Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday 5/20/2013 – Sunday 5/26/2013

Monday was a weird day. We went all over the place. Ate at Chow Tyme, which was pretty good. It is a Chinese buffet. I ate so much and didn't have to eat the rest of the day. Then I bought a watch and it didn't even work. Went to Academy Sports to return my broken pump and played a bit on a simulation golf thing. Had a weird event at Walmart when Elder Simmons was messing with Elder Helmandollar and Elder Helmandollar got out of the car and opened Elder Simmons door and started beating on him. It was such a weird thing to watch. I was awestruck. I got my running shoes in the mail and they are freaking sweet! 

Tuesday we started the day off with District Meeting. It went really well and we had a lot of participation. Then went to Perdido with Elder Miller and Elder Heywood was in my area. We saw Brent Peterson and he was kind of rude, but we kinda taught his grandson a bit. Had some good food at the Slayzac's. Then I did the baptismal interview for Richard and he is going to be baptized on Saturday. Perdido taught him well. Then went and shared a little message with Brother Chapman. Pretty good day. Elder Miller is a boss! Also found out Fox Run is getting a new car.

Wednesday was chaos. Traded back at 10:30 in the morning and we got our brand new 2013 Toyota Corolla that has a Bluetooth car phone. It is sweet! Headed home and I forgot some stuff and so did Elder Heywood so we had to go down to Perdido so I could get my stuff and so we could give him his. Then Brother Cline gave us some food and bike repair stuff. We tried to see TJ and that didn't work out, but we were able to see Sister Abbott and Marcus. Then had dinner with the Kimmon’s and it was way good! Elder Smith farted during dinner and him and I could not stop laughing. Good thing they didn't hear. Had coordination, Brother McLeod also gave us 2 back up bikes and we gave one back. Then our appointment fell through so we came back home and I fixed my bike because the chain was rubbing the shifter thing. Elder Smith also studied because he never got to. He had to get up at 7:30 and get the car and never got to study while I was in Perdido.

Thursday was weekly planning, so that took up a lot of time. Then tried to see some gators, but they weren't home. We then had a really good dinner at the Seale's. Way good twice baked potatoes. I finally met Brian, our gator, and we taught him. Plan to see him tomorrow. Then had basketball, 21 guys were there! Nate, one of the guys that comes, asked a question this time. He is so cool!

Friday we drove and biked to a bunch of potentials. One of them named Castella became a new investigator. We also got a couple new potentials. After lunch we taught Brian a Restoration refresher. Talked to Trish and her 5 or 6 year old grandson. Found out a lady named Sister Lee that we just got her records moved so she doesn't live there. Then Sister Jordan gave us a ton of food for dinner. So we went to our apartment, ate, tried to contact a few people and then continued re-doing the potential forms.

Saturday we did service for the Brooke's. Laid sod for them. They had a lot!! Went home and cleaned up to go to TJ's. Ended up going to the hospital with his Mom to see her Dad. Said a prayer and then tried to see some people. Nothing worked out. Ate at the Schiewe's and that was good. Saw Brother Chen and taught a bit. He was a referral from Pensacola. After trying a few other people, we headed home and started fixin' up the Area book.

Sunday was great! I spoke in sacrament and felt like it went well. Had a few appointments fall through. Did have a good lesson with Marcus and a great dinner with the Curry's. They are awesome! Then went to a less active’s house, the Chasen's, and taught them a lesson. They are way cool! Good day. Then I waited on Pine Forest to get me their numbers.

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