Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, 8/12/13 - Sunday, 8/18/13

Monday was a pretty awesome P-day. We played a ton of games with the Crestview 2nd Ward Elders. That was sweet! Played one game where you could only take 2 steps and then you had to either shoot or pass. We played on a basketball court and you scored by making it into the basketball hoop. Played another game that was like goal ball but 1 on 1. Couldn't cross 1/2 court. Also just did the normal stuff that we do on P day. Then we ate dinner at the Peterson's house. They are awesome and have a ton of kids. While we were talking to them I went to tell them about my uncle Tracey and couldn't remember his name for the life of me! Then we went the Stake FHE. 3 guys were there so we really need some more people there or it will die off pretty quick.

Tuesday we went to the Niceville District Meeting. Went pretty well. They are a good district. We taught about inviting gators to pray. After the meeting we headed to Fort Walton to get their car and give it to the Crestview 2nd Sisters. Biked a lot as well. Elder Winters’ handlebar grip came off and he crashed on his bike and I was on the phone and had the phone in my right hand. I saw him crashing and tried to slow down so I didn't crash into him. I had my left hand on the handlebar which is the front brake and when I braked I ended up flipping over my handlebars and we crashed back to back. It was so funny! All we could do was laugh. Taught Jamie as well and she vented to us which is probably what she needed.

Wednesday I got to go to my first Missionary Leadership Council. It was pretty sweet. Fun to see all the leaders. It was cool to get to listen to President Smith, Sister Smith and the Assistants. I also got to see Elder Olsen and a lot of missionaries that I knew from Tally. Then we got poured on for the billionth day in a row. It rains so much here. Taught Andy and that went well. We tried to discern a lot of needs for him. Then taught Ben (RC) who is Jamie's husband. Went and saw Johnny as well and he is awesome. He said that I am turning out to be a good dude. So that was cool.

Thursday we had a way long weekly planning session. Did a lot though. Had dinner with the Hansen's and that was really good. Had boiled peanuts and they still aren't good. I am not a fan at all. Then we taught Johnny and he committed to live the Word of Wisdom and to get work off on Sundays. Also went to Ben and Jamie's again and Jamie didn't sit in again. Brother Wyatt came to both of those lessons with us and did a great job helping us.

Friday we planned for zone training a bit and then did service for Miss April. We dug a ditch for a stream and that was pretty sweet. Got way muddy! Then we ate and changed our clothes. Then headed off and taught Andy a short lesson after teaching Devin. Devin is 10 and his Dad was recently baptized. Great kid! Andy is married to a member. Great guy! Then we went to volleyball at the church. There were a ton of ladies from the Relief Society which made it kinda weird. Then we had to call everyone in the zone and get the names of the people they taught for the Stake President, President Miller. I also got a "hump day" package from my Mom and it was a sweet package. No I didn't wait to open it!

Saturday we had breakfast with President Miller. Updated him on how the missionaries in the Zone are doing. Planned a lot for zone training as well because it was raining so much. Got a lot done. Ate great food at the Lawrence's. They are awesome and then Brother Lawrence also went out with us to teach Jamie a really good lesson. We also met a guy named Billy Ray. Said we could come back and teach him. He had some really crazy stories!

Sunday we had church and it was good. Did a bunch of Zone Conference prep. Went well! Had dinner with the Wirt's. Good lasagna! Then we taught Johnny and gave him a blessing for the word of wisdom. He is already doing way better. This area is sweet! I am loving it! It has been really fun.

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