Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday 10/7/2013 - Sunday 10/13/2013

Monday I sucked it up at volleyball but it was still really fun! Ate at the Taylor's house and had some delicious tacos. Johnny fell through and we even got Brother Wyatt out to the lesson with us. So we went to see a bunch of people and no one let us in, but we had good conversations with Chase Drysdale (less active), Sister Parsons (less active) and her husband Tim (non-member) actually talked with us. Had to run to the store because we forgot to get some toilet paper.

Tuesday we went down to Fort Walton to the Fort Walton 2 District Meeting. Elder DeGroff taught a really good lesson. Then we did our exchange with them. I went with Elder DeGroff in Fort Walton 2 and Elder Malmberg went to Crestview. Had a good day with Elder DeGroff. We biked all day and talked to people and also tracted a bit. Talked to some random and interesting people. One guy was trying to tell us what we believe. I was also jumping off curbs and ended up wrecking. It was pretty funny. I tore up my shirt pretty good. Elder DeGroff got me a Powerade and bought us a pizza. Washed my shirt during dinner and then went out and saw a couple people with the Elder’s Quorum President.

Wednesday I woke up thinking it felt late and looked at the clock which said 6:55 and I was all confused. Elder DeGroff looked at the phone and was like, "we're good, it's 6:06". So I went back to bed and looked at the clock at around 7:21 and was thinking that it must be time to get up. Elder DeGroff then looked at the phone and it said 7:21 as well. So we got up and got ready and Elder DeGroff was telling me that he should have put on his glasses to look at the clock. He said that it probably said 6:56 not 6:06. Had our studies and then traded back. Elder Winter and I had some service with Donna. We didn't get as much done as we could have, but we did get the drain where it needs to be so next time should be a breeze. We also got to talk to her about why we have faith in Christ and why she does. After that we changed and tried to see a new gator who goes by "T". Wasn't home so we swung by the Woodring's and watched President Monson's talk with them. They didn't get to see it because Sister Woodring was having the baby. He was born at over 9 pounds! They didn't even do a C section...big baby!

Thursday we had and exchange with the assistants. I went with Elder Rhoades and Elder Winter went with Elder Wright. We blitzed our area which was really fun. Elder Rhoades and I had a good day. First we went to see some people and ran into a guy named Sean Stewart and did some service for him. Brought some boxes and dressers into his house. Got lost and went on an adventure through the woods and found our way. Also taught the Jimmo's about family history and Sister Jimmo has done it but not on family search. Then we headed to Brother Spears to teach him and that was an awesome lesson. He brought up some concerns. I think he really likes us! Also got an HQ referral which was sick! Then the Assistants left and we ate with the Cochran's. Then had a way spiritual lesson with Andy Bissen. We really feel this is it! It will be sick!

Friday we had our weekly planning and ended up going to see Billy Ray because he wanted us to come by and we hadn't seen him for so long! The guy is hard to read and is pretty quirky. Went to see Jamie and she bailed and told us to come back in a bit so we had seen Brian and Alisha on the way there. We went back and found them and pushed our appointment back to 4 which he wasn't at. We then also met two ladies named Debbie and Sarah who are awesome. They seem to be so sincere and ready for the gospel. Then we taught Jamie and Ben about the "why" behind family history. Jamie was in and out but her and Ben agreed to come to church, the whole family! Ate with Brother Moore as well and that was pretty good. He is a good cook for, as he put it, "not paying enough attention to his wife's cooking". Then we had volleyball and that was fun. There were tons of people there! Then we planned and called all the companionships in the zone.

Saturday we had our usual breakfast with President Miller. Did some weekly planning and had interviews with President Smith. He is a really funny guy, played some jokes on us. Tried to find Brian and Alisha but couldn't. Went to see Lewis and Danny but they were busy with something. Went to see Johnny but he was out of town. So we tried to see some potentials and ended up seeing Brother Wroten who we talked about conference with and that was really good.

Sunday we had our ward council which was pretty productive. Had church and Sister Taylor and her daughter both spoke and did a really good job! Had studies and got to meet the Rogers. They are really awesome and nice. Also got to meet Glen Ashby (less active) who seems to be a really cool guy. Ate with Brother Harter who is awesome and his Mom and kids too. He has been through a ton. It is so hard to get out of his house on time though. Went and taught Andy and he is definitely going to get baptized! He should get baptized this weekend coming up unless his family decides they want to be there. Taught the Barbecho's and got to know them a little better than I did.

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