Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday 5/27/2013 – Sunday 6/2/2013

Monday was nuts! It was Memorial Day so we had to find a place to email 'cause the library was closed. Brother Brooke's told us we could grab his key for the family history center. Got his key, but it didn't even open the family history center. So we eventually got Brother Kirby's key, which let us in but then we didn't have the password. So we called a ton of people and finally got Sister Smith to come down because they won't give the password out to anyone. So we got to email, but it made the day really hard. Had to take the keys back, but on the upside I was able to get an MP3 for way cheap for some gospel tunes. Then later we tried to teach the McGuire's, which was really hard. They had a lot going on that was distracting them.

Tuesday we went on a trade-off with the Zone Leaders. I was in Pace with Elder Wilkey and Elder Judy went to Fox Run with Elder Smith. It was a good day. We ended up biking a lot. There are a lot of people that really need to embrace the gospel. I just really noticed that. The south has a weird religious culture and it is pretty sad in some cases. Elder Wilkey is such a great missionary! He reminds me a lot of Elder Olsen and I really loved Elder Olsen a lot! I hope I can be more like him. It wasn't the best day proselyting, but I really enjoyed it. I ate way too many oreos. We had dinner with the Castagna family. We got there and had to wait for them to get home, which was weird, but it worked out okay. When we got there, their sons thought we were kidding about dinner cause the family was gone to see Star Trek. Pretty funny and weird. Also gave a lady a blessing.

Wednesday we traded back in the morning. Elder Smith and I had lunch and then headed to the library to print some stuff out. Then did some unexpected weekly planning because we are too busy tomorrow. Went to see a couple people and helped Sister Simmons, a less active, with a couple things. Headed to the Fowler's for dinner. Played around with their kids a bit, which was fun. Then we came home and helped the Knudtson's at the soon to be Sister's apartment because we didn't end up getting them this last transfer.

Thursday was pretty good, we had a lesson with Castella. She is way cool! Then we helped Sister Anderson and her Dad pack up a Uhaul because she is heading back to Texas. They gave us Subway. Yum! Did the rest of our weekly planning for the most part. Went to TJ's for a lesson and found out later that it was at his Grandma's and he had a ton of people there. Had a lesson with Sister Hall, a less active, that went pretty good. Then had a ton of guys at basketball. Most of them had to leave and didn't listen to the message though.

Friday was great! Had Zone Conferene for most of the day. President and Sister Jensen's last one. I will miss them, but President and Sister Smith will be awesome. I really needed Zone Conference though. I was having a struggle for a while. Hugged Sister Jensen! After Zone Conference, we taught Marcy a lesson which went pretty good! She is way golden and is really understanding everything. Then had a delicious dinner with Bishop Smith and family. Ribs!

Saturday we started the day a bit rocky. Elder Smith and I just had a bit of a disagreement. I am trying so hard to conform and really just be way humble with him to make this work. I just feel some of his ways are not the most effective. So I will just keep doing the best that I can. Had a good Stake Conference today as well. Elder Giddens of the 70 spoke and did a Q&A session. Ate at the Long's and that was way good. Then we helped the Cheng's move a couch and loveseat out of their house.

Sunday we had an awesome day at Stake Conference. Our District ushered for it, which was hot outside parking people. The message that has kept coming into my mind lately is to be “let the mission change me”. Taught Marcus a lesson. He has way strong faith! Cool guy! We also ate at the Hardman's. The Eubanks were there and it was delicious! Those were the highlights of the day!

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