Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday 8/26/2013 – Sunday 9/1/2013

Monday was a good P-day. Played beach volleyball with Elder Chappell and Elder Elmer. Ate at the Wyatt's, which is always way fun. I love going over there! Taught Devin and went over the baptismal interview questions. He is a sharp tool!

Tuesday we went to the Fort Walton 1 district meeting, which was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. Then we did an exchange. I went to Fort Walton with Elder Schwartz and Elder Harrar went to Crestview with my companion. Then we started off doing some service, but I wasn't feeling very good so we cut that short. We just stayed in after that and I ended up having a violent throw up session. So it was not effective. I think the chicken I ate last night wasn't cooked all the way through. Elder Schwarts was really good about helping me out. He is awesome. We talked a lot and got to know each other pretty well. He is having a hard time right now.

Wednesday I woke up feeling kinda crappy still and went through the day like that. Traded back. Planned our baptism for Devin a bit. Taught Billy Ray a lesson as well. Ate at the Lawrence's. Brother Lawrence cooked and it was way good! Wish I wasn't feeling sick. Took Brother Lawrence out to Johnny's and had a really good lesson.

Thursday was weekly planning. Then went to Devin's to do his baptismal interview. Elder Chappell did the interview. Devin said Elder Winter could baptize him and I would give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Had dinner at the Cochran's. It was really good! Homemade bread, jam and yummy chicken. Also taught a less active named Mallory King. Older guy, really nice and wants to quit smoking.

Friday we started off at Miss April's house doing some service. We cut down a lot of trees making a path through the forest that is her backyard. I almost cut off my leg with a machete... Haha no I just scratched it. Then went home and helped someone move out that was in our complex. Ate at the Boyd's, which was good. Taught Brother Higgins (less active). He is really cool and funny. Gave Angie Davis a blessing and taught her friend, Steve, with the Boyd's son. He is going to Brazil on his mission.

Saturday we had Devin's baptism! It was pretty awesome! Elder Winter performed the baptism. Devin is such an awesome and smart kid and I am happy I was able to teach him. We also had breakfast with President Miller at a restaurant called Ryan's where he takes us every Saturday. Planned for Zone Conference. Headed to Brian and Alisha's, but they weren't home. As we were leaving, we ran into a young man named Austin. Elder Winter taught him once when Elder Locken was here. Then we headed to Jacob Kirby's to eat dinner. It was pretty good food. They are cool and their kids are pretty funny. Then the Boyd's son came out with us to go to the Barbecho's and we ended up teaching Ben. Jamie left somewhere. Stopped by to see Johnny, but he pulled out his own wisdom tooth and was out of it. Good day! Can't beat a baptism!

Sunday I had the privilege of confirming Devin a member of the church in sacrament. That was cool! First time I have ever done that. Good lessons at church. After we prepped for zone conference a bit. Then we went and saw the Della Pitro's, a part member family and shared a little message. Had a great dinner with the Ratcliff's. I asked for the recipe, it was just that good! Taught Johnny and he said that everything we teach he already has his mind on and we just bring it out. So that was cool! Good week!

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