crazy but they lived there in the 70's so it wasn't at the same time. Also played volleyball in our dress clothes which was actually really fun. I had like 3 spikes. Well it was a spike for a guy like me that can't spike very well.

Saturday we had breakfast with President Miller as usual. Then we went to the church to study before Conference. We did get in a study but also ended up helping the members clean the building. We also had to get the satellite broadcast of conference working. Conference was powerful and way awesome! The hurricane that was supposed to hit ended up dispersing and we got a lot of rain. Not really any wind or anything.

Sunday we hurried and headed to see the Barbecho's and also Johnny in the morning to remind them about conference. The Barbecho's watched yesterday and seemed to have liked it. Johnny didn't come to any sessions!! It was way disappointing. Conference was great and the Prophet was powerful. Everyone was but him in particular. Had a great lunch in between provided by the Bailey's. After Conference we ate with the Peterson's and the Lawrence's. Then we taught Andy and the Spirit was so strong. Then we went and saw Johnny and the Barbecho's. Johnny has been having a struggle with getting his daughter to bed. She should be put on some sort of sleep medication soon after they run some tests on her. She has a bit of autism. Johnny is awesome though and he still wants to be baptized.

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