Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday 7/1/2013 – Sunday 7/7/2013

Monday was different doing P-day with Sisters. Not used to that at all. It ended up being fun, but also really busy. Didn't have much free-time at all. Couldn't write everyone back that I have heard from the past couple months, but I plan to. So my tender mercy was last night while I was going to bed I was able to go through the entire Restoration lesson, so I am starting to get them down. We also got 2 HQ Referrals. That was way awesome and a huge blessing. Ate dinner with the Long's which was way good! Contacted 2 referrals and that finished the day for us.

Tuesday was rough for me. I just could not teach. I felt that District Meeting was not very good and same with our lesson with Eileen. I just felt like I didn't know what to say and I honestly felt like a new missionary all over again and I don't know why. We biked and worked pretty hard though. I have been seeing my love for others grow and that was the blessing that I saw in my life.

Wednesday was a pretty slow day. Had to go to the Sisters apartment because they had a guy there fixing their sink so we had to be there. Didn't get as much work done as we wanted to. Had a good lesson with Sharon and a good dinner with the Schoonover's. Dinner was really funny. Tellin' jokes about loosed tongues. The Schoonover's know how to turn a spiritual message into something funny haha. First day in the field that President and Sister Jensen are gone. They flew home yesterday. I will miss them! I Love them and they were definitely what I needed to start my mission. I will be thankful to them forever. President and Sister Smith will be awesome though. I look forward to meeting them.

Thursday 4th of July! Had lunch with Brother Eubanks and Brother Booren and their non-member friend David. Pretty good conversation, but went a bit too in depth. He needs some more milk before meat. Had weekly planning and also had dinner with the Walke's. Had way too much dessert, but it was a holiday. Basketball didn't work out. Probably because it was the 4th. We did go see the Ryder's and talked a bit about the gospel. Didn't want to step on any toes so we did as much as possible. As we were talking to David, I felt really blessed to be able to see how logical this gospel is and it made me feel very thankful for the life I have been given.

Friday the highlight of the day was finding and teaching Brad. He has been through a ton. We went and talked to a referral, Cailey, and as we were leaving we met Brad. We were talking to him when Cailey and her friend came out and her friend told Brad that she was sorry for what happened to him. She said her brothers were the 2 that did it. Turns out Brad was stabbed and should have died. He said that he forgave her brothers. We were able to teach a bit and planned to teach again Saturday. That was awesome! Tender Mercy of the day. Also had dinner with Sister Hall and Lester at King Buffet, taught Ricky, gave Sister Cheng a blessing and taught the McGuire's. It also rained all day!! We ran in it and were soaked for our morning workout.

Saturday was really good! Had a lesson with Bridgett and also with TJ! Both were member presents! Bridgett said she would want to be baptized but isn't sure when. TJ said the same type of thing. Biked a lot! I was way tired! Had a ton of members out with us today, Brother Booren, Brother Roos and Brother Long all came out. Had dinner with the Long's as well. It was so good! Strawberry Pie! The Ward coming out and the excitement for missionary work that they are showing is a real blessing. This Ward is ready and willing to help us out and it is sweet! Had a lesson with a less active, Brother Edwards. He does his own sacrament. Really weird and not allowed. I am definitely in the south. Also met a guy named Stephen that is willing to meet with us. Awesome blessing meeting him!

Sunday was busy. Had meetings and church. Had a lesson with Sharon after church. Taught well, but we aren't sure if she is taking our meetings very seriously. Gave Sister Hall and Lester blessings. They got beat up last night. Saddening! I felt for them. Hope they get feelin' better. Also taught Marcus and really felt that lesson was directed by the Spirit. Talked to the Zone Leaders and they expressed love and thanks for me as a District Leader and the way they did it really meant a lot. That and many other ways I saw God's hand in my life.

I also wanted to write my testimony this week. I have really been thinking deeply about this gospel lately and I have grown over the past 10½ months to love it more every single day. It is the only gospel that possesses the fullness of the gospel. It is true and I know it because of the Holy Ghost which has answered my prayers. Joseph Smith truly was a prophet called to restore and bring Jesus Christ's gospel back. Jesus Christ is the center of everything. He is the Cornerstone of this gospel because without him we cannot inherit the kingdom of God. I know Christ lives and that his atonement is real. For us he was born and for us he died and was resurrected. He loves us and lives today and stands by God the Father and they do in fact direct this work that all missionaries and member missionaries are participating in. A marvelous work and a wonder is not about to come forth. it is coming forth among the children of men. This work is true! I encourage all to read The Book of Mormon. It is a true book, it is a good book and it will bring you closer to Jesus Christ. It has all answers to the questions of life. This is the only gospel in which the "immortality and eternal life of man" can be reached. The Plan of Salvation is so fair! All people will have an equal opportunity to accept this gospel whether in this life or in the next. I know these things by the Spirit and all men can pray to get the same confirmations and God will give them to you! I urge all to do the same. I say these things in love. These things I leave in the sacred name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Have a great week!

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