Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday 7/15/2013 – Sunday 7/21/2013

Monday was crazy but fun! Did the usual P-day stuff. I ended up getting a hair cut from Sister Schiewe. Much better than the barbers 'round here. The top just needs to get a bit longer. Had dinner with the McArthur's. Good food. Always lots of fruit there. Had a good day in the end. I really need a day like today. Played volleyball and some basketball.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it was fun. President Smith did his first conference call. It was different and took a bit longer then President Jensen's did. Still good though. Had a really good day planned, but had our appointments fall through. We did our best to find and talk to people. Biked all day long, which makes for a really long day. It was fun though and we had dinner with Bishop. We had a good talk with him and figured out how we can work better with the ward and find more people hopefully. Good day and I was beat and ready to sleep. Even with the slammed doors it was still a good day.

Wednesday we had a bunch of service. Helped Mike Gunn with moving around 600 bottles of the glass Coca-Cola's from the 90's. He is planning on selling them. Also, had an appointment fall through, so we went back to the apartment to get it inspected by the Knudtson's. Had dinner with the Fowler's, which was fun and delicious. Then had Coordination with Brother Seale. Got to teach our investigator "Stone Cold". He has read like half of the BoM thus far. He said he really likes it. Then we did training to finish off the day.

Thursday we had interviews with President Smith. He is really cool and is definitely an inspired man. I was disappointed that we didn't get to talk to Sister Smith 1 on 1 like Sister Jensen used to always do, but she still seems very nice. Then we had weekly planning. That was good and we got it done way fast. We also taught Lulu and her husband Adam. He is a non-member and she is a member. She is Pilipino which is very cool. She really needs more fellowship. Basketball was good, but there was a lot of trash talking. That was unfortunate. We also had dinner with the Eubanks and that is always fun.

Friday we went to the McGuire's to give Brother McGuire a blessing. It was good to see him because it has been a while. He had a hernia and had surgery on it. Something really awesome happened today. We went by to see a potential and met these 2 really awesome ladies who were asking all the right questions. We taught them a ton! It was so sweet. They want to come to our church and see what it is like. It was a really cool experience. God's hand was definitely in that. Had dinner with the Schoonover's and that was really fun. Then we taught Ricky and are going to try and take him out with us all day one day. It will be sweet! Got a text from and old investigator. She said in one of them, "I MISS YOU!!!!" That was weird for sure. I replied with, would you still like to learn about the gospel.

Saturday was very eventful. Taught TJ a lesson about chastity. Then had to go help the Sister at Sister Ainsley's. We moved a fridge so they could clean it and WOW!! it was an awful smell. Then taught Nathan Edwards (less active). He will get back to church. Had dinner with the Graham's, new family in the ward. Brother Graham was a Marine and Sister Graham still is. Then we taught the Gordon's and Brother Gordon gave me a habanera. When leaving there, we met Eric and taught him. Way cool guy and we are going to teach him next week. After planning, I ate that habanera. Holy cow! Hottest thing ever! I fell that I could go a bit hotter. Got a video of it too!

Sunday was great at church. Had really good lessons. The Jones that were newlyweds from the Tally 4th Ward happened to be in town and came to our church. It was cool to see them! Had our lesson with TJ fall through, but we still had a really good dinner at the Hardman's. The Booren's, Eubanks and Sister Sims were there which made it fun. Then taught Marcus and he said that when he first met me there was something different about me. He said it in a good way and that really meant a lot. Really good day!

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