Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday 6/24/2013 – Sunday 6/30/2013

Monday was P-day and we also found out what is happening at transfers. I am staying in Fox Run and will be training. It is awesome that God is putting his trust in me to train. Fox Run will also be getting Sisters. I will still be District Leader, but it is being split in half so I will be over the Fox Run District instead of the Perdido District. I am going to miss Elder Smith. We had some disagreements, but I love that Elder! We also helped Brother Iosefa move his stuff in to a storage unit. He is moving in with some people that are renting a room to him. His wife is going to Arizona. They just had a baby and Brother Iosefa can't help out too much because of a health condition. He is in the military and has to stay down here for that, but her family is living in Arizona so she is going up there so they can help. Complicated... Great family and great day! Crazy day too!

Tuesday was mine and Elder Smith's last full day together. He heads to Mobile Alabama tomorrow. We taught Eileen and she is really awesome! She makes me laugh as I have said before. The Lord is really working in her life. She is reading a ton in the BOM! Brother Eubanks came and taught with us and he helped out a lot. Also, had dinner with the Jaurez family. Way delicious! I saw God's hand today while teaching Eileen. I was able to apply a couple memorized scriptures to her and it was awesome. Had a fun District Meeting today and District activity. Played "floor ball" which was fun, but I played too hard and made myself feel a bit sick.

Wednesday was transfers. Said goodbye to Elder Smith :( but I met Elder Welch who is a really cool and ready to learn about missionary work. Also, met the Fox Run Sisters. Sister King and Sister James (King James!) and they seem like great missionaries. Had dinner with the Bishop Smith family which was cool. Sisters were there and that will take a bit of getting used to. Tender mercy today was seeing how well I really do know the area. It was awesome. God helps you learn when you're doing his work.

Thursday we had weekly planning which went pretty well. It was hard though because I wanted to involve Elder Welch and still do it in a good amount of time. Elder Welch is eager to learn and asks a lot of questions. He is an awesome missionary! Today we went and tried to see less actives and potentials. Dinner with the Jordan's. Played some basketball and a lot of the guys left early again. Brother Booren pointed out that at least some stay for the message, but even if they don't they're still in a good environment. I feel/see that God trusts me with this area. Sister James said that all 3 of them are following me. That is crazy, but somewhat true. I have to be able to help them to know where to go. That's how I saw God.

Friday I lost weight from biking. I didn't think that was possible. We worked way hard though and that probably why. Biked a ton! Didn't have a ton of success, but it was good. Before that we taught Sharon with Brother Priggemeier. Had dinner with the Watkins and then taught Ricky (less active). Friday seemed like a big test to see if we would keep working hard. That’s really what it seemed like and that’s good. I feel that it was a blessing and that was God molding me.

Saturday was great! Friday’s efforts paid off in fruits for today. We taught 5 total lessons and got 3 new investigators. It was really awesome! We picked Bridget back up and her daughter, Grace. They are solid! Talked to a really nice guy that wants his name removed from the records. Sad day. Ate at the Schoonover's with all the Schoonover's there as well as Brother Kern. Really good day! All the fruits were how I saw God working with me and Elder Welch today.

Sunday we had a great Ward Conference at church. Eileen came to church and Sharon did too! So that was awesome. We also were able to get Sister Hall (less active) to church. It is really exciting to see the fruits of our efforts. Today during Gospel Principles I was really able to realize and see how my relationship with God has changed and grown. I can really say that I have felt God's love many times and I know He is there. That was the tender mercy of the day.

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