Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday 7/22/2013 – Sunday 7/28/2013

Monday was my 11 month mark! I am so old!! Monday was really good though. We got to teach Eileen about the Doctrine of Christ. She also told us that she was so happy we came because it really puts her at peace in her hectic life. She is so awesome! I love teaching her. Had Brother Eubanks come and help us teach as well and that was really good. We then had dinner with Brother Stewart. He is such a kind hearted man. I really enjoy being around him. He gets down on himself, but I hope that we can help lighten his day.

Tuesday we had Zone Training. Learned a lot about getting people to pray. Also learned about area books. So it was good. Then we had training, dinner with the Lindberg's and then had our plans fall through so we worked on the area book to improve that. That was about it.

Wednesday was Pioneer Day! Kind of an up and down day. Did some service for Mike again. Felt that he just thinks we are free labor or something. I don't mind helping, but when it is things like what he asks over and over again then it just becomes kinda a waste of the Lord's time. Ended up teaching Sharon a lesson at the Curry's house after that. Tried to beat into her head that reading the scriptures and praying are commandments. Not optional! Went to see a referral, Didn't answer but then came out when they thought we were gone to call in her dog. Saw the Jennings and talked to them about Sharon. Sister Jennings is going to be her visiting teacher. Had some Filipino food with Lulu and Adam. Then had coordination and discussed some good stuff. Planned the Pioneer party that's on Saturday. Then we did training.

Thursday we had a weekly planning session. Then we went out and saw TJ. Talked to him for a bit and planned to see him tomorrow for a lesson. Talked to some really nice people today. None of them wanted to learn more about the gospel. Had dinner with the Fowler's which was fun and the food was good. Sister Fowler invited a friend to our ward party on Saturday. So a lot of the ward is catching on and beginning to do missionary work. Had basketball which wasn't as good as normal. Brother Booren shared a very good spiritual message. Then we headed to the Pine Forest Elders place for our trade-off. Elder Simmons came to Fox Run with me. Should be fun!!

Friday was a really tough day for me which sucked because it was our trade off day with Elder Simmons. He is awesome though and I had fun with him even though it was rough. We did teach Sharon at the Curry's again and had 4 members lined up to go out to lessons. This ward is awesome at that! Brother Booren went to Eric’s with us and he tried to bash with us. He had to go somewhere and... So we dropped him to make the long story short. Then we ate at Sonny's with the Pine Forest Elders before trading back. Having good totals of lessons was a real blessing even though I had a hard day. I wasn't very motivated… Do even better tomorrow.

Saturday was awesome! We met a guy at the gas station named Jeremy. When we realized we needed gas, I was going to just go get some, but something told me to go on the way to our ward party. That was cool to see the Spirit direct us to be able to meet him. The ward Pioneer Day party was awesome! Watermelon eating contest! Had a rep from each auxiliary. Sister McArthur went at it! It was so awesome and funny! President Z. Smith ended up winning with Brother Hardman in second repping the ward mission! Also had Tug of war, stick pull, horse shoes and egg run thing for the kids. Sad thing today was that we had to drop Steve and "Stone Cold".

Sunday we didn't have good #'s but we went out and worked hard. Talked to some really nice people who took copies of the BoM. One of them being a guy named Mike. He was awesome and we talked to him for like 20 minutes about the church. Then to a really nice black guy and then a really nice black lady. Can't remember their names. Then we went to see Marcus with Brother Hardman and that fell through so we went home teaching with him which also fell through. He is going to hook me up with a ton of hymns. I am stoked!!

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