Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday 5/13/2013 – Sunday 5/19/2013

Monday we hurried all the usual stuff so we could go to the beach. We were picked up way late to go to the beach and then we ended up going to the bank, Village Inn, a gas station where a random lady gave us money, then headed to the hospital to "drop off some paperwork". So we ended up just having to get taken home by one of the members we were with. Ate at Sister Cranford's with Sister Anderson and Sister Harper as well. We also brought Brother Cline so it would be legal. Then headed home to create different zones on our area map so that we can work effectively.

Tuesday was the last District Meeting of the transfer and we went bowling for our District Activity. Now I have to be District Leader again. Had a lesson with Sharon that Brother Jennings came to. Great lesson and after that we had dinner with the Fowler's. Then we had basketball because we can't do it on Thursday this week. Had about 12 non-members there. Brother Hardman gave a good little lesson afterward.

Wednesday was a hard day. We drove around all day trying to see people and no one was home or just didn't answer. We did talk to Sister Abbott about some things and she seems to be doing well. We still can't get a hold of Sister Howell. She is a recent convert that just kinda disappeared. Set up a time to eat with the Ryder's (less actives). Their kids are not members. Had dinner with the Eubanks'. Brother Eubanks is so funny and cracks me up. Then Brother Booren took us to coordination which was a weird meeting. Then we took the car to Pine Forest because Elder Helmandoller didn't lock up his bike and it was stolen. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday we had weekly planning. That went well and we made some good goals and plans. We also got a call from Marcy and her husband said that she can't get baptized so we are going to have to wait on that and see what happens. She was very sad about that. Everything that we had planned to do fell through so we salvaged the day. Saw Lulu and her husband, Adam. Adam is not a member and Lulu is. We had dinner with Brother Cline and it was soooo good! We also moved some shelves at the Schoonover's because they are getting some new flooring.

Friday our service fell through so we will do it tomorrow. Ended up teaching TJ about Baptism and moved his date to 6/1. Brother Eubanks came with us to help us teach. Taught Marcy as well with Brother Fowler and Sister Jernagan from the Pine Forest Ward as well. Sister Jernagan had the same type of experience as Marcy so we thought it could comfort her. Very positive meeting and it seems that Marcy will eventually be baptized. Got yelled at by a really interesting guy so we went to see Sister Chasen and set up a dinner with her.

Saturday we went to some potentials houses and set up some appointments. Talked to a really nice lady and she took a Book of Mormon. Her husband was mean and kept telling us to get out of his yard which was sad. Saw Brother Backman and we got to know him a lot better. He didn't have any referrals for us yet. Saw a Dodge Viper as well. Had an appointment fall through. Taught Glen a great lesson outside his house about the restoration. Sister Platt gave us a bunch of food. Elder Smith got a flat tire and fixed it. Then randomly Brother McGuire showed up and gave us half of a pizza at 9:45. So we ate it!

Sunday we had church and the speakers were very quiet so it was hard to listen. I found out that they want me to speak next Sunday. Taught some Marcus' grandkids about the gospel in the yard a bit because he was asleep. Had some freakin' delicious burgers at the Sims house! Tyler fell through. Met, taught and set up a time to teach a lady named Shaletha. Talked to a lady named Toni and she bombarded us with questions so we could barely answer any of them. She did take a Book of Mormon though so that is a good sign.

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