Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 7/8/2013 – Sunday 7/14/2013

Monday I got my new garments! The reason I needed new ones was because I did a stupid. 2 P-days ago I washed my garments with a sheet that I had used when I cut my hair. It was to catch the hair so that I didn't make a mess. So long story short, I got hair all over my garments. I texted Sister Jensen and she said you can't get the hair out and ordered me new ones. She said it was "my treat to you". I love her! Hope I find a wife as awesome as her. Had a good quick P-day as well. Ate some deliciousness at the Hardman's. They are awesome! Also saw James finally and set up an appointment. That day I was really thinking about the Plan of Salvation, God, Christ and their love. I was "zoned out". It doesn't matter what we do wrong and God will continue to love us. We won't live with Him if we disobey, but he does still love us and is fair to all. If we do our best, He makes up the rest. That is love. All he does is for us. Because of, once again, Love. If you don't know...God loves you very much. That should do for that rant.

Tuesday we had a trade-off. Elder Lane came here to Fox Run. Had a good District Meeting as well. Ate at the Watkin's which was good. Also had a lesson with Eileen which went way well! Good day overall, found Devlin Way. Like in the movie - Just Go with it. This District that I am leading is so awesome and I am learning a lot from them. It is a blessing to work with them.

Wednesday was weird. It rained a lot. Luckily we did our service before it rained. We had to level some ground. Holy cow I sweated a lot! Biked today and met a few people that seemed a bit interested. Had dinner with the Juarez's. Delicious! Then had Coordination. It went pretty well. It has been kind of a rocky transition with the Sisters thus far. We keep seeing the same people. I don't know what it is but I really feel as though I have lost my missionary "swag" you could say. So I am trying to just work through it.

Thursday was great! We met President and Sister Smith. They are really awesome! They are laid back, funny people. I was worried. Shouldn't have been. President Smith was inactive like me when he was younger, so I feel like he will relate well with me. They also told us that all the missions in the USA will have iPads and iPhones by December. President told us Elder Bednar said the Internet was invented for the preaching of the gospel and everything else is a luxury. This is how all the nations will receive the gospel! We could be teaching to China through the interwebs! Had dinner with the Schoonover's. Good food! Then basketball! Nate wants to learn more!! Brother Booren talked to him and he said he would like to. So we set up an appointment. Great day! This area is exploding! The whole day was a tender mercy!

Friday we had weekly planning. Went well! Saw a less active named Terry. Nice lady, didn't seem very interested in our message though. Tried to see some potentials and less actives which didn't work out. Had dinner with the younger Schoonover's which was delicious. Got yelled at by a lady to get out of her driveway, so I offered her salvation in the form of a card. Saw the Mullican's who gave us Krispy Kreme, a referral and are going to give out 2 Plan of Salvation pamphlets. They also put our bikes in their little hybrid’s trunk and took us home. Crazy that it worked! They were our tender mercy today.

Saturday was a good day. Went to the priesthood breakfast with TJ. He is awesome! Taught Sharon and decided she seems pretty serious about what she is doing. She asked when her baptism would be, so she is excited I think. Taught Robert. He doesn't want us to come back. He is good with the Bible and doesn't want more scripture. Taught Brother Edwards. Went well and then had dinner with the Booren's. That pretty much finished the day. Tender Mercy was having an awesome personal study! Learned a lot about how to be better from Enos.

Sunday I was in deep thought all day. I just need to be a better missionary. I feel I am lacking in so much. Our investigators, 3 of the 4 that were supposed to come to church didn't. So that was a bummer. Sharon did make it though so that was a plus for sure. This ward is good. Really taking care of us and making sure we always have food. I wish I was better at working with the ward though. That's one of the many things I need to be better at. Had to do my first real correcting with Elder Welch. He didn't take it too well. Hopefully, he won't be mad at me for too long. Trainers do end up being disliked a lot of the time. I am grateful to train though. We also had dinner with the Hardman's and after they went out with us. Brother Hardman came and taught Marcus with us and Sister Hardman went out with the Sisters. Pretty good day overall.

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