Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday 6/17/2013 – Sunday 6/23/2013

Monday was nuts! Had P-Day, I cut my own hair...ended up messing up and buzzing it off. Ended up going and giving Sister Schoonover a blessing. That was a great opportunity. Tender mercy from Heavenly Father was that with only about 2 hours to proselyte we were able to have a total of 5 lessons and 1 new gator. It was awesome! Then we headed home because with the blessing our P-day was cut short and we had some things we needed to finish up.

Tuesday we had a good District Meeting. I also got my Blue Angel in a bottle! It is sweet! Has #7 on it! Then we ended up having a ton of unplanned acts of service. A tender mercy that stood out to me today is that God really does love me. The only way that I was able to get back on this path had to have been because He was protecting me. For some reason, God protected me and helped me to gain the friends I did and have such great influences to help me find the truth. In the evening, we also did Area Book stuff. We have been rearranging it and improving it.

Wednesday we did a ton of stuff in the Area Book. Getting it finished and ready because transfers are coming up. Had dinner with the Schoonover's which was fun. Today the way I saw God's hand in my life was being able to get through the Area Book potentials so quickly and somehow muster up energy for the rest of the day. Later in the day we saw a guy that tried to tell us to just stick with the Bible. He was nice but kind of rude at the same time if that makes any sense.

Thursday the quote of the day was from Elder Smith who said, "I wonder if there will be farts in heaven?" Had the last weekly planning of the transfer. Also, played basketball for the last time this transfer. We also went to Z. Smith's house. We looked at all his animals. He has a couple pigs, 2 goats, 2 basset hounds and a bunch of chickens. The goat was very inappropriate with his licking. Brother Smith said if he didn't do that he "wouldn't be able to pee and would puff up and die. He probably enjoys it too." Funniest things come out of the Smith brother's mouths. Taught TJ a short lesson after basketball. I really see how God has blessed him and he has a testimony of this gospel but doesn't realize it yet. That is awesome to see in him.

Friday we taught Eilene and Sharon and Ricky (less active) and Sister Hall (less active). Great day! I saw God in my life as we were studying 3 Nephi 12 and Matthew 5 at the same time and seeing how Christ taught the same principle both times but spoke to each group to their own levels of understanding. Also, I was able to notice God answer my prayers to help me teach better today. Had a way good day!

Saturday was fun but I ate like crap because it was Elder Smith's birthday. We had a really fun day and taught a lot of less-actives. Had the Hardman's come out with us and all of the appointments fell through, but we did go with them to help a young girl named Tifanique fix her bike. Had dinner with the Curry's and I really love them. Sister Curry is just like my Mom and I love it! We were able to talk about their son, Elder Curry, and teach about the atonement. Taught about how the atonement took away all the bad so we can move forward. That was awesome and during our conversation I really saw God in my life and in theirs.

Sunday was awesome! Got Sister Powers (less active) and Eilene our investigator to church!! They both liked it a lot. We then had a companionship study and the Sims' and ate there. Then went to the Broadcast at the church and I am really seeing the hand of God working in these last days. The Gathering of Israel is happening! I am stoked! The ward seems to be getting excited as well! We also taught the McGuire's. They really need God's love!!

I will be staying in Fox Run and will be training. Elder Smith is going to Mobile.

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