Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday 10/14/13 - Sunday 10/20/13

Monday – Today was a great P-day!  We started off the day with our Spec-Ops secret trip that other people would call fishing. President allowed us to go because we were going with Elder Bailey who is one of the senior missionaries. Fun trip! I had never really fished before and didn’t realize how easy it is to do. We also went with the 2nd Ward Elders and Elder Elmer caught the biggest one! They were just garbage fish that we threw back, but it was still a really fun trip. We all caught some too, which made it even more fun. Came back to email quickly and then ate at the Thomas’ which is always good. Brother Thomas watched some of Conference too, which was fantastic. He did say he watched a heck of a lot more football. Stopped by the Nimmo’s and got to teach them a lesson about prayer and one of their kids said the prayer for us and that was awesome! Then we taught Johnny a review of the restoration lesson. Then we came home to plan.

Tuesday – Today we went to the Niceville District Meeting. Elder Hawker did a pretty good job. He is a really awesome missionary. Then we went on an exchange and Elder Brewington came to Crestview with me and Elder Winter stayed in Niceville with Elder Hawker. Elder Brewington and I had a good day. We got a call from Billy Ray and he wanted us to come by and teach him. He told us some interesting stories that I can’t even repeat. Went to the Taylor’s because Brother Taylor wasn’t feeling well, so we went to give him a blessing. Talked about Miss April a bit. She watched President Monson’s talk from Conference. That is sweet! Then we went to see a referral who wasn’t home so we talked to and gave a BoM and a prayer to a really nice lady. She said she would read it and asked us to say a prayer for her. Then saw a referral, the Boening’s, who basically told us not to come back. Ate with the Bissen’s and found out Andy wants his old Branch President from Japan to baptize him, which might push things back. He is doing great. Then finished the night with coordination. Brother Boyd will be a good Ward Mission Leader.

Wednesday – Traded back after our exchange and had some lunch. Then we went out to try to find Brian and Alisha. Ran into his mom, Marisol, and his aunt, Anna. He is apparently in pretty big trouble. Taught Angie Davis, the recent convert, and man I was tired. Read with her a bit. Tried to contact a guy name Andy and met a ton of awesome people that said we could come back. Met Zay and JC that want to come to volleyball. Went and had a great dinner with the Lawrence’s. Went way too long. I hate being disobedient. Hopefully, we can get our appointment time down. Had a great lesson with Andy. He wants to be baptized by his old branch president so that will push the baptism back. Then had a little lesson with Johnny. Brother Lawrence came out with us to both of those, which was awesome.

Thursday – Today we taught James Purcell a good lesson. Went over the baptismal interview questions. Also taught about service. He is so prepared so I hope his mom will let him get baptized! Then we went through our weekly planning. That went pretty well. Had to go and get some supplies from the office Elders. Met them at a gas station to do that. Taught Becca Sanchez, Manny was on the phone so we just got to teach Becca, but that was great. Got some boxes from the Climer’s for our move. They are a celestial family. We also taught Brother Thomas a lesson. A quick one before we headed to Danny and Lewis’ for a lesson and Danny fed us pizza! They are so solid! We also drew some pictures with Danny’s daughters. That finished our awesome night. Also, while talking with Sister Thomas, I realized how blessed we really are in the USA. Her grandson is on a mission in Ghana. Has no running water, no beds, not very many cars…that would be a challenging mission.

Friday – Today we started off the day going to see Donna with Austin Boyd for some service. Got a lot done for her French drain. After we left, we did realize that we forgot to put the protective sock over the PVC pipe. Went and saw Johnny to set up with him for tomorrow. Taught Jamie while playing some soccer with her son Lance. Then we went to see Billy Ray and while driving there saw Brian and Alisha, so we hopped out and set up church with them. Saw Billy Ray and he wants to come to church too! So that is exciting! Billy Ray says some crazy things! Ate with sister Okum who is Sister Thomas’ daughter and she told us her and her son Devan’s conversion stories. Devan is the one in Ghana and cool thing is that he was actually converted first. Then we headed to the church for some volleyball for fellowship night. We all played pretty well.

Saturday – It’s always a good day when you start off with a baptism. It was the Olive Sisters that got a baptism, we went to support. It was for a young guy name Josh King. After the baptism, we went over to Elder and Sister Bailey’s place to do a little bit of coordination with the Sisters and the Bailey’s. We felt like it could have been done over a phone call, but gotta just do it. Had some lunch over there as well, which was pretty good. Then we went out to see Brian and Alisha, but we didn’t find them so we went to Chuck’s, but they were gone, so we talked to a couple random people about family history work while we were walking home. Also talked to Anna for a moment. Went and contacted the Scholtz who the Burbidge’s told us to go see. Their wife/mom was sick so we didn’t get to teach them, but they did say to come back. Taught Brother Steele and one of his kids named Alie who is 7 years old. Wish they would come to church, they don’t seem to have issues with it. Ate with the Hansen’s and Sister Stapleton, which was a very quiet dinner. After dinner we headed off to see Johnny and he was drinking coffee. We reminded him he shouldn’t and he dumped it. Taught him about scripture study a lot! Just reviewed some old lessons with him. After Johnny, we headed over to see the Barbecho’s and taught Ben. Jamie didn’t sit in, but she said she would come to church tomorrow. We ended up just reading the Book of Mormon with Ben and that finished the day for us.

Sunday – Today is my dad’s birthday and I forgot to send him a letter or card last week. We had church but none of our gators were able to make it. Billy Ray got sick, Brian and Alisha weren’t there when Elder Bailey and I went to pick them up and Johnny just didn’t come. Church was good but kind of empty. Everyone was gone for some reason. There were only four Elders in Elders Quorum. After our church and studies, we went to contact Ryan Bielel who was referred to us by the 2nd Ward Elders. Ryan wasn’t home but his neighbor came out and told us to knock on a different one. She was crazy but we knocked and met a nice lady named Teresa. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and put away a lot of false things she had heard. Tried to contact David but ended up talking to some people on the street because he wasn’t home. Ate with the Wirt’s and talked about horses for like 45 minutes. We just wanted a subject change so bad. Then we taught Andy and told him to stop worrying about what his family thinks. I shared Frederick William Hurst’s story and vision with him. Told him that his family will eventually accept his decision even if it is in the next life. I hope that will all help because I love Andy and Sister Bissen!

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