Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday 9/16/2013 - Sunday 9/22/2013

Monday was an awesome P-day. Found out transfers. Elder Winter and I will be staying in Crestview 1st Ward. Our ward will be getting Sister missionaries as well. They should be good ones too. Elder Welch also emailed me with the sweetest news ever! TJ from Fox Run was baptized! I used to always teach him so I am so happy for him. Played some sand volleyball once again with the 2nd Ward Elders. It didn't seem to be as fun today as it has been but still good. Had dinner with the Thomas' the part member family we are teaching. Taught about the prophets and it was a great lesson. Planned for transfers in the evening and learned that the Destin Sisters apartment has no furniture in it, so that is a problem. Hopefully we can get that worked out.

Tuesday we had breakfast for our district activity then district meeting. They were both really fun. Elder Chappell is a really good teacher and district leader. We also got to teach Billy Ray and we actually got to teach him. Then we went to see Angie and gave her a blessing. Also taught her a little lesson. Tried to see Jamie but that fell through and we even had Austin with us. Saw some gators, the Nimmo's, and they scheduled to feed us Sunday. Johnny also fell through, but we ate at the Wyatt's. I really like them and love going there. Then taught Mallory King about family history. He just won't make commitments though.

Wednesday I went to see Dr. Roberts about my ankle problems. My left ankle has been hurting for quite some time. I found out that I need new shoes and arch supports. Also had transfers and it went smooth. Got an oil change that turned into replacing a water pump. Got that all sorted out and then walked to Brian's and ran into Billy Ray and walked and talked a bit. Taught Brian a bit, him and Alisha had their baby. Mike, the guy he lives with, is crazy and talks a ton. Ran over to the Boyd's to eat and do coordination with Brother Boyd and the Sisters. The Sisters are Sister Liefson and Sister Shattack. Really good missionaries! Then went and taught Johnny an awesome lesson with Brother Lawrence. Great and powerful testimony by Brother Lawrence!

Thursday we started the day going to Donna's house to do some service for her. That went well and was pretty fun and kinda weird. Very nice lady. Taught Josh and had a pretty good lesson there. Had basically everything fall through today. Lost all our member present possibilities. Went to teach Jamie with Brother Fisher, but we ended up teaching Ben a lesson instead. Then Brother Fisher took us to Sonic for shakes.

Friday we started off going to teach Will and Derrell at the park and they weren't even there. So we headed home and did our studies. Then did weekly planning. Went pretty fast. Then we had dinner with the Cochran's. They are really awesome members. Every time we go and share a message they are already doing it. Then we taught Andy about family history work. He seemed excited to find some of his family members. Then we had volleyball and it went well. There were a few non-members there too which was awesome.

Saturday we started with eating with President Miller at Ryan's. Then we headed to Elder and Sister Bailey's to do some further coordination with them, Brother Boyd and the Sisters. Tried to see Brian and Alisha which fell through. So we had a short study and then taught Billy Ray. He mostly just talked a lot and tried to make us watch “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. We did finally get to share a message. He said he would come to church too. Ate dinner with the Burton's. They are really cool and have very energetic kids. Great food! Then Brother Lawrence was going to meet us at Johnny's but Johnny fell through. Brother Lawrence got there before us and invited Johnny to church. Then we taught Ben with Brother Lawrence which went really well. Had a good conversation as well. Read Helaman 5 and he seemed to like it.

Sunday we had church and Billy Ray got there and so did Andy and Sister Carr. Sister Carr is an investigator that we never get to teach. We waited for the 1 o'clock church as well because Johnny said he would be at that one. We even went to Johnny's with Brother Lawrence and Johnny was gone. Brother Lawrence talked to all of our gators as well. He is such a good fellowshipper!! Had lunch and studies when Billy Ray called so we headed over there to teach him a lesson. Tried to catch Brian and Alisha but they weren't home. Neither was Joanna. Came home and ate because our dinner with the Nimmo's didn't work out. Taught Andy a lesson about Temple and family history work. Then Austin came out with us to see Johnny and we taught him the importance of commitments.

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