Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday 7/29/2013 – Sunday 8/4/2013

Monday was crazy! The Sisters rushed us because they had plans to go to the beach. I was able to get a bunch of music from Brother Hardman. It sucked though cause my mp3 wouldn't play the files. Best thing today was after we saw Jimmy McArthur we met Nate's mom. She works at the rest home that Jimmy lives at and she talked to us for a minute. That was really cool! Nate is the young guy that we met at basketball. Really cool night!

Tuesday started off the day with District Meeting, which I felt went really well! Had our trade-off with Navarre and I got to go to Navarre with Elder Judy. He is so kind and loving and I really learned a ton from him. We went all over and talked to a ton of people. Got a new gator for them named Glen. Overall a great day. I really needed something like that which will hopefully take me out of my slump. I have been feeling better lately.

Wednesday was interesting but ended awesome! Traded back in the morning. Went out and saw a bunch of less actives/returning members. Then tried to see a bunch of potentials. The past Elders did a bad job following up on people. There are also a ton of incorrect addresses in our potentials. Ate with the Jaurez's and it is always really good food over there. Went to do some service with the young men, but by the time we got there they were done. So we went to Dairy Queen. That was pretty funny listening to Bishop Smith. Also went to teach Gina and her friend "Sugar" was there. Sugar had no pants or underwear on.... Luckily she had a blanket covering most of her. They were both drunk, so we left. In the evening, we met a lady named Melody Lovelady who just happens to know Dan Cosson. He was my landlord from Tallahassee. She told us that God told her that the BoM is true and it is what she has been searching for! Coolest way to finish the night!

Thursday was weekly planning day. Went well! Ended up seeing Cindy but couldn't teach her. Then we gave 2 blessings and also saw Sister Jordan who gave us money for dinner. Way nice of her! Then had basketball and had the most participation yet. It was fun but I played awful!

Friday we ended up having to change all of our plans, but it ended up being a good day. We got a new investigator named Ronny and also taught Kelly Nine (returning member). She really opened up to us and committed to come to church. We worked really hard today and it was really fun because of it. Also had dinner with the Wheeler’s. They are really awesome. They just got married about 4 weeks ago. Great family!

Saturday we had a really good day! Worked hard and biked a lot. Taught the McGuire's a little lesson. Had lunch with the Brooks and that was good! They are cool. We OYM'd a lot of people on the way to see Nathan Edwards way down near the bottom of our area. Taught Brother Edwards the Restoration lesson. Then met Ronny and taught the Restoration to him. Really cool guy. Saw Danny and he said he'd come to church. He is a potential investigator.

Sunday we had an awesome day! Church = Great! Then we taught Ronnie and set a BCD of September 7th. We are so excited. Brother Hardman came with us and we spent the whole day with him. Had companion study at his house. Then he ate with us at Sister Jordan's. Great food!! Fried chicken Louisiana style!! So good!! Haven't been able to get a hold of Eileen for a long time. Hopefully we will be able to.

Today (August 5th) we found out about transfers... I am being transferred to Crestview 1st Ward and I will be a Zone Leader... Crazy!! I love Fox Run!

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