Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday 9/23/2013 - Sunday 9/29/2013

Monday PDAY! Had lunch with the Burbidge's. They are sweet! Brother Burbidge is from Murray, Utah. Right next to Midvale! They took us to Lenny's sub shop which had a good Philly cheese steak. Played some 2 step and goalie. Ate dinner at the Lawrence's and did FHE with them. That was really fun! We had to act out different animals which was ridiculous and funny. Went and shared a message with Brother Higgins about family history and temple work. He really liked it.

Tuesday we did service for Donna. Dug a ditch for a french drain. Taught Billy Ray and read 3 Nephi 11. He gave me a poem and is into writing poetry. He followed us halfway home and talked to us about his life. We thought he was going to just keep coming. Saw Jamie and set a baptismal date of October 26th. Ate at the Green's, they are nice and it was a fun time. Taught Jamie and Ben about family history work and they got really excited. Rained like crazy! Also taught Kim and Scottie Smith who are a part member family. Then we came home to greet the Assistants.

Wednesday we headed over to the church to set up for the half mission conference with Elder Pino. It was pretty good and powerful, but we keep getting told the same things. We also had MLC which the same type of thing happened, so I guess that means we should start working harder and smarter to reach our goals and President’s vision. Then we had a lesson with Brian and he really wants to get baptized! He is going through a lot! He is juggling so many things trying to get his life back in order. Had dinner with the Haines family and we had some delicious chicken and rice stuff. It was an Indian dish, by Indian I mean from India. Brother Haines speaks English, Spanish, Arabic and Fijian. It is pretty cool. He said once you learn one it is easy to learn others. After that, we had Austin come out with us and we taught Johnny a lesson about prepping for baptism and the importance of it. Seemed like a really good lesson, so hopefully Johnny will get more motivated. I also got an awesome package from my Mom! Had some things that said "here's a little sunshine". Had tons of yellow stuff in it. Juicy fruit, banana laffy taffy, peanut M&M's, yellow sticky notes, lemonade, lemon heads and all sorts of stuff.

Thursday we taught James and he was basically already living the Word of Wisdom and chastity so it was easy! He is awesome! Did some weekly planning as well, then went to the Woodring's and shared a message. Robert is way solid, he is one of the recent converts in the ward. Ate at the Peterson's and they are so much fun to be with. We were laughing so hard. Went to the Wyatt's to chat with Brother Wyatt's Mom and Step Dad who are not members. That was pretty fun and hopefully it will spark their interest.

Friday we did some Zone business and finished up on some weekly planning. Taught Brother Spears a lesson on obedience. He is a less active, really cool guy. Taught Jamie about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had an ear infection and had a hard time paying attention. We ran to Walmart for her. We felt like it was okay. Can't always go looking through the rules and getting permission or nothing gets done. Then we went and saw Manny and Becca Sanchez. They are really cool, set up a time to go see them. Ate dinner at home. Brian and Alisha fell through. We did teach Andy a good lesson on the Word of Wisdom and obedience. Not sure if he will live it.

Saturday we went to Ryan's with President Miller as usual. Did studies and then went and helped some people move stuff into a storage unit. Had to put together a shelf and I ended up cutting myself on one of the metal things that holds up the shelf. It fell and I caught it and it cut my hand. I also cut my thumb during lunch while cutting an apple. Then my bike tire was really, really low. So that part of the day was pretty crappy. Then we had a lesson with Marisol which went pretty well. She was very confused about why she needed to know if the BoM was true. She didn't pay attention to much of what we said. We also saw Brian and Alisha and they said they would come to church. Had dinner with the Kirby's and they told us so many stories. We just couldn't get out in time. Taught Johnny and he brought up an interesting concern. He just isn't sure if Christ is the son of God. Easy concern to fix. Taught Ben about the priesthood a bit. Read D&C 84 with him, but didn't get to finish it.

Sunday was church and Brian and Alisha did come!! I unfortunately didn't get to take the sacrament because we went on splits to get them to church. I went with Elder Bailey and we got back late. Had to try to get Johnny to church but he didn't come, so we got some papers printed off from the ward. Headed home and got in studies. Ate dinner with the Fisher's which was pretty good.  Had a powerful lesson with Andy about prophets, dispensations, great apostasy and restoration. Tore through the Bible and bore strong testimony. The spirit was strong! Taught Johnny a short lesson. Trying to get him to church!

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