Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday 6/3/2013 – Sunday 6/9/2013

Monday we had a really busy day. Went all over the place looking for some shoes for Elder Smith. I also was able to exchange my watch again because it broke. Exchanged 3 candy bars that we were given so we could buy a bunch of strawberries and freeze them. Got a lot of healthy stuff today. Had dinner with the C. Smith family. The Hardman's were there so we got to see them again. Got to see the Sneary's and set up a time to teach them. We also gave Bishop a tie and letters from all of the missionaries that have served in Fox Run that are still in the mission. We also gave his wife some flowers. It was awesome and they really loved it!

Tuesday we had Zone Training and the spirit was so strong. We talked a ton about love. It was a great lesson. Had a bunch of appointments fall through. We did see Sister Powers (less active). Also saw Marcus very briefly and talked to Primos, a potential. Called the District tonight and they are doing great. Awesome bunch of Elders. Random thing of the day is when we were driving and I saw a lady mowing her lawn in a bikini.

Wednesday we had a lot fall through, but we did get to teach Sharon a lesson. She is doing well, but Mike just doesn't completely understand everything. He is a recent convert. Seems like Sharon is excited about what we are teaching though. Ate with the Sneary's which was fun. They have been through so much! Had Coordination Meeting, good meeting.

Thursday was a busy day. Went to the orthodontist so Elder Smith could get a retainer. Had our weekly planning which was really good. I am really beginning to have a good love for Elder Smith. We also had dinner with the Seale's and that is always so good. Had basketball which wasn't that great. The guys haven't been as cooperative the past few times during the message. We might have to stop doing it. I played good though.

Friday was a good day. Taught Marcy, Sister Powers, the youngest McGuire, saw the Cheng's, had dinner with the Ryder's and started our trade-off with Pensacola. I got to be with Elder Goodwin. I didn't have a lot of time to write on Friday because of the trade off.

Saturday was the day of the trade-off with Elder Goodwin and our first lesson was with the Abbott's. It went well. Elder Goodwin is a good teacher. Had lunch with the Jaurez family which was really good! Then we got a bit lost, talked to a really nice guy who told us to go see his neighbor. His neighbor was Roy and he was mean and said we were "soliciting souls for Christ". Headed home to get the car and go to the McGuire's and they were busy helping a neighbor. So we gave their friend a BOM. Went to Glen's, which fell through, so we saw Sister Long who introduced us to her friend Eilene. Then saw a potential, Amanda and her daughter Lilly. Lilly gave me a stick. Had dinner with the Walke's that took too long but was delicious. Taught the Sellers a lesson then went to drop off Elder Goodwin and trade back. Got half way to Elder Goodwin's place and realized we didn't have his stuff so we had to go back. So that took forever!

Sunday was a great day! Church was fantastic! After church we taught Sister Long a lesson about the Atonement and then taught Eilene her British friend! She is so cool! She has been going through a hard time but is open to learn! Then we had a delicious dinner at the Chasen's. Brother Jennings picked us up and we went and taught Marcus who is awesome, but we can't get him to pray about these things. He doesn't want to question God.

I also remembered this but I am not sure if I ever wrote about it. A while back I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and Elder Smith was asleep, but he was kneeling down in the middle of his bed "sleep praying".

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