Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday 8/19/2013 – Sunday 8/25/2013

Monday we played some "Goalie" again. Elder Winter and I each won 2 games. Pretty fun if I do say so myself. Had dinner with the Thomas'. Sister Thomas is a member and we are teaching Brother Thomas. Very yummy food! The senior couple, the Bailey's, were there. Also had a good lesson after. Taught Devin a lesson about the Word of Wisdom, prayer and being modest. Devin is so smart! Then at the end of the day we went through zone training.

Tuesday we had zone training and I felt like it went really well and that it was really fun. Elder Winter and I were able to teach well. We did go over time a bit, but oh well. Had some interesting role plays, but it made it fun, then had a trade off. I went to Niceville with Elder Egbert. Elder Hawker went to our area. Way good missionary! Taught a good lesson to a guy named Ron. He was very receptive to our message. His wife Wanda wanted us to get her before we prayed. She didn't listen in during the lesson because she wasn't feeling well but wanted to be there for the prayer. They can be so solid! Then ate with the Bassett's and they are really cool. Brother Bassett is from Delta and President Jensen was his stake president. We also met some people named Casey, Cody, Chase and Ashley. They had "spirits" in their homes so we left a blessing upon it and they said that we could come back.

Wednesday we continued our trade off and went and saw Brother Howell. He can tell some stories! Traded back and had lunch with the Bailey's and talked about the lesson we were going to teach with them. Taught Billy Ray, He went off with tons of randomness. Good guy though. Taught Marisol who is another one of our many gators. Highlight of the day was teaching the Howard family. They are way solid. Taught them with the Bailey's. The Mom is from England. Her husband is in the Army. They are a great family and would be perfect for the church.

Thursday was my "hump day". I have been out for so long! I am so old! So we weekly planned today and also planned a baptism for Sister Davis. She was taught by the 2nd Ward Sisters which was frustrating because she is in our ward and they did it without permission. Also gave a member a blessing. His name is Brother Brant, He is 102 years old! Looks way healthy for his age too. Ate at the Lawrence's. They are really cool. I love going there. Had a lesson with Andy and he seems like he is doing really well. He is going to definitely be baptized. His date did get moved to the 14th of September when I was in Niceville. They are going to Washington and will be gone for a bit. Their baby, Josie, is getting blessed up there. Stopped by and talked to Jamie for a quick minute and then got ready for our exchange with the Crestview 2nd Elders. I will be with Elder Chappell in their area and Elder Elmer is going to ours.

Friday while on the exchange we went and saw Dexter Marchman. On the way there, we met a Romanian Orthodox named Flourina. In the south! Taught Dexter. He was very closed off. Saw the Monty's who are members. Older couple and we taught Brother Monty about the Priesthood because he is scared to receive it for some reason. Saw Brother Lewis who is a less active who talks a ton! We didn't even get to talk. I almost fell asleep! I was so tired and his house had perfect conditions for sleep. Then we saw the Jackson's and that wasn't very effective at all. Just talked to them for a long time. Ate at the Newell's who took forever! Way long dinner appointment but they were really cool! Then we traded back.

Saturday we taught the Howard's again. We did feel that it could have gone better. Prepped for Sister Davis' baptism. The baptism went way good. Had a ton of members there. Ate at the Kirby's which went well. Good members. Had a great lesson with Johnny. The Kirby's son came with us. Then we found out some drama with the Sisters about the baptism. But I will leave it at that.

Sunday we had a good day at church but somewhat disappointing because no one came to church. The Howard's dropped us and "went back to their old church". Johnny was going to come at 1 to the other ward but he got held up. We went and taught a guy named Josh, him and his wife Amber are investigating. It was crazy because we saw Johnny when we were heading to see Josh and Amber. We also taught Sister Parson and she is really nice. We also found out that December is national "constipation awareness month". Her daughter discovered that while we were there and we had a good laugh at that. Ate at the Thatcher's and they made delicious enchiladas. Then we taught Ben about the Priesthood. Jamie didn't sit in unfortunately.

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