Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday 9/2/2013 - Sunday 9/8/2013

Monday was P-day again and we played some volleyball with the 2nd Ward Elders and Sisters. Sister Lawrence and a few other members came as well. It was really fun. I got a haircut from Elder Winter as well. Saving money!! Emailed at the Boyd's because the Library was closed because of the holiday. Ate some dinner at home before heading out to see Joanna. We walked there and met Elliott along the way. Maybe he will be interested. Joanna wasn't home so we came back and worked on zone conference.

Tuesday we did a lot of zone conference planning. Ate lunch and then went and taught Billy Ray. Told us that our soul was in the balls. He seems like he is softening a bit. Had dinner with the Hansen's. Then gave Sister Thomas a blessing and taught her and her husband about the Priesthood. Then taught Ben and his son a good lesson. Read D&C 13 with Ben and explained about John the Baptist coming to Joseph Smith. The assistants also came over so they could sleep because zone conference is Wednesday.

Wednesday we had zone conference and it was really good. President was way powerful today and so were the assistants. Sister Smith had awesome remarks too. Everything was really good. Hopefully we did well. Then we went on a trade-off with the Spanish Elders. Elder Winter went down to Fort Walton with Elder Bravo and Elder MacClay came up to Crestview with me. Ended up eating with the Lawrence's. They called us and asked if someone was feeding us and we didn't so they told us to come on over. It was so awesome! We went to the transfer spot because Elder and Sister Mower gave us some supplies as they were going to Fort Walton to drop off the new Sister. We had a Sister go home for medical reasons so she is the replacement from the Temple Square mission. Taught Johnny a little lesson about reading and he said he would. Also, taught Brian and Alisha a quick lesson. They really seem to want to change.

Thursday there was no weekly planning due to the exchange. Elder MacClay and I got to do some service for a nice lady named Donna. It was good because we basically taught her the restoration lesson while we were doing the service. Told her all about Joseph Smith's experience. She liked talking about it. She fed us some food and then we headed to Fort Walton to trade back. We then went home and I cleaned up and we went to Brother Moore's home and had some good dinner. He is really cool. Older guy and he recently had a really gnarly infection on his hand that looked so nasty! He showed us some pictures. Practiced for "Joseph Smith the Prophet" that the Stake is doing. It is a musical thing.

Friday was chaos! We had 6 total lessons. First thing in the morning we got to teach Will and Derrell. Derrell is an Atheist and Will is Christian so it will be interesting teaching them. Did our studies and then we were going to weekly plan, but got a call for a blessing which fell through. We ended up getting a call from Elder Bailey because Billy Ray called him and told him we were supposed to go over so we did. We didn't get to teach too much, but it was good to talk to him. Then taught Steve and Angie two different lessons which was cool. So we got a member present and a recent convert lesson. Then went and taught Josh about baptism. Dinner with the awesome Wyatt's! Lesson with Johnny fell through. He was probably stuck in traffic. So we ended up seeing Jamie and encouraging her to read and pray. Brother Boyd was there for that. Then played volleyball with the ward. They are trying to get it to where non-members will come out and play.

Saturday was the weirdest Saturday! Had Breakfast with President Miller as usual then headed to the church for the Carr daughters baptism. I spoke on baptism and Elder Winter spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She bore the most awesome testimony! It was so cool. Then they had some grub there so we ate and then headed home. Did our studies and weekly planned. It was pretty fun! We didn't get to weekly plan because of the exchange. Then ate dinner and taught Jamie and Ben about equality in marriage. Then Johnny fell through so we ended up having to go on a "faith walk" which is just walking and hoping to find someone.

Sunday no one came to church that said they would. It is so sad, we invite and invite and hope people will come but they don't. Billy Ray fell and hit his head so Satan is holding him back. Nevertheless, it was a pretty good day. Got yelled at by some drunk people and also ate at the young Kirby's home. Found out that Brother Kirby may have been in the young men's over Jacob Lawson who was in the Tallahassee 4th Ward. We then headed down to Niceville to do a baptismal interview. 10 year old and she is awesome! I did the interview. Passed! Came back and taught Johnny about the 10 commandments. Short lesson, Johnny didn't have a ton of time.

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